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West Dorset Golf Club, West Bay, Bridport. (1891 - 1911)

Founded in 1891. The original course was situated on West Cliff at West Bay. The club moved to its present site at North Cliff in 1911.

The following report appeared in the Western Gazette on Friday 19th June 1891. "The West Dorset Club, inaugurated by  Mr J P F Gundry, is now in a flourishing state, and Mr F Savage, of the West Bay Hotel, has so well acted as groundsman that the links may be said to be amongst the best in England. The course is over the west cliffs, and many now while away a pleasant hour by watching the practice of the members."

The report below is from June 1892. Infuriating that the picture mentioned in the text didn't appear in the report.


West Dorset Golf Club, Bridport. Report on the golf course from June 1892.

From the Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News Saturday 11th June 1892. Image © Illustrated London News Group.


Below is the result of a match played on the links at Upwey against Weymouth and Dorchester Golf Club in August 1893.

West Dorset Golf Club   Weymouth and Dorchester Golf Club  
F G Templer 5 H Fraser 0
F A Stephens 3 M Portman 0
J T Stephens 0 Col. Tweedle 0
J A Stephens 4 B Bowden 0
J Gundry 2 R S Eaton 0
A N Stephens 0 Major Kentish 4
  14   4

A curious happening during the above match. "One of the West Dorset players hit a ball from a considerable distance into the pocket of a waterproof hanging over some rials, but was fortunate to hit it out with his niblick at the first attempt without injuring the coat."

Below another match against Weymouth and Dorchester played in May 1894.


West Dorset Golf Club, Bridport. Report on a match against Weymouth and Dorset May 1894.

From the Bridport News Friday 4th May 1894. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


Result of a nine-hole competition played on Saturday 22nd December 1894; E Seward, 65; J Cafe, 67; A seward, 67; J Kiely, 75; H Gale, 81.

Below is the result of a match played at Seaton against Axe Bridge Golf Club in June 1895.

Axe Bridge Golf Club   West Dorset Golf Club  
Rev. Marwood Elton 0 G M Archdale 11
A V Thyrk 1 J Gundry 0
A W Oakley 3 Rev. St. J Methuen 0
Rev. R Brackenbury 2 J T Stephens 0
T W Mayo 0 F B L Maunsell 4
R H C Baker 6 Rev F W Crick 0
  12   15

Scores in the August 1895 monthly medal; F A Stephens, 98-13-85; Rev G Wickham, 106-19-87; A W Temple, 117-23-94; J Escombe, 119-21-98; R Tucker, 119-20-99. Two no returns.

F B L Maunsay won the March 1896 medal.

Result from the Summer Meeting in 1896; J Gundry, 87-6-81; H Manley, 98-16-82; F Marshall, 106-18-88; F A Stephens, 95-6-89; H Symonds, 115-25-90; T W Marshall, 109-18-91; C M F Luttrell, 106-12-94; Rev J L Templer, 107-12-95; J A Stevens, 120-24-06; F J Clark, 113-16-97; J T Stevens, 116-14-102; Rev F W Crick, 119-16-103. Mixed Foursomes (nine holes); Mrs Prior & Rev J L Templer, 55-5-50; Miss Edith Stephens & J T Stevens, 61-6-55; Mrs A N Stephens & E J Bevan, 70-10-60; Miss Maunsell & F A Stephens, 60 scratch; Mrs Symonds & H Manley, 61 scratch; Mrs Clibborn & F J Clark, 71-10-61; Mrs J L Templer & Rev St J Methuen, 71-9-62; Miss Elfrida Stevens & F B L Maunsell, 69-6-63; Mr & Mrs Temple, 79-14-65; Mrs Walker & H Symonds, 72-6-66; Mr & Mrs Houlbrook, 82-10-72; Miss Crick & Rev F W Crick, 84-11-73; Miss Warburton & J A Stephens, 100-14-86.


West Dorset Golf Club, Bridport. Result of a match played in November 1896.

From the Bridport News November 6th 1896. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


Result of a match played at Lyme Regis in June 1898.

Lyme Regis Golf Club   West Dorset Golf Club  
T B Pares 0 J Gundry 7
T B Blathwayt 2 E W Hirst 0
R Wills 2 F E L Maunsell 0
W M Wynch 0 Rev J Burton 4
H J Eliot 0 J T Stephens 3
Rev E Salmon 12 Rev F W Crick 0
  16   14

In the 1905 Nisbet's Golf Yearbook the secretary was F B L Maunsell, captain, J T Stephens; professional, J Gerrard; professional record, E Foord 80; amateur record, J Grundy 76; Membership of 50. "The course extends over 60 acres of finely turfed cliff slopes. The hazards consist of whin bushes, old quarry pits, cart tracks, rushes and stone walls."

In March 1911 the club profesional Ernest Ham, scored 36 on the nine-hole coures; 4,4,5,5,3,3,4,4,4, this score was two under bogey. 

Bridport & West Dorset Golf Club. Location of the former course on West Cliff.

Location of the original Bridport course on West Cliff.

Grid reference SY45605, 90780, co-ordinates 345605, 090780.