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Exeter Golf Club, Devon. (1895 - 1929)

Founded in 1895 when the professional was H Ball, he continued at the club until it moved location in the late 1920s and became Exeter Golf and Country Club.

The first mention of a golf course was made in the Exeter and Plymouth Gazette in April 1895. It said that there were a lot of keen golfers in Exeter, unfortunately they could only play while on holiday, when they returned to Exeter there was no more golf until the next holiday.  This was hopefully about to change, the report went on “Soon, however, that reproach is to be removed. Marypole Head is the site which, I understand, has been selected. Certainly no pleasanter locality could be found. From one field, known as Panorama Field, there is an unbroken view embracing a radius of ten miles, and you can look straight down upon Exmouth. All who are interested in the introduction of golf, or who desire to become associated with the projected club would do well to send their names to Mr W J Pring, secretary of the club”

The annual meeting of the Exeter Golf Club was held at the Guildhall on the afternoon of Friday October 4th 1895. The Right Worshipful the Mayor, Mr Alfred S Perkins, presided, amongst those present were; Colonel Purchas, Colonel Craigie Halkett, Colonel Vaughan, Lieutenant Kennedy, Rev W Gibbons, Rev J Ingles, R N G Baker, Courtenay Edmonds, H W Michelmore, P C M Veitch, H A Drew and W J Pring, secretary. The Hon Secretary read the report as follows “The club has been started by a few of those interested in the game of golf in the neighbourhood, namely; The Earl of Iddesleigh, Lord St Cyres, R N G Baker, A W Buckingham, H Campion, C R M Clapp, Hon. H Courteney, H A Drew, E Domville, Rev Gibbons, Colonel Halkett, W K King, A S Perkins, W K King, A S Perkins, W J Pring, Dr R Thomas, Colonel Vaughan. These gentleman formed themselves into a club in April last, and about 40 members have been elected so far. A ground has been obtained at what is usually known as Hodge’s Farm, or Stoke Wood Farm, at the top of Pennsylvania, and the committee have agreed to take the whole farm, and have made arrangements on favourable terms for letting for grazing. The links have been well reported on, and a nine-hole course laid out by Mr Gibson, the professional at Westward Ho!. Men are busily engaged in making the greens and preparing the links for play, and I hope by the end of the month we shall be able to commence play, but everything depends on the weather. Members must not expect to see a first-class course all at once; we have only been in possession a very short time and it takes years to put a course in the pink of condition; we have , however, a ground with many natural hazards and bunkers which will, I have no hesitation in saying, when a fair amount of labour has been expended on it, be a good sporting course, and better than any other in the district. Efforts are being made to secure the services of a professional who will reside at the Golf House. The members will have the use of the farmhouse as a golf pavilion, and lockers will be provided on payment of a small annual charge, and there will be a separate room for lady members. We have several ladies applying for admission to the club, but no lady members have yet been elected. The committee considered that, as only a limited number can be admitted into the club, until we are able to prepare a special course for them, it was advisable to leave their election until after the general meeting”. The following officers were elected, the Earl of Iddesleigh, president; Sir Stafford Northcote M.P and R B West, vice-presidents; A M H Walrond, auditor; committee – R N G Baker, Mr Campion, Mr Domville, H A Drew, W R King, A S Perkins, W J Pring, Col Vaughan and Liet Kennedy.

Winner of the Iddesleigh Cup played in October 1896 was Colonel Bennett.

In October 1897 a medal competition took place, result; Captain Cuthell, 92-7-85; T Charles, 100-15-85; J W W Mathew, 98-11-87; R Baker, 103-10-93; Mr Dawson, 112-15-97.

Below is the result of a match played at Dolton Golf Club (now defunct) against Exeter Golf Club on Saturday 8th July 1899. 

