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Kingstown (Dun Laoghaire) Golf Club, Enniskerry,Co Wicklow. (1909 - 2007)

Founded 1909 when a group of residents met at the Royal Marine Hotel on the 9th December. Major Bryan Cooper, Conservative M.P. chaired the meeting. The Earl of Longford was elected President of the golf club, unfortunately he lost his life at the Dardanelles in 1915. Viscount de Vesci succeeded him and continued in the position until 1958.

The original 9-hole course was laid out on 36 acres of land leased at Eglinton Park & Highthorn. There was a membership of 200 gents and 70 ladies. A Clubhouse was erected at a cost £1265. In November 1910, course was extended to 18-holes when 40 acres were leased on the far side of the Glenageary road.

Extract from the report from the Irish Times on Saturday 11th December 1909. "Captain Bryan Cooper took the chair, and at once proposed that a club be formed. He was glad to be there last night for two reasons - one, it was a rest from politics; two, he was delighted to be associated with such a project in Kingstown. Kingstown club was now teed up, and he hoped the drive off would be a long one, and clear of any bunkers. The Earl of Langford, K.P., was elected President, and the following officers were elected; vice-presidents - Bryan Cooper, George Stewart, Herbert Dudgeon; captain, Captain Lionel Hewson, M.V.O; secretary, A A Hall; treasurer, Frank W Thompson. Herbert Dudgeon proposed that the membership be limited to 200 men and 100 ladies at an entrance fee for everyone of £2/2s and subs £2/2s. 

The Cup presented by Captain Bryan Cooper was played for on Monday 26th December 1910, there were 31 entries. Result; C Pearson, 99-20-79; R Hamilton Hunter, 90-10-80; W St. Leger Evans, 87-6-81; W F Coldwell, 106-25-81; A L Chapman, 107-25-82; F J Ritchie, 107-25-82.

Result of the ladies' monthly medal for February 1911; Miss Hayes, 107-25-82; Miss Coldwell, 109-27-82; Mrs Corkery, 103-20-83; Miss Gillespie, 105-22-83.

Below is the result of a match played at Kingstown against Bray Golf Club in August 1911.

Kingstown Golf Club   Bray Golf Club  
W St. Leger Evans 0 F C McCormick 1
F L Carleton 0 J H Maher 1
R H Hunter 1 N O'B Risk 0
Captain Hewson 1 R Rice 0
A N Summerling 0 Dr. R W Brew 1
J C Redmond 1 H T Huggard 0
A H Tyler 0 G Price 1
P Kelly 1 P G Mercer 0
Dr. M Good 0 Dr. E O'Farrell 1
S Fullwood 1 R Turner 0
  5   5

There were 72 entrants for a competition played in July 1915 in aid of the Red Cross Fund, Mr T J Bodley and K Dockrell tied for first place. 

It was reported in March 1916 that the links would be closed until until further notice.

Following WW1 Harry Colt was hired to design the new 18-hole layout.

In 1922 the club’s name changed to Dun Laoghaire (Kingstown) GC, Kingstown was dropped from the title in 1951.

The Dun Laoghaire club relocated to Ballyman Glen in August 2007.