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Weymouth (Naval) Golf Club, East Chickerell. (1894 - 1920s)

The club was founded in 1894.

Originally recorded as Weymouth Golf Club it appears later as Weymouth Naval Golf Club.

There is an early advert that states "Weymouth Golf  Links- East Chickerell Park - The Oldest Golf Links in England - Open to Visitors." However, no evidence has so far been found to substantiate the claim that "organised" golf was played prior to 1894.

Below is a report on the proposed club in January 1894.


Weymouth Golf Club, East Chickerell. Report on the proposed club in January 1894.

From the Southern Times and Dorset County Herald Saturday 27 January 1894. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


Report on the new club in March 1894.


Weymouth Golf Club, East Chickerell Course. Report on the new course in March 1894.



The following is an extract from a report that appeared in the Bridport News on Friday 20 September 1895. "The Golf Links - On the 11th inst. a general meeting of the Weymouth Golf Club was held in the Club House, East Chickerell, when Colonel Allan McLean was elected honorary secretary in place of Paymaster-in-Chief W B Risk, who had resigned. The late honorary secretary was thanked for his services in organising the club, and for the great interest he had taken in its development. The club has been a source of amusement to visitors during the past summer; they have pronounced the links as most sporting; the tees being good, the greens in admirable order and the holes well guarded by bunkers."

A competition for the Mayor's Cup was played on the 24 September 1895. It was won by Mr John Jesty, owner of the course, with a score of 96. After the match a lunch was provided by Mr Jesty.   

Below is the result of a match played at East Chickerell against Dorchester Golf Club in October 1896.


Weymouth Golf Club, East Chickerell. Result of a match against Dorchester Golf Club October 1896.

From the Southern Times and Dorset County Herald Saturday 24 October 1896. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


The winter meeting was played over two days in December 1898. Owing to the Reserve Squadron having put to sea the turnout was smaller than expected. First day. Handicap - J Gundry, 90 scratch; Rev A L Templer, 100-10-90; Bogey - J Gundry, 6down; Lieut. Lockhart RA, 7down. Second day - Lieut. Hugh Lockhart, 98-18-80; J Jesty, 103-14-89.  


Weymouth Golf Club, East Chickerell, Dorset. The golf course on the 1902 O.S map.

The East Chickerell course is marked in the centre of the above map. Reproduced from the {1902} Ordnance Survey Map.


Professional was J Kerlew (1911 to 1913).

The seventeenth annual prize meeting of the Weymouth Naval Golf Club was held on the East Chickerell course in September 1912. First day results as follows; Jesty Cup with Gold Medal – F G Toms, 94-18-76; E B Thresher, 101-24-77; R Ironmonger, 96-16-80; Jas Poate, 107-24-83; H M Johns, 103-18-85; F C Ross, 108-20-88; F Hall, 107-18-89; C F Godsmark, 108-16-92; W H Webb, 111-16-95; H Randall, 120-20-100. Foursomes; F C Ross & H G Webb, 101-14-87; G W Clayton & F Hall, 104-16-88; C F Godsmark & E Poate, 113-15-98; R Ironmonger & F G Toms, 111-13-98; H M Johns & P Minter, 113-14-99; H Randall & E B Thresher, 120-15-105.

Second day results; Hambro Cup and Gold Medal – R Ironmonger, 91-16-75; C F Godsmark, 97-16-81; E Poate, 106-24-82; F G Toms, 97-15-82; G W Clayton, 106-24-82; Mr Lakeman, 101-16-85; P Minter, 101-16-95; A A Clarke, 99-12-87; G H Webb, 1-2-15-87; W H Hunter, 100-13-87; E B Thresher, 108-20-88; C F Ross, 115-20-95; H Randall, 119-20-99; Commander Miller, no return. Bogey competition, Strickland and Ironmonger both all square; Minter, 3down; Clayton, 5down; A A Clarke, 6down; H M Johns, 6down; Lakeman, 7down; T G Toms, 7down; G H Webb, 9down; C F Ross, 10down.

In the early 1920s the secretary was W Jesty, telephone 63, the professional Herbert Foord (1915 to 1924). An 18 hole course with a membership of 150. Amateur course record held by J Gundry 83. Visitors fees were 1/- a day, 5/- a week and 10/- a month with Sunday play. The station at Radipole Halt was 1 mile away.


Weymouth Naval Golf Club, Dorset. Golf course location.

Location of the course at East Chickerell in the 1920s.

Grid reference SY65575,81070, co-ordinates 365575,081070.