Dolton Golf Club   Exeter Golf Club  
A P Drummond 4 Capt Cuthell 0
Rev H Bremridge 3 J W W Matthew 0
R F G Johnson 0 C T K Roberts 1
R W W Eyton 1 R S Passmore 0
C W Furse 7 E Petherick 0
Rev C V Wansbrough 11 Rev P Norton 0
Miss Coney 0 Mrs H A Drew 3
Mrs Drummond 0 Miss B Osmond 8
Miss Godwin 7 Miss Carr 0
Miss Arnold 0 Mrs C T K Roberts 13
A P Drummond & Rev H Bremridge 2 Capt Cuthell & J W W Matthew
R F G Johnson & R W W Eyton 5 C T K Roberts & R S Passmore 
C W Furse & Rev C V Wansbrough  E Petherick & Rev P Norton 
Miss Coney & Mrs Drummond  Miss B Osmond & Mrs H A Drew
Miss Godwin & Miss Arnold Miss Carr & Mrs C T K Roberts
  45   26

Result of a match played at Lyme Regis on Saturday May 11th 1901. A match between the ladies also took place on the same day, results below.

Lyme Regis (Gents)   Exeter (Gents)  
T A Pares 5 Rev S W Featherstone 0
H J Cooper 7 Capt Cuthall 0
S Baker 0 J W W Mathew 0
A E Bellair 0 C T K Roberts 12
W Maling Wynch 4 J Raglan Thomas 0
H J Elliot 11 J Dawson 0
  27   12
Lyme Regis (Ladies)   Exeter (Ladies)  
Mrs Knott 3 Mrs H A Drew 0
Miss Wynch 0 Miss B Osmond 12
Mrs Palmer 0 Mrs Dawson 7
Mrs Elliot 8 Mrs Roberts 0
  11   19

Result of the monthly medal played on May 4th 1901; R S Passmore, 108-18-90; Dr P Maury Deas, 112-21-91; C T K Roberts, 108-14-94; Dr Raglan Thomas, 112-16-96; Capt Cuthell, 105-9-96. Ladies medal played on 1st May, winner, Mrs Dawson, 107-15-92, runner-up, Mrs Roberts, 120-24-96.

Below is the result of a match played at Okehampton Golf Club on Saturday 21st September 1901.

Okehampton Golf Club   Exeter Golf Club  
Major Patterson 0 J W W Mathew 2
Dr F Whitelaw 1 E L Gay Roberts 0
F H O Pease 0 C W Wreford 11
Major Burrard 0 C T K Roberts 3
E Ingram 0 E Petherick 0
Rev G C Bateman 0 G Roberts 7
  1   23

On Monday 27th April 1903 an exhibition match took place on the Exeter Course between Harry Vardon, Totteridge, and J H Taylor, Richmond. Vardon was in splendid form beating Taylor by 7 and 6.

Result of a match played at Stover in February 1905.

Stover Golf Club   Exeter Golf Club  
H A Francis 1 C H Wreford 0
O J Goddard 1 W K King 0
H Knight 1 J W Mathew 0
A Bearne 0 C Baker 1
H St. Maur (halved) 0 W J Pring (halved) 0
Rev. A T Pelham 1 R Chance 0
Col. O J Bradford 1 C T K Roberts 0
Major Mosse 0 E J Harding 1
H A Francis and O J Goddard 1 C H Wreford and W K King 0
H Knight and A Bearne 1 J W Mathew and C Baker 0
H St. Maur and Rev. A T Pelham 0 W J Pring and R Chance 1
Col. O J Bradford and Major Mosse 1 C T K Roberts and E J Harding 0
  8   3

Result of the Cuthell Cup bogey competition played in September 1909; J R L Penry, (handicap 9) 2down; W J Pring, (9) 4down; J W Mathew, (9) 5down; Arthur S Perkins (10) 8down; A Procter, (20) 8down; W Gibbon, (8) 8down; J Tolson, (22) 9down; S Procter, (24) 9down; P Hoare, (18) 9down; J Sidey, (15) 10down; C Drake-Cutcliffe, (24) 11down. There were ten no returns.

Result of the Life Members’ Cup played in May 1912; first round – P Tanner and Captain Hext had byes; A C Roper beat W J Pring 4&3; E Ware beat E L Warman 3&1; J R L Penry beat A Anstey 5&3; G R Smith beat J S Steele-Perkins w.o; A Roberts beat R F Coate 5&4; J Eyre beat R Collings 1up. In the final A Roberts beat Captain Hext 2&1. Result of the May Spoon competition; A C Roper (10) all square; H S Reed (20) 2down; H Lloyd Parry (17) 3down; F S Morgan (17) 3down; H Campion (16) 7down; G R Smith (20) 8down.

