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Swaythling Golf Club, Southampton, Hants. (1907 - WW2)

First appeared in the early 1900s.

In September 1912 members of the Southampton Golf Club (also now defunct) and Swaythling Golf Club played a match at Swaythling. In the singles Messrs. Bowyer, Rogers and Cruickshank, of Swaythling won their games; the winners on the Southampton side were Henley, Richards, Christmas, Meldrum and Davies. Southampton winning the singles by 5 matches to 3. After the tea interval foursomes were played but due to fading light only nine-holes were played, Swaythling won the foursomes by 2 matches to 1.

Presentation to the secretary in August 1914.


Swaythling Golf Club, Southampton. Presentation to the secretary in August 1914.

Hampshire Advertiser Saturday 22nd August 1914.


Swaythling Golf Club, Southampton. Swaythling club buttons.

Thanks to Dixon Pickup for supplying the above images. They show early Swa(y)thling GC buttons, why the spelling error was perpetuated into the next year is quite remarkable. Buttons were usually given for the monthly medal or Bogey competitions.


Swaythling Golf Club, Southampton. Marks on the back of the club buttons.

The rear of the buttons with the retailer's mark for Southampton.


Result of a mixed foursome played in October 1921 for Mr George Fudge's prize; Mrs H E Moodie and G Divett, 79 net; Gent's foursome for the vice-president's prize, G Fuidge and A G Edwards, 82 net. 

There was a large attendance for the annual meeting held in the clubhouse on Saturday 23rd September 1922, Councillor W M Bowyer presided. The secretary submitted a satisfactory balance sheet. Membership had increased from 105 to 130. The fees for visitors of £106 was the highest recorded. The following officers were elected; President, Right Honorable Lord Swaythling; vice-president, E A Fox; captain C F Sheppard; competition secretary, H E Moodie; hon. secretary and treasurer, G Fuidge; committee - A McGown, H E Moodie, G M Godfrey, F Leslie, E F Crabb. Competition winners; Herbert Snow Cup, J Musty; Early Morning Cup, H Wheeler; Hollis Cup, G M Godfrey; gent's foursome, G Fuidge and L G Edwards; vice president's prize, A E Shears - runner-up, R Williams; committee foursomes, H Leggett and E W Cross - runners-up, G Fuidge and C F Sheppard; captain's prize, A Brider; monthly medals, ladies - Mrs Leggett (2,) Mrs Moodie (2,) Mrs Hossack (1); gent's - Mr Renwick (3,) Mr Brider (3,) Mr Godfrey (3,) Sheppard, Musty, Wynter Cross and Garrard, one each. 

Results of Christmas competitions played in 1922; Ladies' medal - Mrs H E Moodie, 88 net; gent's medal, C F Sheppard, 85 net; gent's eclectic - A E Shears, 70 net, runner-up, R Williams, 71 net; gent's foursome - C F Sheppard and H R Leggett, 83 net, runners-up, G Godfrey and F A Brider, 92 net; gent's 36-hole medal - E F Wynter Cross, 175 net, runner-up, H E Moodie, 178 net;  

In 1923 the secretary was G Fuidge, 97 Avenue Road, Southampton. The professional and green-keeper was C Hope. 9-hole course with two wide streams and  at Channels Farm Road. There was a membership of 140. Visitors’ fees were 2/- a day, 7/6 a week, 10/- a fortnight and 15/- a month. The station at Swaythling was 5 minutes away. Local hotels were the South Western and Polygon.

Match against the Southern Daily Echo in June 1923.


Swaythling Golf Club, Southampton. Result of a match against the Southern Daily Echo in June 1923.

Hampshire Advertiser Saturday 9th June 1923.


The December 1924 monthly medal was won by C S Martin, 84-5-79.

Competition results from December 1926; Herbert Snow Cup (36-holes), A E West, 84+86-18=152; G W Collings, 88+89-22=155; monthly medal winner E S Fudge, 81-12-79.

In 1930 the secretary was E F Crabb, 393 Shirley Road, Southampton and the professional C Hope. Visitors’ fees were 2/- a day, 2/6 on Sunday, 7/6 a week, 10/- a fortnight and 15/- a month.

In 1933 and 1935 the address was Swaythling Golf Club, Stoneham Lane, telephone 74922. The secretary was H Walsh and the professional D M Cowan. Visitors’ fees 1/6 a day, 2/- Wednesday and Saturday  and 2/6 on Sunday, 7/6 a week . There was a frequent bus service to the clubhouse.

It was reported in February 1939 that the Swaythling club, unfortunately, had lost the greater portion of their course, which had been purchased by the Southampton Corporation. The club had to resign from the Hampshire Golf Association. The golf professional was to attempt to form a golf school. It was hoped that the club may be able to continue on the land remaining. The club had been in existence for over 30 years.

On Friday 4th August 1939 E C V Wright, a railway clerk and member at Swaythling, aged 24, won "The Daily Telegraph and Morning Post" national tournament played at Wentworth. He had only been playing golf for two years. The challenge trophy was presented by J H Taylor, five times Open Champion. 

In 1940 and 1947 it was listed as the New Swaythling Golf Club the secretary was H Walsh and the professional W Wiltshire. The 9-holes had a SSS of 76 and a membership of 80 . Visitors’ fees were, 1/- a round, 1/6 a day, 7/6 a week, 10/- a fortnight and 15/- a month. Sunday play was allowed. There was a tram service from Southampton every 10 minutes to within 6 minutes of course.

Although listed in 1947 the course probably closed with the onset of WW2. It was later developed for housing and a sports field.

Swaythling Golf Club, Southampton. Location of the golf course.

Location of the Swaythling course.

Grid reference SU44010,16385, co-ordinates 444010,116385.