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Budleigh  Salterton Golf Club, Devon. (1894 - 1902)

Founded 1894. The course ran towards the sea from the hill above Clammer Bridge on the River Offer. The clubhouse was situated near Otterton.

Club professional from 1895 until 1898 was T Elliott.

Below is a report on the first annual general meeting held in March 1895.


Budleigh Salterton Golf Club, Devon. Report on the first agm held in March 1895.

From the Exeter and Plymouth Gazette Wednesday 13th March 1895. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


Letter from a regular visitor in August 1895. "The Budleigh Salterton Golf Links are situated on the high downs of Otterton Old Park, on the beautiful Bicton Estate, the property of the Hon. Mark Rolle. From this delightful spot, some two or three hundred feet above sea level, the most extensive sea views are obtained. The deep red cliffs stretching far to southward, and gradually blending in every variety of form and colour with the bold white headlands of East Devon and Dorset, continue in one unbroken view from Berry Head to Portland Bill. This exquisite stretch of coastline, combined with the lovely scenery of moors and woodlands, picturesque villages and homesteads, the rich meadows and farms of the fertile Valley of Otter, constitute one of the most fascinating and ever varying panoramas to be found in the kingdom.

The course of nine-holes is about a mile and a half round, and has been laid out with rare good judgement by experienced professional and amateur golfers. The various natural features of the ground have been cleverly taken advantage of. The natural hazards and bunkers consist of hedges, ditches, a deep valley, steep hill slopes, stone walls, and clumps of large trees. These have been freely supplemented with cunningly devised banks and ditches. The "Vale of Tears," "Pons Asinorum," and Bunker's Hill, are amongst the most dreaded of the tyro's golfing trials. The putting greens vary considerably, and are generally good, while the lies throughout the course (which is by no means an easy one) are fair. Much care is bestowed on the links, which are rapidly improving and increasing in popularity as they become more generally known.

A small pavilion has lately been erected, which will soon have to be enlarged to provide sufficient accommodation for the increasing number of members and visitors." 

Result of the August 1895 monthly medal. There were six entries for the ladies' and nine for the gentlemen, result; Ladies (nine-holes) - Mrs Semple, 70-30-40; Miss Tosswill, 69-28-41; Miss Porter, 66-20-46; Miss Theobald, 53-5-48; Miss J Hutchins and Miss Baker were both over 50 net; Gentlemen; C E Pine-Coffin, 88-1-87; F C Shaw, 104-16-88; W W Rhondes, 103-14-89; J E Smart, 126-30-96; C Bryce, Colonel Walker, H F Semple, and Captain Tosswill, all over 100 net, G Bryan made no return.  

Below the annual meeting held in January 1901.


Budleigh Salterton Golf Club, Devon. Report on the annual meeting in January 1901.

From the Exmouth Journal Saturday 2nd February 1901. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


Below the last meeting of the club in January 1902.


Budleigh Salterton Golf Club, Devon. Report on the last meeting of the club in January 1902.

From the Western Times Thursday 30th January 1902. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


It was the end of the road for Budleigh Salterton Golf Club, with the old clubhouse being moved to the new course where it was used as a storehouse.

The landowner planned a new course on the West Down and this was opened in March 1902 as East Devon Golf Club.