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Basingstoke and Basingstoke & District Golf Club. (1900 - 1926)

The club first appeared in the early 1900s.

In 1911 the secretary was Frederick A Prance, Norn Hill House, Reading Road.  Frederick Prance was one of the founders of the golf club, he was also Mayor of Basingstoke in 1911. 

The annual meeting of the Basingstoke & District Golf Club was held in Mr H E Powell's Music Room on Friday 14th April 1916, S L Bullock presided. Others present; F A Prance, hon. secretary; H E Powell, hon. treasurer; F R Phipps; W G Hailstone; B C Lear; P D Hoddinott; C Taylor. The club was shown to be in a highly satisfactory position.  

The Basingstoke & District Golf Club had disappeared by the mid 1920s. 

The two O.S maps below are interesting; the one dated 1912 shows the location of the first Basingstoke Golf Club course, just to the north of the railway station. The Basingstoke Golf Club was founded in 1907 and played on this course until the outbreak of WW1 when the course was requisitioned for the war effort. The course was designed by the first Basingtsoke professional, Charles Lloyd. The Basingstoke club went into abeyance until 1926 when they moved to their present location at Kempshott Park. 

The 1910 map shows a course on Kempshott Park and this must have been the home of the Basingstoke & District club. Did the two clubs merge in the mid 1920s? 


Basingstoke & District Golf Club at Kempshott Park1910 O.S map.

In the centre of the above map there is clearly a golf course to the south of Kempshott Park, was this the home the Basingstoke & District Golf Club? © Crown Copyright {1910}.


Basingstoke & District Golf Club 1912 O.S map.

The present Jefferson Road and Oakridge Road would have been on the boundary of the above course. This is stated to be the first home of Basingstoke Golf Club until they moved to Kempshott Park in 1926! © Crown Copyright {1912}.


Basingstoke & District golf course location at Kempshott Park.

Location of the Basingstoke & District course in 1911/12.

Grid reference SU59465,47465, co-ordinates 459465,147465.

The Google Map below pinpoints the location of the former Basingstoke Golf Club.