Result of the 1912 October medal; E J Harding, 85-11-74; J R L Penry, 85-5-80; A C Gay-Roberts, 85-4-81; R F Coate, 93-11-82; Capt Roberts, 105-20-85. There were eight no returns.

Result of the 1912 November medal; H S Drew, 91-11-80; G R Smith, 101-20-81; W Clifford Maton, 107-20-87; Capt Douglas, 106-18-88. There were 7 no returns.

Result of the monthly spoon bogey competition played in February 1913; G R Smith (20) 4 down; H Lloyd Parry (16) 5down; A Anstey (20) 12down. Ten no returns.

In May 1913 the 36 hole final of the Hext Cup, presented by Captain Hext, was played. In the final R B Templeton beat J R L Penry by 6 and 5.

Just prior to WW1 the secretary was A C Gay-Roberts, Higher Duryard, Exeter and the treasurer was Kendall King, Stoke Hill, Stoke Canon, Exeter. The 9 hole course was beautifully situated with fine views and a good clubhouse. There was a club membership of 140. Entry fees were £1/11/6 and subs £2/2/0. Course records were, amateur J S Steele-Perkins 77, professional H Vardon 68.  Visitors’ fees were 1/- half day, 2/- a day, 7/6 a week and 15/- a month.

Result of the monthly bogey competition played on Saturday 17th May 1924; first division – F A Mathew (9) 2up; F H Carroll (5) 1up; J A Barron (9) all square; T C Andrew (10) 2down; Rev D K B Christopher (12) 2down; second division – S Ralling (24) 2up; L Pollard (22) 2down; P M Dunsford (18) 7down.

Result of the August 1924 monthly medal; division one, C Blount, 85-11-74; O E Randall, 88-13-75; J A Barrow, 88-9-79; T C Andrew, 89-10-79; W P Harrison, 96-14-82; division two, R Oliver, 98-22-76; R F Woodbridge, 103-24-79; J T Warren, 97-17-80; P M Dunsford, 98-18-80. There were ten no returns.

Result of the February 1926 monthly medal; J Symons, 88-11-77; S Ralling, 97-16-81; S E Whitton, 106-24-82; P M Dunsford, 101-18-83.

Result of the January 1927 monthly medal divisions 1 & 2; H T Hems, 95-24-71; S E Whitton, 94-22-72; T A Guest, 80-7-73; H S Drew, 81-8-73; C Kelly, 91-15-76; D MacNeill, 99-22-77; F J Walters, 101-24-77; S Stamp, 96-18-78; W P Davison, 100-20-80; H L Wray, 105-24-81; L Pollard, 101-18-83.

Below is the result of a ladies’ match played in May 1928 at Exeter against Seaton. 

Exeter   Seaton  
Mrs Dering (7&5) 1 Mrs Young 0
Mrs Grenfell (6&4) 1 Mrs Granger Prior 0
Mrs Goodman (2&1) 1 Miss Peat 0
Miss Rowe 0 Mrs Symondson (4&3) 1
Mrs Pollard (half) 0 Miss Powell (half) 0
Miss C Goodman 0 Miss Robinson (7&6) 1
Mrs Thomas (5&4) 1 Mrs Irwin 0
  4   2

 Result of the monthly bogey competition played on Saturday 26th May 1928; division 1 – W Manders (5), 3down; L R Truscott (15), 3down; J Symons (11), 4down; H S Drew (9), 5down; R F Coate (12), 5down; Rev D B K Christopher (14), 8down; division 2 – S E Whitton (17), 2down; D W Goodman (16), 7down. 

Exeter Golf Club. Location of the earlier golf course.

Location of the former Exeter course.

Grid location SX92505,95475, co-ordinates 292505, 095475.

Exeter Golf and Country Club at Wear House dates back to 1929.