United Services Golf Club, Haslar, Gosport, Hants. (1885 - 1939)

The club was first mentioned in 1885.

The original nine-hole course was laid out on Haslar Common. It continued to flourish as The United Services Golf Club until the 1930s when it became Gosport and Stokes Bay.

Club Professionals; Christopher E Callaway, 1885 - 1907; I Daish, 1907 - 1924; Percy Hills, 1924 - 1939. 

The following is an extract from a report that appeared in the Portsmouth Evening News on Thursday 23rd April 1885. "A Golf Club for the United Services has been formed at Stokes Bay, and there is every prospect that it will have a successful career and serve greatly in extending a love of this manly game. Admiral Sir G P Hornby, K.C.B., and Lieut. General Sir G Willis, K.C.B, have become patrons, and the duties of Hon. Secretary have been taken by Dr Walter Reid of Haslar Hospital. The club already consists of 20 members, and it is proposed to organise it to enable officers of the Army and Navy interested in the game to join in." 

The club is formed in 1886.


Portsmouth United Services Golf Club, Haslar, Gosport. The club is formed in April 1886.

Army and Navy Gazette Saturday 6 February 1886. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


The members held the first handicap meeting on Saturday 6 February 1886. Christopher F Calloway, the custodian of the course, had the course in good order despite the recent bad weather. Twelve couples entered, result; Mr Lingard-Monk, 118-24-94; Capt. Boothby, R.A., 103-7-96; Qr.Mstr. Cook, R.A., 114- 18-96; Col. Chalmers, R.A., 108-71-101; Lieut. Marsh, R.A., 124-20-104; Fleet-Surg. Reid, R.N., 109-5-104; Capt. Cook, R.N., 116-7-109; Col. Tuson, R.M.A., 133-24-109.


United Services Golf Club, Portsmouth. Entry from the Golfing Annual 1888/89.


United Services Golf Club, Portsmouth. Entry from the Golfing Annual 1888/89.

Entry from the Golfing Annual 1888/89.


On Saturday 11th January 1890 the competition for the Poynder Cup took place, result; Capt Dumbleton RE, 82 scratch; Surgeon Mulvaney AMS, 106-18-88; Major Houison-Crauford, 109-18-91; Mr F Crooke, 112-18-94; Mr J D’Esterre, 115-18-97; Lieut Heathcote RN, 118-18-100.

At the AGM on the same day Dr Walter Reid RN was elected Captain of the club for 1890, following were the members of the committee; Major Bashford, South Hants Regiment; Lieut Innes Gairdner, RN; Major Gordon, Dr Handyside, RMLI; Major Houison-Crauford, ADC; Paymaster Hume, RN; Lieut Humphreys, RN; Major James, Scots Greys; Captain Landon, Warwickshire Regt; Colonel Maitland, RE; Staff-Surgeon Marsh, RN; Commander Payne, RN; Captain Poynder, RN; Lieut Stretton, RA; Hon Treasurer, Col J S Walker;Hon Secretary Lieut Loring.

Below is the result of a match played at Southampton Golf Club (also now defunct) in November 1895.

Southampton Golf Club   United Services Golf Club  
Captain Corse-Scott 0 Captain Dumbleton R.E 4
H Bradby 2 Dr R Reid R.N 0
Colonel Johnston R.E 1 Colonel Walker 0
Rev H Harvey 0 Colonel Crockenden R.N 10
Dr Powell 0 Commander Payne R.N 2
J F Wharton 0 Lieutenant Bethune R.N 6
P Buckley 10 Major Nelson R.A 0
  13   22


United Services Golf Club, Haslar, Gosport, Hants. Ladies' Golf Club button.

United Services Ladies' Golf Club button. Hallmark silver Birmingham 1910 by Lawrence Emmanuel (23mm). Image courtesy Dixon Pickup.


Playing with C Callaway over the Haslar Links in September 1904, Captain Hugh Woods, First South Lancashire Regiment, went round in the following score; 6,3,4,5,4,4,4, 5,4,5,4,3,3,2,4,4,6,4 = 74. A new record for the course.

From the 1905 Nisbet's Golf Yearbook; Instituted 1886; hon. secretary - Major C B Collins, R.E., Fort Monckton, Gosport; captain, Major C B Collins; entrance fee, nil; subscriptions; officers, £1/5s; civilians, £1/10s; 18-holes; professional, C Callaway; course records - professional; C Callaway, 69; amateur; Major Dumbleton, Captain Hugh Woods, 74; The course is one of 18-holes, nine are inland in character and  the other nine seaside. The soil is gravelly, with fine grass and the greens are very good. The course borders the Solent, with magnificent views. There is a most comfortable little clubhouse, where cheap lunches and teas can be obtained.

