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Ashwicke Hall Golf Course, Marshfield, Wilts. (1928 - WW2)

Ashwicke Hall was owned by Major Maurice Pope from 1909 to 1946. There was a 9-hole golf course (mentioned in Bath Chronicle & Weekly Gazette Saturday 25 August 1928) and a cricket pitch in the grounds. Major Pope seems to have been a very keen sportsman, he was also a member of the Beaufort Hunt. I have checked maps from 1887 to 1966, but can find no trace of the golf course. Having said that, it’s obvious that Major Pope expended a great deal of money on the grounds, building lakes, landscaping, etc. When Major Pope died, the estate was sold and became St Joseph’s Approved School for wayward girls, run by RC nuns.

Thanks to Adam Lawrence for the following - Colt & Co. list it as an "AA" (which signifies new course designed and construction supervised) in a 1930 advertising brochure.

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