Athlone (Garrison) Golf Club, Westmeath. (1892 - 1939)

Founded in 1892.  

Athlone Garrison Golf Club had a 9-hole course laid out on the Batteries, west of the Shannon.

It continued as Athlone Garrison until 1904 when a new constitution was laid down it was at this time the club was renamed Athlone Golf Club. (See Athlone entry)

In December 1895 a handicap golf match took place among the members of the Garrison Golf Club. Mr Hamlin, O.S.D., proved to be the winner, leaving a tie for second place between Captain Charles and Mr Awdrey, Lancashire Fusiliers. The ladies’ competition was won by Mrs Preston, The Moorings.

Following is the result of the monthly medal October 1897; Captain Hamlin, 99-11-88; P B Tracey, 113-24-89; P H Jay, 110-20-90; E Hodson, 108-17-91; Captain Preston, 119-25-94; Major Gaussen, 99-4-95; J J O’Connell, 117-19-98; E H Pearson, 111-11-100. Result of the ladies’ medal; Mrs Pearson, 107 scratch; Miss Hamlin, 135-16-119; Miss Mooney, 140-19-121; Mrs Preston, 127-3-124; Miss Hussey, 162-28-134.

Below is a photo of a presentation silver cigarette case which relates to the early history of Athlone Garrison Golf Club in Ireland. It was presented six years after the Club formed so Captain Hamlin may well have been the Club’s first Honorary Secretary.


Athlone Garrison Golf Club. Silver cigarette case presented Captain R J Hamlin in 1898.

Image courtesy of David Copland.


In November 1897 Athlone played a one sided home match against Mullingar. Played in perfect weather the main reason given for the defeat of the Mullingar team was probably owing, to a great extent, to the fact of the visitors were not acquainted with the numerous difficulties of the links, which had greatly improved over the last two years, and are now in splendid order.

Ahtlone Garrison Golf Club   Mullingar Golf Club  
Major Gaussen 4 Mr Gaynor 0
Mr St G Kirke 0 Mr Payn 1
Captain Hamlin 2 Mr McDonald 0
Mr O'Connell 4 Mr Fitzpatrick 0
Mr Joy 12 Mr Priscott 0
Mr Murtagh 10 Mr Long 0
  32   1

Below result of a competition played in April 1898 at Athlone Garrison.


Athlone Garrison Golf Club, Westmeath. Competition results from April 1898.

From the Belfast News-Letter Saturday 9th April 1898. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


From the 1905 Nisbet’s Golf Yearbook; Athlone Golf Club; Instituted 1892; Number of members, 80; Stations, Athlone M.G.W.R., half mile, and G.S.&W.R., one mile; Hon. secretary – Dr. C E Fair, Strand House, Athlone; Captain, Charles J McCormack, M.D; Entrance fee, family and gents, £2/2s, ladies, £1/1s; Subs., £2/2s, family £4/4s, ladies, £1/1s; Country members, 10s/6d; Nine-holes; Professional, Sam Smith; Green-keeper, T Boyle; Professional record, George Fernie, 73; Amateur record, P C Murtagh, 83; Terms for visitors, introduced by members or hon. sec. 1s a day, 5s a week, 10s a month. The old military moat, fortifications and redoubts with adjoining land have been converted into an excellent and sporting nine-hole course, rendering straight and accurate play absolutely necessary. The links are situated immediately outside of the town, and command fine views of the adjoining country, Lough Ree, and the River Shannon.

In 1906 secretary was Chas E Fair of Strand House, Athlone and the professional Sam Smith, who remained at the club until 1913The amateur course record was held by P V C Murtagh with a score of 83 and the professional record by George Fernie 73. Visitors’ fees, on introduction, were 1/- a day, 5/- a week and 10/- a month. The Station at Athlone was ¼ mile away. The advertised hotel was Ramsay’s Victoria.

In October 1908 the club elected Lieut. Archer as captain, he replaced Mr Lyster, J.P. who retired.

Due to urban development the club moved location from the Batteries to Garnafailagh at the time of WW1.  

From the 1933 Golfer’s Handbook; Athlone Golf Club; Membership of 100; Hon. secretary – A M Leggett, Bank of Ireland, Athlone; Nine-holes; Station at Athlone, one and quarter miles; Visitors’ fees (on introduction) 2s a day, 7s/6d a week, 15 s a month. Sunday play allowed.

Golf was played on the Garnafailagh site until the late 1930s, it then moved to its current location at Hodson Bay.