Also listed in 1905 was the Ladies' United Service  Golf Club; Membership of 100; hon. secretary - Mrs C Penrose, Alvercliffe, Alverstoke; entrance fee 5 shillings and subs 10 shillings;  18-holes; professional, C Callaway; amateur record; Miss S Whigham, 85; The course is the same as that of the United Service Club, the ladies beginning at the 13th hole of the men's course.  

Result of a match played at Bembridge against the Royal Isle of Wight Golf Club (now defunct) in March 1905.

Royal Isle of Wight Golf Club   United Services Golf Club Haslar  
D C H MacLean 1 C B Collins 0
J E Mellor 1 H M Leggatt 0
J A Veitch 0 C L Hammond 1
G W Carey 1 B V Brooke 0
R H Fox 0 C C Tee 1
R S Savile 0 Col. Stuart 1
G D Katinakis 0 H M Innes 1
A Westmacott (halved) 0 C St. C Cameron (halved) 0
  3   4

Below is the result of a match played in April 1906 against Twyford & Shawford Golf Club (now defunct.) 

Twyford & Shawford Golf Club   United Services Golf Club  
Major Dumbleton 1 H M Leggatt 0
Rev. F H Harvey  1 Colonel Stuart 0
Major Hedley  1 Captain Clogerhoun  0
A J Oxley  1 Lieutenant Heathcote  0
Captain Johnston 0 Lieutenant Murray 1
Captain Saden 1 Commander East 0
G M Tindner  1 Colonel Evans  0
H Winstanley  0 Lieutenant Stevens  1
  6   2

In February 1913 the United Services Ladies' Golf Club captain's (Mrs Todd) prize was won by Miss Todd (5), Mrs H Jones (22) was second. The First Division monthly medal resulted in a tie between Mrs Strong, 96-12-84, and Miss Todd, 89-5-84. Second Division, Mrs Westbury, 113-33-80.

The April 1913 Ladies' bogey competition ended in a tie between Mrs Godfrey and Mrs Harly Jones, each with 2down.

The July 1913 Ladies'  monthly medal was won by Mrs Guise Tucker, 106-24-82.

The inaugural meeting of the United Services Ladies' Golf Association was held in the Lady Golfers' Club, Westminster, on Monday 15th June 1914, when the Association was formally instituted. Mrs Martin Hall was elected captain, and Mrs N E Stringer, secretary and treasurer.

At a meeting of the United Services Ladies' Golf Association in May 1919 it was agreed that mothers, wives, sisters and daughters of men who hold or have held commissions in the Navy, Army, or Air Force, as well as the Colonial Forces, be eligible for membership.

The Ladies' Open Autumn Meeting was held at Haslar in October 1933. Medal Silver Division; Mrs Watt, 91-17-74; Mrs Wallace and Mrs Hanmer, tied 75 nett; Scratch Prize; Miss Paine, 81; Bronze Division; Miss S Nimmo, 94-26-68; Miss S Lamplough, 92-19-73; Foursomes; Misses D and S Lamplough, 2down; Mrs Lindsell and Miss D Smith, 3down; Mixed Foursome; Miss D Lamplough and Commander Jackson, 78-9-69; Squadron Leader and Mrs Hanmmer, 80-10-70. 

The Open Spring Meeting was held at Haslar in April 1935. Bogey competition - Captain N A Wodehouse, H A D Stephens and R T P Stewart, all 2down; Medal (morning) - Surgeon Lieut.-Commander D A Newbery89-24-65; Lieut. R M MacFarlan, 80-11-69; Midshipman C Cameron, 80-10-70. Medal (afternoon) - H A D Stephens, 84-14-70; Captain N A Wodehouse, 85-13-72; G M Hurst, 76-4-72. Scratch prize (36 holes) Commander S P Gornall. Mixed foursomes; Surgeon-Lieut. Kempthorne and Miss S Lamplough, 30 points; Captain Stokes and Mrs Mort, 29; Surgeon-Captain Edgar and Mrs Gornall, 29.

Below is the result of a mixed foursome match played at Haslar against Lee-on-Solent Golf Club in March 1936.

United Services Golf Club   Lee-on-Solent Golf Club  
Miss Pain & Mr Lamplough (3&2) 1 Mrs Lewin & Mr Stewart 0
Mrs Reyne & Mr Hirst (1up) 1 Mrs Cotesworth & Cpatain Sharp 0
Miss Cameron & Admiral MacFarlan (4&3) 1 Mrs Snook & Major Shute 0
Miss Hills & Admiral Cameron (4&3) 1 Commander & Mrs Longhurst 0
Mrs Drew & Mr Sturt (3&2) 1 Mrs Livingstone & Dr Weir 0
Miss Briggs & Captain Stoker (3&2) 1 Mrs Sharp & Colonel Bowen 0
  6   0

It was reported that from the 1st of February 1939 that the United Services Golf Club, Haslar, changed its name to Gosport & Stokes Bay Golf Club. "This change of name has been made in order to remove the prevailing impression that golf on this course can only be enjoyed by those who belong to or have association with the Fighting Services."