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Petersfield Golf Club, The Heath, Hants. (1892 - 1997)

The club was founded in 1892. The original 9-hole course was on common land on The Heath.

As was often the case, golfers and the public on common land are not always a happy mix. There were often complaints from people picknicing or walking their dogs and this was a major part of the club deciding to leave their heathland course and move to a new course in 1997.

So, after over 100 years, golf had come to an end on The Heath.

Professionals at Petersfield Golf Club prior to WW2; F Milner, 1894/5; F W Eames, 1897-1929; R Daish, 1929-1938.   

Interesting to note that in 1900 it was stated to be founded in 1881.The secretary was R K Harvey. Course records were; amateur, Major Banham Knox 43, professional W Eames 37.

In 1906 the secretary was J Silvester, The Slade, Petersfield, the captain was Commander Heathcote and the professional W Eames. Entry fee was £1/1/0, subs £1/1/0, visitors’ fees were 1/- a day, 5/- a week, 10/- a month and £1 for two months.

In 1907/8 the secretary was Rev E M Tomlinson, The Castle House, Petersfield.


Petersfield Golf Club, The Heath, Hampshire. Picture of The Heath Petersfield.

The Heath Petersfield.


From 1911 to 1913 the secretary was F G Padwick. There was a membership of 90 with 35 ladies.

Below is the result of a match played at Rowlands Castle Golf Club on Saturday 20th May 1922. 

Rowlands Castle Golf Club   Petersfield Golf Club  
H A Evans 1 G Vincent 0
J Bowerman 1 S Davies 0
E Phillips 1 J Longbotham 0
C K Francis 1 J Privett 0
H Martin 1 J Butler 0
W H Crocker 1 J Whitehead 0
A H Hipkin 1 J Powell 0
H W Hunt (half) 0 A Baker (half) 0
H A Evans & W H Crocker 1 G Vincent & J Whitehead 0
E Phillips & C K Francis 1 J Longbotham & J Privett 0
J Bowerman & A H Hipkin (half) 0 S Davies & J Powell (half) 0
H W Hunt & H Martin 0 A Baker & J Butler 1
  9   1

On Monday November 19th 1923 a meeting of members and prospective members was held, Mr C W Seward presided. The decision of the Urban Council not to permit golf in future on the Heath was considered. It was resolved to inform the Council that unless they rescinded their decision the proposal to resuscitate the golf club would be abandoned. It was stated that about 20 members had signified their intention to resign if Sunday play were prohibited.

The conflict with the Council regarding Sunday play was a drawn out affair but golf eventually returned to the Heath.

In the Hampshire Professional Golf Tournament, played at Lee-on-the-Solent in September 1925, R Daish, the Petersfield professional, equalled the best fourth round score of 73. He finished with a total of 309.

The annual meeting was held at St Peter’s Hall on Tuesday 8th April 1930, A H G Hoggarth in the chair. The report of the secretary, E R Davison, showed an increase in membership, and the financial statement, presented by the treasurer J S France, revealed a small debit balance. The following officials were appointed; president, A H G Hoggarth; secretary, L Burley (provisional); auditor, D C Warner; captain, N Palmer; committee – S H Adams, K Gammon, R G Harwood, D T Warner, P G Saunders, A W Childs, N Palmer, E Privett, G Baker.

The annual meeting was held in the Market Chambers, High Street, on Friday 10th April 1931. The balance sheet showed a balance in hand of £14/3s. Officials were; president A H G Hoggarth; captain Mr Norton Palmer; Secretary L Burley; treasurer, J S France. 

Below is the result of a match played at Petersfield against Waterlooville Golf Club in May 1935. 

Petersfield Golf Club   Waterlooville Golf Club  
D P Cooper (5&4) 1 Comdr Theobald 0
K Gammon (4&3) 1 Lt-Cdr R C Stokes 0
Major A L Bonham-Carter (3&2) 1 R M Whitcomb 0
C J Bannister 0 A P Wheeler 1
R Tew (8&7) 1 R M Smith 0
A A Cooper 0 L C Wheeler (3&2) 1
S G Reeves (5&4) 1 C H Eggo 0
F L Cordery (1up) 1 S L Whitcomb 0
Cooper & Gammon (6&5) 1 Theobald & Stokes 0
Bonham-Carter & Bannister 0 R M Whitcomb & Wheeler (1up) 1
Tew & Cooper 0 Smith & Wheeler (4&3) 1
Reeves & Cordery 0 Eggo & S L Whitcomb (2&1) 1
  7   5

In May 1935 Petersfield Ladies' Golf Club hosted Rowlands Castle in a “bronze division match”, result below.

