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Crichel Park Golf Club, Wimborne, Dorset. (1904 - 1950s)

The first evidence of golf course for Crichel Park appears on a 1904 Ordnance Survey Map.


Crichel Park Golf Club, Wimborne, Dorset. The golf course marked on the 1904 O.S. Map.

© Crown Copyright {1904}


Apart from the above map nothing has been discovered so far regarding this earlier club and course.

The club re-appears in the 1930s.

Below putter bearing the name of E C (Cecil) Wren who was professional at Crichel Park in the early 1930s. He eventually moved to Northbourne Golf Club, Bournemouth.


Crichel Park Golf Club, Wimborne. Putter bearing the name of E C (Cecil) Wren professional.

Above image courtesy of Nick Rota.


In June 1931 the following members qualified for the knock out stages for the captain’s (R J M Nabney) prize; Mrs R D Say, Mrs M Clark, Mrs E Grigg, E G Robertson, W T Clegg, J F W King, B Harding, W J Marsh, F K Rowe, F Burgan, H C Barnes, T E Stedman, Mrs C Sole, G C Willis, C J Reed and F W King.

Below is the result of a match played at Crichel Park against Ashley Wood Golf Club in June 1931.

Crichel Park Golf Club   Ashley Wood Golf Club  
E T Green  0 B C Hunt  1
B Harding 0 W J Pride  1
Capt. Sullivan (half) 0 L Sheldon (half)  0
F K Rowe  1 G L Beckett  0
F Burgan  1 J Walters 0
A E Wood  0 W J Marsh  1
E G Robertson 0 R Sprake  1
J F W King  1 E Stewart  0
F W King  0 T L Hughes  1
A J Bleathman 1 A Ashworth  0
G C Willis  1 J H Higgens  0
E F Stout  1 Capt. Haddon-Brown 0
W K Waters  1 Major P Stratten  0
C B Rawday  0 Colin Maggs  1
Harding & Radway (half) 0 Pride & Maggs (half)  0
Sullivan & Burgan 1 Sheldon & Walters  0
Wood & King  0 Marsh & Stewart  1
Green & Bleathman (half) 0 Hunt & Ashworth  1
Rowe & Bewsher  1 Sprake & Beckett  0
Waters & King (half)  0 Hughes & Stratten (half) 0
  9   8

Note that the spelling of Mr C B Rawday (Crichel) is given as Radway in the doubles.

It was reported in march 1932 that Andrew Jolly, formerly assistant at Edzell, had been appointed professional at Crichel Park.

The Captain’s Prize competition came to a conclusion on Sunday 17th July 1932. The finalists were W T Clegg and F W King both of Bournemouth. After a close game Mr King won by 2&1. The President of the club, Lord Alington, presented the prizes, and, in speaking of the club’s future, promised several improvements and more facilities for the members.

Below is the result of a match played at Crichel against Sherborne Golf Club in July 1932.

Crichel Park Golf Club   Sherborne Golf Club  
H Wilcox 0 S Adams 1
R J Nabney 1 H R Hall 0
C B Radway 0 M Welcher 1
M Clark (half) 0 R Castle (half) 0
F K Rowe 1 W H Wilcox 0
W K Waters 1 M Hutton 0
A E Mavick 0 N Coombs 1
Mrs Nabney 0 Mrs Stretton 1
Rowe & Waters 1 Wilcox & Hutton 0
King & Mavick 1 Coombs & Hall 0
Radway & Clark 1 Welcher & Castle 0
  6   4

Playing on the Crichel Park course on Wednesday 10th August 1932, Melvin Clark, Branksome, holed in one at the second. It’s interesting to note that the scorecards below show the second hole as being a par 5. It would be great to find a card or a copy of the layout of the course in the early 1930s.

