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Hengitsbury Golf Club, Christchurch, Dorset. (1913 - WW1)

Founded in 1913.

From the Bournemouth Guardian Saturday 20 December 1913; “THE PROPOSED GOLF COURSE AT HENGITSBURY HEAD – “The Mayor (Councillor Robert Druitt) presided at the monthly meeting of the Christchurch Town Council held on Thursday evening in the Town Hall. Also present were; Alderman A R Tiller, D Galbraith and E Squire; Councillors – A H Searle, A H B Hartford, H Harding, W Tucker, J P F Clark, F A Lane, C W Thomas, C Absalom, L Agate, H Purchase, N Barnes, W S Lander, A Hatcher and M Prichard together with the Town Clerk (John Druitt) and the Surveyor (H J Farmer).

The Mayor reported on the interview between a sub-committee and Mr Hunt, and stated that the proposed golf company at Hengitsbury Head were quite willing and anxious to keep on good terms with the public, but seeing that a large sum of money would be spent and that the company’s proposals would be of benefit to the public they must have a free hand, and expected that with the public on their side would help the club in every reasonable way. He proposed its adoption, and Councillor Lander seconded. Alderman Tiller asked if they were going to see that the public were not excluded at Hengitsbury Head – The Mayor said the company had pledged themselves to spend a large sum of money on the land in laying out golf links, and he was of the opinion such a course would eventually be of great advantage to the borough and would probably in time produce a large rateable value. The company did not want to run up against the public and they asked that it should be left to their goodwill with regard to allowing the public to walk over the head. - Councillor Harding said they had not definitely stated that they would close the walk round the head. - The Mayor; No, they have not said that, but the public must understand that when people are playing on the links it will not be the same as when no golf is being played, but I hope the public will give the company every facility. – Councillor Hartford thought they ought to get an understanding that the public should be allowed to walk along the footpath, and he would like to get a letter from the company to that effect. – The Mayor; They would not be churlish if we are not unreasonable. – Councillor Lander said he was under the impression that anywhere on the head was looked upon as private property with a bit of discretion, and if they played the game together he felt that no attempt would be made to stop the public. – Councillor Searle thought he was right in assuming that there was a right-of-way across the head, and a very valuable one to the fishermen, and he did not see why it should be sacrificed in the interests of the company. – Councillor Hartford then moved that a letter to be written to the head of the company, asking them to recognise a right-of-way from the Southbourne Head to the Black House. – Councillor Prichard assured the Council that the head of the company (Mr Hunt) had held out every hope of a footpath being made across the head for the benefit of the public. – The proposition was then carried against an amendment to refer the matter back to the General Purposes Committee. – Alderman Galbraith said they ought to go very carefully with the matter. – Councillor Prichard then moved that in the resolution that they should substitute for the words “right-of-way” to “ask the company if they would recognise any pathway that may be made from Southbourne to Black House” this was carried. – After the public business the Council went into committee on the question”.  

The following is from the Nisbet’s 1914 Golf Yearbook: Joint secretaries - Chas Hunt, St Peters Chambers, Bournemouth and J Elder Duncan, 4 and 5 Adam Street, Strand; 18-hole course; Entrance fee for gents was £5/5/0, ladies £3/3/0. Subs gents £5/5/0, ladies £3/3/0; Visitors were welcome and Sunday play was allowed with caddies. The station at Christchurch was one mile away.

Hengitsbury Golf Club did not following WW1.