Petersfield Golf Club   Rowlands Castle Golf Club  
Miss Cheeseman (3&2) 1 Mrs Gollop 0
Mrs Stewart (7&5) 1 Mrs Davis 0
Mrs Cooper (half) 0 Mrs Dashwood (half) 0
Mrs Bannister (half) 0 Mrs Saunders (half) 0
Miss Pittam 0 Mrs Cribb (4&2) 1
Mrs Gammon (6&5) 1 Mrs Pouncford 0
Mrs Marriage 0 Mrs Hargreave (2&1) 1
  3   2

Below is the result of a one sided match played at Great Salterns on Saturday 19th June 1937 against Portsmouth Golf Club.  

Portsmouth Golf Club   Petersfield Golf Club  
E C Curtis (3&2) 1 D P Cooper 0
T J Powe (3&1) 1 F N Privett 0
F Asker (3&1) 1 K Gammon (capt) 0
C R Stacey (capt) (8&7) 1 F Cordery 0
T Leyshone (3&1) 1 D H Baker 0
J F Bloom (half) 0 B Mould (half) 0
A Owen (3&1) 1 E Hobbs 0
A Jones (8&6) 1 B Suthers 0
E C Curtis & T J Powe (5&4) 1 D P Cooper & N Privett 0
F Asker & C R Stacey (4&3) 1 K Gammon & F Cordery 0
T Leyshone & J F Bloom (half) 0 D H Baker  & B Mould (half) 0
A Owen & A Jones (6&4) 1 E Hobbs & B Suthers 0
  10   0

At a meeting in January 1940 it was decided that green fees for the duration of the war would be two shillings. The report of the hon. treasurer, Mr J H Lydon, showed a balance in hand of £48/4s/2d. It was decided that members on active service be allowed to retain their membership at a reduced fee of 10/-. The following officers were elected; president, Major A L Bonham Carter; captain, Keith Gammon; secretary, A A Cooper; treasurer, J H Lydon; play secretary, F H Smith; committee – S Adams, R Bannister, A G Suthers, R Poulton, H S Betinsck.

Following WW2 there was a club membership of 105. The 9-hole course had a SSS and Par of 66. The secretary was C J Cornish, Lloyd’s Bank House, Petersfield; the professional and green-keeper was L W Whiting; course records were – amateur R Tew, 68 and professional R Daish, 68. Visitors’ fees were 2/- a day, 3/- at weekend, £1 a month.

In the mid 1950s the secretary was R D France, Midland bank, Petersfield, the professional and green-keeper was L Roberts. Course records were; amateur F Downs and R Tew, 68, and professional R Daish, 68. The nine-hole course measured 5,006 yards with a SSS of 64.

In the 1960s the secretary was C D Rudkin, 17 Pulens Crescent, Petersfield. The membership was now 240. The course measured 5,438 yards with a SSS of 66.

In the early 1970s the secretary was E G Steer, and the professional L Roberts. Membership was now 300. The course measured 5,666 yards with a SSS of 67, Green fees were 30p a day.

In the early 1980s the secretary was P Heraud, membership of 375. Green fees were £4. In the later 1980s the secretary was W Fairless. There was a membership of over 400. The professional was S Clay. It was listed as an 18-hole course of 5,751 yards with a SSS of 68. Course records were; amateur, P Tupper, 70 and professional, S Clay 69.

In the early 1990s the secretary was P Heraud and the professional S Clay. The 18-holes measured 5,710 yards with a SSS of 68. The course records: amateur, P Flux, 69 and professional, J Hay, 66. Green fees £12.

Thanks to Vivien Pike, Secretary of Friends of Petersfield Heath for the following contribution “My grandfather, William Mould, was a local builder and I learnt recently that he built the clubhouse. The architect was E Arden Minty, the structure is wooden (rather like a Swiss chalet), and it was opened on 6th June 1904. It is still standing and at present is a nursery school” 


Petersfield Golf Club, Hants. Location of the Heath Common golf course.

Location of the Petersfield course on the Heath.

Grid reference SU75635,23045, co-ordinates 475635,123045.