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Shaftesbury & County Golf Club, Dorset. (1920 - 1951)

Below is an extract from a report from the Western Gazette Friday 13th May 1921.

"SHAFTESBURY AND COUNTY CLUB - New links opened at Melbury - On Wednesday afternoon an important event in the history of Shaftesbury took place, the occasion being the formal opening of the new golf links for play. The place which has been chosen is at Melbury, near the top of the well known Spreadeagle Hill. The links are set upon a green bastion of the chalk, stretching far out into the plain.

The links have been designed by Harry Colt, the leading golf architect, and the work has been carried out by Frank Harris & Co., of Guildford, who have had great experience in this work, and have laid out many of the best courses in England. Great skill has been shown, and every advantage taken of the natural hazards, whether they be patches of gorse, prehistoric entrenchments, or other obstacles. The result of the work is a really sporting 9-hole course, which it is hoped it may be enlarged to an 18-hole course in the future when it  has become more widely known and patronised. One of the greatest assets of the course is the excellent down turf, which, with its chalk subsoil, never bakes in the summer, and is always dry enough to play on in the wettest weather. The  greens are large and undulating, and well protected by fan-shaped bunkers, and will be found in very good order.

The professional, F Jackson, is a first class exponent of the game. The hon. secretary of the club, which is known as the Shaftesbury and County Golf Club, is the Rev. C E Donne, Compton Abbas Rectory, Shaftesbury."

The annual meeting was held in the Mayor's Parlour at the Town Hall in January 1922, Major H Nixon presided. Following are the officers for the year; Captain, Major Nixon; treasurer, H Perrins Barnett; secretary, Rev. C E Donne; general committee - Major Nixon, Re. C E Donne, H P Barnett, General Poore, Major Wynne Wilson, Captain Aston, Dr. Appleyard, Rev. Rees, R W Borley, J Hastings. Ladies' committee - Mrs Hastings, Miss Harris, Mrs Barnett, Mrs Aston and Mrs Nixon. Sir Richard and Lady Glyn were appointed hon. life members.

Below is the result of a match played at Yarlington against East Somerset Golf Club (now defunct) on Saturday 29th April 1922.

East Somerset Golf Club   Shaftesbury Golf Club  
P D A Courtenay (4&3) 1 Major Nixon 0
Lieut-Colonel Glyn Cuninghame (2&1) 1 General R M Poore 0
C E Gatehouse (6&4) 1 Rev King 0
Capt Phipps-Hornby  0 Major Denison Pender (1up) 1
W C Fowler (8&6) 1 Rev C Donne 0
Colonel Hardy (half) 0 Major Hile (half) 0
W Mackie (7&5) 1 Mr Hastings 0
Courtenay & Gatehouse  0 Nixon & Poore (2&1) 1
Cuninghame & Hardy 0 Rev Reece & Pender (1up) 1
Hardy & Dr Price (half) 0 Hile & Hastings (half) 0
Fowler & Mackie  1 Donne & King 0
  6   3

In the mid 1920s the secretary was the Reverend C E Donne, Compton Abbas Rectory, Shaftesbury and the professional Roy Jackson. A 9-hole course with a membership of 120. The station at Semley was 5 miles away. Visitors’ fees were 2/6 a day, ladies 1/6.

In 1930 the secretary was D Arnott, Oaklands, Shaftesbury, telephone 46 and the professional Roy Jackson.Visitors’ fees for gents were 2/6 a day, 3/- a day on Sundays and Bank holidays, ladies 2/- and 2/6 respectively.

Below is the result of a match played at Shaftesbury against West Wilts Golf Club in June 1932.

Shaftesbury & County Golf Club   West Wilts Golf Club  
H J D Frith 0 J Pollhampton (2up) 1
H D Wigdahl 0 C Ashplank (4&2) 1
E E Good 0 L Hilser (3&2) 1
D M Erskine 0 T Barrett (2up) 1
C F Ellerton (5&4) 1 C Kennard 0
E Ribbans (half) 0 W Stroud (half) 0
H C Wyld (half) 0 J Langman (half) 0
Major T S Green 0 M Fitzgerald (1up) 1
Frith & Good (half) 0 Pollhampton & Barrett (half) 0
Wigdahl & Erskine 0 Ashplank & Hilser 1
Ellerton & Wyld 0 Kennard & Langman 1
Ribbans & Green 0 Stroud & Fitzgerald 1
  1   8

The secretary in 1932/3 was E H Bascombe, National Provincial Bank. There was a membership of 130. Professional and green-keeper, Roy Jackson.

