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Navan/Bellinter Park Golf Club, County Meath.

The Navan Golf Club was founded in 1907.

The Bellinter Park Golf Club was Instituted in 1922 (Affiliated in 1923) by disgruntled members of the former Navan Golf Club who had lost their course.

Founded in 1907 as  Navan Golf Club. A 9-hole course with holes varying in length from 150 to 400 yards.

The station at Navan was 1 mile away. Local hotels were the Central and Russell Arms.

The first competition for a silver cup, presented by the Marquis of Headfort, was played on the Navan course on Saturday March 23rd 1907. Result as follows; J Spicer, 104-86; P C Markey, 126-91; Major Roberts, 113-95; R J Butler, 130-95; J C Hanbury, 96 scratch; Cap. R W Everard, 121-103.

In October 1910 the cup presented by the captain, Major Roberts, was played. The winners was Lieutenant Riall, 70 net, runner-up was J J Spicer, 73 net.

In 1914 the secretary was Thomas Noonan. There was a membership of 70. There was no entry fee. Subs were £1 or £1/10/0 for the family. Visitors’ fees were 1/- a day, 5/- a week. Sunday play allowed with caddies.

In the early 1920s the secretary at Navan Golf Club was T B R Preston, Windermere House, Navan. 9 holes with a membership of 70. Amateur course record by T W Pyper 34.

By 1922 Navan Golf Club had lost its course and Bellinter Park Golf Club appears. The secretary at this time was James Spicer, Belmont, Navan and the professional P O’Connor.  There was now a membership of 170. Visitors’ fees were 2/6 a day. It is interesting to note that the station at Navan was now 5 miles from the course.

In 1940 the secretary was E J Breslin, Royal Bank of Ireland Ltd, Navan. The greenkeeper was J Drum. The  9 hole course had a SSS and Par of 74. There was a membership of 170. Professional course record was held by P O’Connor with a score of 71. Visitors’ fees were 2/6 a day, 10/- a week and £1 a month. Sunday play was allowed. The station at Bective was 3 miles away.

In 1947 the secretary was Sean Mac Namidhe CEO, County Meath VE Committee, Navan. The greenkeeper was B Fleming. All other information as 1940.

During the early and mid 1950s the secretary was A J Malone and the greenkeeper B Fleming. Course records were, amateur A J Malone 73 professional P O’Connor 71. 9 holes with a SSS and Par of 72. Visitors fees were now 3/6 a day.

In the early 1960's the Land Commission acquired the Briscoe Estate, near Bellinter on which the club had a nine-hole course. In 1966/7 additional land became available to allow the club to expand to eighteen holes at which time the club changed its name to Royal Tara. The Royal in Royal Tara refers to the proximity of the Hill of Tara, the residence of the High Kings of Ireland. In 1995 an additional nine-holes were added and in the millennium year Royal Tara opened its magnificent new clubhouse.

Bellinter Park’s final appearance was in the mid 1960s when the secretary was P McKeever, Kilcarn, Dublin Road, Navan. The green-keeper was D Fleming. The 9 hole course had a total length of 6,104yds a Par of 72 and a SSS of 70. Club membership was 180. Amateur course record holders were B Steen, J J Rafferty and D Fleming with a score of 72. Visitors fees were 5/- a day and  10/- a day at weekends.

Royal Tara took over from Bellinter Park following its closure.