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Chale Golf Club, Isle of Wight. (1905 - WW2)

Founded in 1905.

Henry Way of  Pyle, Chale, was the secretary from the outset until the mid 1930s and the professional throughout most of the clubs life was Fred Mew.

A 9-hole sporting course situated on St Catherines Hill with fine views. The course on natural down land was playable all year. There were Stations at Whitwell 3 miles Ventnor 6 miles away. There was a bus service which passed the course. Local hotel was the Clarendon.

Result of a bogey competition played in September 1908; E G Bartlett (11,) all square; Dr. R Weston (11,) C B Pinnock(9,) J B Shapter (3,) 1down; Henry Way (18,) 2down. Bogey score for the course 79.

Below the Easter Meeting in April 1911.


Chale Golf Club, Isle of Wight. Results from the Easter Meeting in April 1911.

From the Isle of Wight County Press and South of England Reporter Saturday 22nd April 1911. Image © Isle of Wight County Press. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


Result of a ladies' foursomes played in August 1911; Misses G M Webb and Mansell, 64-17-47; Misses D Weston and P Weston, 69-17-52; Misses Spracklin and S Conquest, 70-17-53; Misses N Conquest and E Conquest, 72-19-53.

Ladies' Eclectic Competition played in September 1911; Miss Eva Conquest, 45-17-28, and Miss G M Webb, 45-17-28 (Miss Conquest won play off); Miss P Weston, 45-14-31; Miss S Conquest, 45-14-31; Miss W M Pinnock, 41-8-33; Miss Weston, 60-20-40; Miss Spracklin, 63-20-43; Miss N Conquest, 64-20-44. Monthly Running Sweepstake; Miss Eva Conquest, 52-17-35; Miss Phyllis Weston, 50-14-36. Miss Pinnock was appointed as ladies' captain.  


Chale Golf Club, Isle of Wight. View of the course.

Chale Golf Course. Published by The Undercliff Hotel (Niton) Ltd IOW.


From 1914 to the mid 1930s membership numbers varied between 40 and 50.  No entry fee was payable in 1914 and the subs were £1/1/0. Visitors’ fees were 2/- a day (1/- in 1905) and 5/- a week. Sunday Play was not allowed.

From 1935 to the last year in 1947 the secretary was G F Mew, Sunnyside, Blackgang, Chale. Visitors’ fees were 2/-a round and 10/- a week. Sunday play permitted.

Chale Golf Club, Isle of Wight. Course location.

Location of the Chale course.

Grid reference SZ49200,76930, co-ordinates 449200,076930.