In 1935 the secretary was E E Good, Lloyds Bank Ltd, Shaftesbury, telephone 46. (Club telephone Fontmell Magna 16). Visitors’ fees gents 2/6 a day, 1/6 after 5pm, Sundays and Bank Holidays 3/-. Ladies 1/6, 2/6.

Results from the Spring Meeting in April 1937; Challenge Cup - V R Hopkins, 77-5-72 (won play off); L C Hawkes, 83-11-72; E R Douglas, 77-4-73; S F Dudley Smith, 91-18-73; W J Simmons, 81-8-73; J Harding, 92-18-74; Dr. Arnott, 78-3-75; R Minchin, 93-18-75; H J D Frith, 86-9-77; E H Russell, 87-9-78; H C Wyld, 97-19-78; K Llewellyn, 85-6-79; H B Linley, 97-18-79. Ladies' Medal - Mrs Gandy, 96-26-70; Miss Webb, 93-17-76; Miss Partridge, 92-15-77; Mrs Glossop, 94-16-78; Mrs Arnott, 110-28-82; Miss Ellerton, 94-12-82.

Result of a match against East Somerset Golf Club (now defunct) played in April 1938.

Shaftesbury & County Golf Club    East Somerset Golf Club  
Dr. Caie 0 E R Bollam 0
H J D Frith 1 Dr. D Price 0
F B Colvin 1 B C A Hartley 0
E H Russell (halved) 0 R W Mackie (halved) 0
D Brown 1 H E Ainsworth 0
G V S Tay 1 Dr. J Barlow 0
Col. Sealey Green 1 Dr. F E Coulson 0
R B Minchin 1 Lieut.- Col. J A Legge 0
R Jackson 1 G Day 0
  7   0

Results from the Spring Meeting played in May 1938; Challenge Cup - J T Davies, 89-18-71; C Cooper, 93-15-78; E Stickland, 102-24-78; H C Wyld, 98-19-79; A E Sims, 103-24-79; D H Brown, 94-13-81; G V S Tay, 95-13-82; L N White, 97-15-82; W J Simmons, 91-8-83; H B Linley, 101-17-84; A R Matherson, 97-12-85; W E Pring, 99-14-85; A B Carpenter, 99-13-86; D Ellerton, 94-8-86; Col. Sealey Green, 110-19-91; W D Hopkins, 107-13-94. Ladies' Medal - Miss Ellerton, 90-12-78; Mrs Stickland, 92-12-80; Mrs Cooper, 99-15-84; Mrs Grey, 115-27-88; Mrs Dudley Smith, 123-25-98. 

Below is the result of a match played at Sherborne In May 1938.

Sherborne Golf Club   Shaftesbury & County Golf Club  
H B St. L Carter 0 H G Grey (4 and 2) 1
C Hennecart 0 Dr. D Arnold (2up) 1
A Coombs 0 V R Hopkins (5 and 4)  1
P Stretton (halved) 0 E R Russell (halved)  0
F R Lindsay (2 and 1) 1 D H Brown  0
G B Wylam (3 and 2) 1 C N G Arkell  0
W G Adams 0 R B Minchin (3 and 2)  1
L Saunders (4 and 2) 1 J T Davies 0
  3   4

 At the time of WW2 the secretary was V R Hopkins, Park Farm, Gillingham the professional and green-keeper was Roy Jackson. The 9-holes had a SSS of 73 the club had a membership of 130. Visitors’ fees for gents were 2/6 a day, 3/- a day on Sundays and Bank holidays, ladies 2/- and 2/6 respectively.

A meeting was to be held in the Town Hall in February 1946 to consider the re-opening of the course following the war. The decision would depend on the interest shown, if unable to attend contact the secretary, L P V Vale, Weighbridge House.

The annual dance in April 1947.


Shaftesbury & County Golf Club, Dorset. Notice of the annual dance in April 1947.

Western Gazette Friday 14th March 1947. Image © Trinity Mirror. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


In 1951 the secretary was L P V Vale, Weighbridge House, Shaftesbury, telephone 298. The 9-hole course had a SSS of 73 and a membership of 60. Visitors’ fees as 1940/47. Local hotels were the Grosvenor, Mitre and Royal.

Shaftesbury & County Golf Club, Dorset. Location of the golf course.

Course location, Shaftesbury & County Golf had disappeared by the mid 1950s.

Grid reference ST88100,18185, co-ordinates 388100,118185.