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Fivemiletown Golf Club, County Tyrone. (1924 - WW2)

The club was founded in 1924. Did not appear after WW2.


Fivemiletown Golf Club, County Tyrone.  Report on the formation of the club 1924.

From the Northern Whig Friday 18th January 1924.


The first meeting of the lady members took place on Monday 21st January 1924. The following officers were elected; President – Miss Knoxe Browne, Aughentaine Castle; vice president – Mrs Edwards, The Manse, Cavanaleck; captain – Miss Bleakley; hon. secretary – Miss McCordick; committee – Mrs Stevenson, Mrs W J Gillespie, Mrs J Tavener; Mrs McDowell, Mrs W H Bell, Miss Ada Woods, Miss Violet Montgomery and Miss Mabel Young.

Below are pictures from the opening ceremony which took place on Wednesday 16th April. The opening shot was taken by Sir Basil Brooke, this was followed by an exhibition match featuring A E Lowe, ex Irish Amateur Champion.


Fivemiletown Golf Club, County Tyrone. Pictures of the opening of the golf course in April 1924


Fivemiletown Golf Club, County Tyrone. Pictures of the opening of the golf course in April 1924


Fivemiletown Golf Club, County Tyrone. Pictures of the opening of the golf course in April 1924


Fivemiletown Golf Club, County Tyrone. Pictures of the opening of the golf course in April 1924

Above images from the Larne Times Saturday 26th April 1924. Image © Johnston Press plc. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


In the final of the ladies’ foursomes in June 1925 Mrs McDowell and Miss Feely beat Miss Maud Johnston (Brookeborough)  and Miss Marjorie Dagg by 1up.

Matches between members of Clogher and Fivemiletown were played at Clogher on Thursday 11th June 1925:-

Ladies’ Singles (Clogher names first) – Mrs Buchanan beat Miss Woods 5&3; Miss Bailey and Miss D Neely all square; Miss Barnett and Miss Kerr all square; Miss I Barnett and Mrs McDowell all square; Miss Haire-Forster lost to Miss Feely 5&4.

Men’s  Singles – A H Coote lost to E M McLoughlin 2&1; Jackson Stewart beat J Hearty 3&2; D Irwin beat H Neely 2&1; A B Bradbury beat J C Wallace 1up; James Stockdale beat L Stansfield 3&2; Gordon Stockdale lost to J Gillespie 4&3.

The annual meeting was held in the clubhouse on Wednesday 6th April 1927, Sir Basil L Brooke (president) in the chair. The report showed a credit balance in hand and a reduction in working expenses. It was decided that any person wishing to join the club outside a 15 mile radius would be charged half fees. The following officers were elected; Trustee, J Taverner; captain, John W Little; secretary and treasurer, E M Loughlin; assistant secretary and treasurer, R S Tavener.

An extraordinary meeting was held In September 1929 to discuss the future of the club. It was decided to hold a sale of work in an attempt to wipe off some of the debt.

At a meeting of the Council of the club in April 1932 it was decided to appoint the Misses Bleakley hon. members. They had taken an active interest in the welfare of the club for many years, and their brother, Dr. W E Bleakley, who died a short time ago, was a member of the Council.

Below is the result of a match played at Fivemiletown against Aughnacloy Golf Club (now defunct) in June 1932.

Fivemiletown Golf Club   Aughnacloy Golf Club  
A R Belford and Robert McLintock 1 Dr. Pringle and Mr Longmoor 0
Sergeant A J Vaughan and Ed. Bloomfield 1 Mr Montgomery and John Johnston 0
Mr Cameron and Mr Smyth 1 Mr Wishart and Mr Carlisle 0
Sam Gamble and Mr Cussack (halved) 0 T Rooney and W H Moore (halved) 0
W Boyd and Harry Bamford (halved) 0 Mr Hazlett and Mr Wright (halved) 0
John W Little and R S Tavener 1 Mr Craig and Mr Woods 0
Mrs E Bloomfield and Miss M Dagg 1 Mr Boyle and T Pringle 0
Sir Basil S Brooke M.P. and Constable Small 1 Mr Muckle and Mr Wright 0
  6   0

After the match the visitors were entertained to tea by the ladies of the local club, and on the motion of Mr Hazlett, president of the Aughnacloy Club, seconded by Mr John Johnston, captain, a vote of thanks was passed to the Fivemiletown Club, whose captain, J W Little, acknowledged.

Result of a match played at Enniskillen in July 1932 (Enniskillen names first); N M Knox beat R McLintock; R H Pratt beat G Cameron; J A Dolen halved with A J Vaughan; Rev. E A McFarland beat J A Cusak; J Hannah beat S Gamble; S A Haggin beat J Smythe; L J Chaney beat Rev. McCormack; J McDonald beat W Boyd; H Guthrie beat J McKeown; T P Girvin lost to H S Scales.

At an extraordinary meeting in November 1933 it was decided to move to a new course on land belonging to Mrs McSurggan, at Corcreevy. A committee had been formed some time ago to investigate the matter. They strongly recommended the area as not only convenient to Fivemiletown, but also suitable for the laying out of a more interesting course than the present one.   

Whether or when the club actually moved is still not clear. The only evidence that the club had moved was in May 1934 when it was reported that the Fivemiletown Golf Club held a dance in the “New Clubhouse.”

In 1935 the secretary was S Gamble the green-keeper was W Glendininng.

In April 1939 Mr Mervyn Knox-Browne presided at the annual meeting, and was elected president; Rev. R McCausland, J C Taylor and J Tavrener J.P., vice-presidents; District Inspector Luke, captain; R Bamford and G Mansell, joint secretaries; J E Bloomfield, hon. treasurer.


Fivemiletown Golf Club, County Tyrone.  Result of a match against Clogher June 1939.

From the Northern Whig Thursday 29th June 1939.


The annual meeting was held in April 1940, the following officers were elected; President, M Knox-Browne, J.P; vice-presidents, Mrs Knox-Browne and Rev. J C Taylor; captain, District Inspector Luke; vice-captain, Mrs Bloomfield; hon. treasurer, J E Bloomfield; hon. secretaries, R McB Bainford and Miss English; match secretary, J S Kerr. 

In 1940 the green-keeper was T Carruth. The 9-hole course had a SSS and Par of 64 and a membership of 60. Visitors’ fees were 1/6 a day. Sunday play was not allowed. The railway station at Fivemiletown was 500yds away.

Fivemiltown Golf Club disappeared at the time of WW2.