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Lymington Golf Club, Hants. (1890 - WW2)

The club was founded in 1890.

A 9-hole attractive links course opposite the Isle of Wight with excellent turf. The station at  Lymington Town was 2 miles away. Local hotels were the Angel, Londesborough and the Mayflower.

On Saturday 21st February 1891 a competition took place on the Pennington Marsh course when there was “a numerous attendance of the rank and fashion of the neighbourhood”. The competition for the best game of four players was won by Colonel Stirke and Major Domville. Colonel Rooke won the prize for the best drive, and Colonel Clifton for the best “lofting stroke” Mr P H Walker won the “best putting shot”. The prizes were presented by Mrs Cornwallis West. Mr P H Walker acted as referee and the umpires were Colonel Borton and Miss H Fullerton. Arrangements for the competition were made by Mr P H Walker.

In June 1892 the first monthly competition for the Fullerton Medal (presented to the club by Mr David Fullerton) was played in windy conditions. Result of the 18-hole competition; Mr C Ford, 136-27-109; Miss H Fullerton, 128-14-114; Mr D Fullerton, 115 scratch; Colonel Borton, 118 scratch; Mr Hammersley, 119 scratch; Miss A Fullerton, 137-18-119; Captain Cotton, 139-18-121; Mr H Dent, 158-36-122; Miss S Shrubb, 151-27-124; Major Blunt, 143-18-125; Colonel Stirke, 146-18-128. After the competition the golfers joined the already large party gathered at Pennington House. After tea and refreshments Mrs David Fullerton presented the medal to Mr Charles Ford. The hon. secretary of the club, Mr Hammersley, proposed a vote of thanks to Mr & Mrs Fullerton.

Due to the recent flooding of the course there was a small turnout for the monthly medal in January 1894, the winner was Mr R Daniell, 106-18-88. Improvements to the course were being contemplated and professional advice was to be taken.

The April 1894 medal was won by Mr Hamilton Dent, 110-30-80.

In May 1894 caddies at the club went on strike demanding a rise from 3d an afternoon to sixpence. 

In 1906 the secretary was H St Barbe, 72 High Street, Lymington and the greenkeeper F Cole. Visitors’ fees were 1/6 a day, 6/- a week and 15/- a month.

In 1914 the secretary was J P Herringham. There was a membership of 70. The entry fee was £1/1/0. Subs for gents were £2/2/0 and ladies £1/1/0. Visitors’ fees were 1/6 a day, 6/- a week and 15/- a month. Sunday play was allowed without caddies.

The club next appeared in 1925 when the secretary was A A Muller, Woodside, Lymington and the professional H Daish.

An open bogey competition for a cup presented by Major Cyril Potter was played in August 1926. G Maughan, a visitor from London, won with a score of 3up; runner-up was J P Howard, 2up; third place Mr Ellis, 1up.

In 1930 the address was Lymington Golf Club, Oxey Farm, Woodside. The secretary was S H Mangham BA, Eileen Cottage Middle Rd, Lymington. The professional was W Warwick (1926 to 1933). Membership had now risen to 150. Course record held by E C Thurgood with a score of 68. Visitors’ fees were 2/- a round.

The Potter Cup was played for during the Bank Holiday in August 1931. The winner was A A Rooke, 92-24-68.

There were over 30 competitors at the autumn meeting played on Sunday 18th September 1932, result as follows; W Iliffe (golfing coat), 85-16-79; G Hill (golf umbrella), 78-8-70; C Isted (golf club), 96-24-72. Foursomes winners were V Bailey and H S Leather (pair of cuff links each.) Mrs J C Ackerman, wife of the president, provided tea and presented the prizes. She was introduced and thanked by Mr C E Nipper, chairman of the club.

Result of the 1933 November monthly medal; W H Gowers, 91-22-69; E G Wilkins, 92-22-70; C S Barrow, 87-16-71; F E Cole, 76-4-72.

Results from competitions played over Christmas in 1933. 18 hole medal – G T Webb, 91-20-71; J Shorter, 91-18-72; J Shepherd, 97-24-73; C Isted, 93-20-73; C E Nipper, 91-18-73; F Pelfrey, 97-24-73; F C Heseltine, 82-8-74; F H Humphreys, 98-24-74; E Wilkins, 95-20-75; W T Iliffe, 88-12-76; Mrs Heseltine, 113-36-77; M G Cole, 92-14-78; G Moffatt, 100-22-78. 18 hole bogey – F E Cole (4) and J Shorter (18), all square; F F Mann (24), 1down; M Holloway (18), 2down; A J Lewton (17), F C Heseltine (8),F H Humphreys (24), C H S Blatch (18), 3down. 18 hole medal – A J Lewton, 85-17-68; Miss M Watson, 105-36-69; J Shorter, 92-18-74; Miss S Watson, 111-36-75; G V Davis, 90-14-76; F F Mann, 100-24-76; A Holloway, 97-18-79; G T Webb, 101-20-81.

Result of the July 1934 medal; B Ellacott, 92-24-68; F Pelfrey, 93-24-69; W Higginson, 94-24-70; E Wilkins, 89-18-71; M Cole, 88-14-74.

Result of the August 1937 medal; F E Cole, 71-2-69; C S Barrow, 83-10-73; W Maclachlin, 90-17-73; E Wilkins, 91-18-73; F F Mann, 9314-79.

It was reported at the Hampshire Golf Association meeting in February 1939 that the Lymington Golf Club had resigned owing to the encroachment of the sea on to the course. Reconstruction was taking place and on completion of the work the club hoped to rejoin.

The club's final appearance was in 1940 when the secretary was G T Webb, “Bramleigh” Milford Road, Lymington. Telephone number 170. The greenkeeper was G Moffat. The 9 hole course had a Standard Scratch Score of 70 and there was a membership of 250. Amateur record holder was E Cole with a score of 66. Visitors’ fees were 2/6 a day, 7/6 a week and 15/- a month. There were special fees for Service members. Sunday play was allowed and the club was licensed.

Location of the Lymington course.

Grid reference SZ32740,93150, co-ordinates 432740,093150.

Memories of Lymington Golf Club from David Williams -

“Lymington Golf Club and course used to exist just inside the sea wall. It closed in 1916, as the sea often  breached the wall in what is the Oxey Marshes area. Opened again in the mid 1920s with a membership of 200 it flourished until the beginning of WW2 and never re-emerged. The site now forms part of a Nature Reserve on the coast”