From 1935 to 1940 the secretary at Crichel Park Golf Club, telephone Witchampton 33 was Francis K Rowe, The Square, Wimborne, telephone Wimborne 62. The professional was A Jolly and the greenkeeper M (or N) Williams. An 18-hole course laid out on land belonging to Lord Alington. It had a SSS of 72 and Par 71 with a membership of 300. Course records were; amateur, R E Garret 71, professional A Jolly 69. Visitors’ fees were 2/6 a day, 2/6 a round on Sundays. The station at Wimborne was 5 ½ miles from the course. Local hotels were the Crown and the King’s Head.

Below is the result of the singles club match played at Weymouth in July 1935, the home team also won the foursomes.

Weymouth Golf Club   Crichel Park Golf Club  
C E Jennings 0 L H Jotham 1
H B Gosney 1 C W Hancock 0
W Porteous 1 F W King 0
R Adams 1 W T Clegg 0
A E Challen 1 L F Wade Brown 0
E W Hutchings (capt) 1 H J Woodward 0
J W Northwood 1 C Sole 0
R G Wheeler 1 M Clark (capt) 0
H S Goodwin 0 W F Bewsher 1
G Howley 0 E Froud 0
W Carter 1 F K Rowe 0
  8   2

Below is the result of a ladies' match against Bridport played in April 1938

Crichel Park Ladies' Golf Club   Bridport Ladies' Golf Club  
Mrs Jotham (11) (2 and 1) 1 Mrs Denning (16) 0
Mrs Smith (15) (20th) 1 Mrs Craig (18) 0
Mrs Boon (16) 0 Mrs Carter (19) (8 and 6) 1
Mrs Bewsher (19) (2 and 1) 1 Mrs Stephens (24) 0
Mrs Sole (21) (7 and 5) 1 Mrs Ottenshaw 0
Miss Custance (22) 0 Mrs Bushell (25) (5 and 4) 1
Mrs King-King (29) 0 Miss Brierley (27) (2 and 1) 1
  4   3

In March 1941 Crichel Park opened its season with a home match against Bovington. The visitors won by 4½ to 1½ .

Below is the result of a match played at Crichel Park against Meyrick Park in August 1941.

Crichel Park Golf Club   Meyrick Park Golf Club  
Dr C H D Bartley & J P L Chappell (half) 0 A P Anstey & B Oliver (half) 0
W T Clegg & H P Greenwood 0 D Roberts & F W King 1
E R Roose & A F Martin Stewart 1 E Barham & F Irvine 0
Colonel W Elliott & AW Graham 1 G Thomas & R Attridge 0
  2   1

The course was in excellent condition for the playing of the Wimborne Hospital Cup on Sunday 14th September 1941which attracted 82 competitors. W J Cutler won the silver cup and the runner-up was C Knott, both scored 69. Other prizes; first nine holes, Captain B E C Williams; back nine, F W Warner. A feature of the play was that of  B C Hunt who achieved a “two” on the sixth hole by holing his pitch from “the foot of the hill”

At the AGM in March 1942 Sir Kaye le Fleming was elected chairman and captain. Several charitable competitions were arranged including the annual tournament for the Wimborne Cottage Hospital.

In 1947 and to the clubs closure in the early 1950s the secretary was N O Gilbert, “Parkhurst” Crichel, Wimborne, telephone Witchampton 210. The professional was G Clifford-Goodlad and the greenkeeper  T Smith. Following WW2 the course had been reduced to 9 holes with the SSS still at 72. Professional course record held by G Clifford-Goodlad 68. Visitors’ fees were 3/6 a day, 10/- on Sundays and 10/6 a week.

Crichel Park Golf Club, Wimborne, Dorset. View of the golf course.

A view across the fields to Crichel Park golf course. Postcard by I. M. Biles, Witchampton.



Crichel Park Golf Club, Wimborne, Dorset. Local rules on the scorecard.

Scorecard for Crichel Park. Author's Collection.



Crichel Park Golf Club, Wimborne, Dorset. Scorecard from 1937.

Crichel Park scorecard dated  July 1937, note the increased yardage. Author's Collection.


Crichel Park Golf Club, Wimborne, Dorset. Location of the golf course.

Location of the golf course at Crichel Park in the early 1950s.

Grid reference SU00055,08025, co-ordinates 400055,108025.