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Milford Golf Club, County Donegal. (1908 - 1970s)

The club was founded in 1908.

The first nine-hole course was laid out on old pasture land with dry sandy soil which adjoined the hotel. The holes varied between 160 and 410 yards. The club had a membership of 60. The president was the Earl of Leitrim and the captain was Dr J Patterson. 

Railway stations at Rathmullen and Letterkenny were both 6 miles away. Local hotel was the Milford. Another interesting company in the area was the The Golfers Garage who sold petrol, oils, tyres and accessories they also had cars for hire with reliable drivers at moderate terms. The Golfers Garage also had a special department for golfer’s requirements including bags, clubs, balls etc, repairs to golf equipment was a speciality.

The club moved location in the early 1930s to share a course with Ramelton Golf Club.

The secretary from foundation to the early 1960s was M A McReadie of The Hotel, Milford. In the mid 1960s to the clubs disappearance in the 1970s the secretary was M C McReadie. Even more remarkable was the longevity of the professional and green-keeper T Duggan who appeared following WW1 and was still there when the club finally disappeared in the 1970s. This suggests that although the club was listed well in to the 1970s it is probable that it closed before this date.

Silver Challenge Cup played August 24th 1909.


Milford Golf Club, County Donegal. Result of the Silver Challenge Cup played in August 1909.

Derry Journal Monday 6th September 1909. Image © Johnston Press plc. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


Presentation of the Milford Golf Challenge Silver Cup in September 1909.


Milford Golf Club, County Donegal. Prize presentation in September 1909.

Derry Journal Monday 13th September 1909. Image © Johnston Press plc. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


In 1914 the secretary was M A McCreadie, The Hotel, Milford and the professional C McTaggart. There was a membership of 50. The entry fees were £1/1/0 and the subs £1/1/0. Visitors’ fees were 1/- a day.

From 1923 through to the early 1960s the secretary was still M A McReadie. The professional and greenkeeper was T Duggan. Membership throughout this time was about 60. Course records were, amateur A H Patterson with a score of 76 and professional H McNeill 69. Visitors’ fees were now 2/- a day. Sunday play was allowed with caddies. Interesting to note that the railway station at Letterkenny was now 9 miles away.

Below is the result of a match played at Milford against Letterkenny Golf Club in May 1927. 

Milford Golf Club   Letterkenny Golf Club  
Dr N C Boyle (half) 0 Rev J McGlynn (half) 0
E C O'Kelly 1 H Russell 0
H McDowell (half) 0 P J Keogh (half) 0
M A Macreadie 1 J E Butler 0
Rev Father Kelly 1 Rev D Furey 0
A McMahon  H A Dunlop 
W Kearney J Ward 
Rev Father Deeny P A Tracey
S A Baxter R Stewart 
B McRea D J Ryan 
J Kirk 0 P ford 1
   6    3

In the early 1930s the club was on the move.

The following is from the Derry Journal Friday 14th August 1931. "Mr M A McReadie, captain of the Milford Golf Club, recently inspected the new golf course being prepared at Aghnagaddy, Ramelton, and reported favourably on the suitability of the grounds, which, in his opinion, has sufficient scope for a nine-hole course. A recognised authority in the district on matters pertaining to golf Mr McReadie has played over the principal courses of Scotland, England and Ireland."

In the early 1930s a new club had been set up called Ramelton Golf Club, this club also played on a course at Aghnagaddy. There is separate entry on this website for this club. It's assumed that the course was shared by both clubs. 

In May 1932 Milford played a home match against Letterkenny, the home team winning both singles and foursomes. For the first time in 24 years Mr M A McCreadie did not captain the Milford team.

In June 1933 the Jebb Cup, presented by Mr Jebb to the club some years ago, was won by James Hunter of Milford, the runner-up was Mr McDowell.

The annual meeting of the club was held in the Courthouse in March 1938, the following officers were elected; Captain, R J McDowell; vice-captain, W J Wilgar; general secretary, Mr McCreadie; joint competition secretaries; J Margey and J Gallagher. 

The final of the Otway Open Cup was played in July 1938. Four members of the Milford club competed in the semi-finals, in the 18-hole final A McMahon defeated J Gallagher by 3 and 2.

The annual meeting held in April 1939.


Milford Golf Club, County Donegal. The annual meeting was held in April 1939.

Derry Journal Friday 7th April 1939. Image © Johnston Press plc. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


Result of a one-sided match played at Letterkenny in May 1941. The Letterkenny club also won the foursomes and the overall match by 17-2 with one game halved.

Letterkenny Golf Club   Milford Golf Club  
P J Ward 1 F Park 0
J W Thompson 1 Dr. P McGarvey 0
R W Hill 0 H P Williamson 1
H E Russell 1 Supt. J Murphy 0
R Stewart 1 A E McMahon 0
J B Knox 1 J Hunter 0
A H Bardon 1 J Margey 0
D A Saunders (halved) 0 R H McDowell (halved) 0
D A Ryan 1 P Kelly 0
D Coyle 1 R Kearney 0
J C Stewart 1 Paul Martin 0
Rev. Dr. D Furey 1 Owen McCormick 0
H V McManus 1 B McCrea 0
J J Houton 1 S Baxter 0
  12   1

Milford Golf Club disappeared in the mid 1970s. The secretary at this time was M S McReadie, telephone Milford 3. The green-keeper was the very long serving T Duggan. The 9-hole course had a S.S.S of 67 and a membership of 50.

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