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North Wilts Golf Club, Chiseldon. (1907 - 1930)

The club was founded in 1907.

The North Wilts Golf Club at Chiseldon was a 9-hole picturesque course situated on the Wiltshire Downs. A hilly course with natural hazards of streams hills and hedges and a total length of 4467 yards with the two longest holes being about 440 yards in length. The higher part of the course was called the Haddens, five greens were situated on an area known as Hodson Bottom and four greens were on the Haddens. In the early years there was a railway station (the M&SW) just ½ mile away. At this time there was little road transport and many golfers would travel by train then take a pleasant walk, or pony and trap along the country lanes to the well made timber clubhouse. The clubhouse was situated on high ground, where it still stands today. There were beautiful views of the course with its well manicured greens and fairways. The clubhouse had living quarters as well as a large lounge, dressing rooms for ladies and gents and a professionals shop.

NB this club is not to be confused with the current North Wilts Golf Club in Devizes.


North Wilts Golf Club, Chiseldon. View of the former course.


North Wilts Golf Club, Chiseldon. The North Wilts Golf Links at Chiseldon.

The North Wilts Golf Links at Chiseldon.


In 1910 the professional at Chiseldon was William Ollerenshaw. 

In 1913 the secretary was Cuthbert Stote, The Downs, Westlecott Road, Swindon. The club had a membership of 180 at this time. Entry fees for gents were £2/2/0 and ladies £1/1/0. Visitors’ fees were 2/- a day, 5/- a week and 10/- a month. Ladies 1/6, 3/6 and 7/6 respectively. Sunday play was allowed after 1pm without caddies.


North Wilts Golf Club, Chiseldon. The Bungalow on the golf links.

The North Wilts Golf Links "Bungalow" at Chiseldon.


The seventh annual meeting of the club was held on Thursday 4th March 1915. As with many clubs the war was having a devastating effect on both membership and finances. In the absence of the captain, Mr D C A Morrison, who was serving with is Regiment in India, Mr T Saddler presided. Also present were; Mrs H W Reynolds, H W Reynolds, H Pease, J Crewe Wood, W Knox, H C King, T Dean, O Ellis, A E Dean, O Baker, F E Cottell, W J Hogarth, A W Deacon, G Lewis, C E M Harvey, R Reynolds, W S Jones, C T Watson, W G Willis, J A Willis and Cuthbert Stote. Apologies for absence were received from Brigadier-General T C P Calley, C.B and Major F P Goddard. Mr Reynolds said that the members would be gratified to know that General Calley had been promoted to General in the British Army. The following officers were elected; President, General Calley; vice-president, Major Goddard; secretary, Cuthbert Stote; treasurer, C L Peploe; captain, W Knox. Mr Knox was one of the founder members of the club and also one of their finest players, though the year in which he would hold office would not be a happy one for the golfing world. Committee – H Pease, C T Watson, A E Dean and H C King. 

In 1924 the secretary was still Cuthbert Stote and the professional A Edwards. 9-holes with a membership of 185. Course records were, amateur A E Dean 71 and professional A Edwards 68. Visitors’ fees were 2/6 a day, 3/- at weekend and Bank Holiday, 12/6 a week and 30/- a month. The nearest station at this time was Chiselden (Midland & SW junction) which was an 8 minute walk.

Among the members mentioned on this site is the name of Calley, local landowners for many years and featuring MPs and military leaders in their ranks - two local pubs are still named for the family - and Goddard, Lords of the Manor of Swindon for centuries. Clearly a well connected club.


North Wilts Golf Club, Chiseldon. The first tee on the golf course.

North Wilts Golf Club, Chiselden, had disappeared by 1930. Postcard by Hooper of Swindon.


North Wilts Golf Club, Chiseldon. Location of the former golf course.

Location of the North Wilts golf course at Chiseldon. Grid reference SU18260,80250 co-ordinates 418260,180250.