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Crediton and District Golf Club, Uton, Devon. (1923 - 1950s)

Crediton  Golf Club opened in June 1923.

It was stated at the time to be a difficult course, particularly for beginners, with the River Yeo frequently coming in to play. There was a pavilion style clubhouse with changing rooms and a large club room.

The following article is from the Western Morning News Wednesday 26 September 1923 – “CREDITON GOLF COURSE – Remarkable Success Of New Venture – Golfers in the neighbourhood of Crediton are now deriving material benefit from the energy and enthusiasm of the group of enthusiasts who embarked on the project of forming a golf club for the town. They were not daunted by the fact that about seven or eight years ago, when a similar experiment was made, the project was dropped owing to difficulty in acquiring land. After circulars had been issued a meeting was held and the response was even greater than the most optimistic had anticipated. Not the slightest difficulty was found in obtaining sufficient support, both as regards capital and membership, to establish a club, and therefore there was no hesitation in coming to the decision that a club should be formed. Even at that meeting sixty members were enlisted, and the club is now in the happy position of possessing over eighty playing members and about twenty honorary members. The following officers and committee were appointed; C Osenton, chairman; W J Couldridge, hon. treasurer and joint hon. secretary with P B Adams; Dr. Hugo, L Blunt, S M Carder, R A Balkwill, E J Stoyle and F Clarke.

Negotiations for obtaining the course which the promoters had in view proved successful, and the club now has an extremely picturesque home at Uton, about a mile from the town, where, Mr G A Morton, of Uton Barton, a tenant of Captain Buller, has sub-let, for the purposes of playing, a portion of land which provides a thoroughly sporting nine-hole course. From the station it is about ten minutes’ walk to the course, and from every point of view the situation is most convenient. The sub-soil is sandy and quickly drains, and as the course is intersected by the River Yeo, water is easily obtainable for the greens in the driest weather. The course might be claimed to be an all weather one.

The greens were actually opened on 1 June, and they are now beginning to show to advantage the excellent work put in by Arthur Whittaker, whose services the club has secured as a professional. Whittaker, who was living near the town at the time of the formation of the club, has had experience on golf courses practically all his life, and before the war was at the Hampstead School of Golf. He was in France during the war, and gained a commission. “There have been numerous visitors and they all seem in love with the course,” Whittaker told our representative while showing him round. The winding trend of the river, which has been neatly spanned by footbridges, adds greatly to the varied and attractive character of the course, which, with a total length of 4,748 yards, good turf and natural hazards, is on the sporting side.

The fairways and greens are now coming into excellent condition. The first hole is 326 yards in length, with a splendid river carry and a bunker. The second is 207 yards and well guarded by bunkers, affords plenty of sporting play. The third is 171 yards and runs parallel with the road. The fourth hole is slightly dog-leg, 277 yards in length. Players have to keep straight on the fifth, which is 400 yards, and the longest, or difficulties will be encountered. The sixth is another dog-leg of 300 yards. The seventh is 218 yards, and the eighth a very sporting short hole of 115 yards. Bunkers are placed all round, and the river is close at hand so that players have to exercise very carefully their judgment of strength. The ninth-hole is 350 yards long, and entails a double river carry. The club has every reason to be proud of a course which can provide such entertaining play, set as it is in delightful scenery. If in time there is justification for making an extension, the necessary land is fortunately available. A clubhouse is being erected and will be finished within a few weeks. It is a convenient size and will serve all the needs of the members.”


Crediton and District Golf Club. Picture of the Crediton golf course in June 1923.

Western Morning News Wednesday 26 September 1923. Image © Reach plc. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


On Saturday 26 June 1926 the competition for the silver cup presented to the club by Captain M L Buller MC was won by Mr H G Daw who beat Mr R J Webb by 2up. The cup was handed to the winner by Mr W Pope.  


Crediton & District Golf Club, Devon. Competition spoon hallmarked 1926.


Crediton & District Golf Club, Devon. Competition spoon hallmarked 1926.

The above Crediton Golf Club Competition Spoon is hallmarked 1926.


In 1930 the joint secretaries were W A Copp, 16 The Green and P B Adams, High Street, Crediton the professional was A Whittaker. The Station at Crediton was ½ away. Local advertised hotel was the Ship. Visitors’ fees were 2/6 a day and Sunday play was allowed between 2 and 6pm.

Below is the result of a club match played against Honiton at Crediton in April 1930. Honiton went on to win the foursomes, winning the overall match by 6½ to 5½.

Crediton Golf Club   Honiton Golf Club  
P B Adams (5&3) 1 H P Evans 0
J G Durant (5&3) 1 A E L James 0
W A Copp 0 R Spence Bernard (3&1) 1
H G Daw (5&4) 1 D Steele-Perkins 0
S W Cleave 0 E C Blake (3&2) 1
J Symes (7&6) 1 G Harris 0
P H Staddon 0 A E Martin (1up) 1
S M Carder 0 G Young (7&6) 1
  4   4

In 1935 the secretary was W A Copp now at Buller Road, Crediton. The professional was A Whittaker and the green-keeper A Jasper.

In 1938 the secretary was J C Cox. telephone 100. The professional was A Whittaker and the green-keeper A Jasper. A 9-hole course with a SSS and Par of 68, membership of 140. Visitors’ fees were 2/6 a day,  Sunday play allowed without caddies. The clubhouse was licensed.

The winners of the “Daily Telegraph” and “Morning Post” competitions, played in April 1938 were; Mr P R Blyth (senior member) and F Baker (junior member). 

In 1940 the secretary was W J Couldridge, Crediton, telephone Crediton 249. Membership was 145.

From 1947 to the clubs closure in the mid 1950s the secretary was A J Ridd, 4 Union Terrace, Crediton, the professional and green-keeper was A Whittaker. The 9 hole course now had a  SSS and Par of 70.

Crediton & District Golf Club, Devon. Location of the golf course.

Location of the former Crediton course.

Grid location SX82885, 98990 co-ordinates 282885, 098990.