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Barton-on-Sea Golf Club, Hants. (1897 - 1922)

The first Barton-on-Sea nine-hole course was laid out on a cliff top to the west of the present course in 1897.

The course was primarily used by guests of the Barton Court Hotel, golfers green fees were 2s/6d. A club was eventually formed by Sir Robert Affleck and a group of golfing enthusiasts who had permission to use the course and play competitions.

This course continued until 1909.


Barton-on-Sea Golf Club, Hants. Location of the first course.

The first Barton-on-Sea course is clearly marked in the centre of the above map. Reproduced from the {1898} Ordnance Survey map.


View of the Barton on sea Golf Club links.

An early postcard of the links. 


Just as the above course finished a property developer acquired a large area of land called the Barton Court Estate. There were ambitious plans to build houses and construct an 18-hole golf course. Although the housing scheme never really “got off the ground” the construction of the 18-hole course at “The Meadows” went ahead and Harry Vardon was given the job of laying out the course which opened in 1910. 

Following WW1 there was a need for more housing and the course was under threat of development. The course disappeared under housing in 1922.


Barton on sea Golf Club, Meadows course?

The Golf Links, Barton –on-Sea, Meadows course? 


The above image appears to have more of an inland appearance, could it be the Meadows course?