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Malahide Golf Club, County Dublin. (1892 - 1990)

Founded in 1892.

The original nine-hole links course was located in the dunes at Malahide, due to coastal erosion the course was never going to survive, in the 1920s the club moved to an inland site at Malahide. The club continued at this course, with its wonderful views until 1990 when the land was required for housing development.

The club moved to its current location at Beechwood in 1990.

There is evidence that golf was played in a haphazard fashion over the sandbanks in the mid 1880s.

The three pioneers of the golf club; Nathanial Hone, an artist; William Reid, a clergyman;  Richard Wogan, fifth Baron Talbot de Malahide, land owner.

The first invitation handicap was played on Saturday November 30th 1894 and was won by F H Kennedy with a score of 92-13-79.

A competition for the monthly medal winners was held in December 1895. Dr W S Elliot was the winner with a score of 86-2-84. In the ladies competition there was a tie between Mrs H Tandy Cannon and  Miss G Campbell with a net score of 121, Mrs Cannon won the play-off.

Below the club secure a new clubhouse in 1896.


Malahide Golf Club, Co. Dublin. The new clubhouse in August 1896.

From the Belfast News-Letter Wednesday 5 August 1896. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


Result of the January medal 1897; Captain Osborne RN, 93-12-81; R A Campbell, 98-14-84; T O’Reilley, 106-16-90; C H Dillon, 117-18-99. The following also competed; Rev W Reid, N Hone, H T Carmon, Arnold Graves and Ernest Manders. Ladies section; Miss Kathleen Murphy, 114-17-97; Miss Corrigan, 116-10-106; Miss Mabel Power, 127-20-107; Miss M Campbell, 132-25-107; Mrs J H Campbell, 123-13-110; Miss M Corrigan, 142-30-112. Mrs Cannon, Miss Albert Joynt and Miss Kathleen Murphy also played.

Result of the ladies’ bogey competition for February 1897; Miss Corrigan (7) all square; Mrs J H Campbell (9) 4down; Mrs Blood (15) 6down; Miss Maunder (18) 10down; Miss Manders (16) 16down.

On Thursday 4th November 1897 the competition for prizes given by the ladies’ captain, Mrs J R Blood, was held in glorious weather. Miss Georgie Campbell, net85, won the first prize, a silver cream jug, Miss Mabel Wade was second, net87, and won a gold safety brooch. Other scores; Miss Dodd,100-11-89; Miss M Bates, 114-24-90; Miss Watson, 125-30-95; Miss N Moore, 127-30-97; Miss M Corrigan, 134-30-104; Miss Story, 145-3-115. The following had no returns; Miss Corrigan (20), Miss Helen Moore (30), Miss Maunder (30), Mrs Barrington (30), Mrs C H Dillon (30), Mrs Webb-Smith (30), Miss Gray Jones (30), Miss Dora Campbell (30). Following the competition Mrs Blood entertained all the members to tea on the links.

In December 1897 the Malahide club, loyal to their traditions, held a mixed foursome bogey competition on St Stephen’s Day. It created a lot of interest and there was a large entry, Miss Helen Moore and Mr Kinahan won the first prize, a handsome gold and pearl bangle, presented by Mr E Johnston, Grafton Street. Miss Powell and Mr R A Campbell won second prize, an aluminium driver, presented by Elvery & Co. Result as follows; Miss H Moore & Mr G Kinahan (15) 5up; Miss Powell & Mr R A Campbell (13) 1up; Miss Corrigan & Rev R G Webster (14) all square; Miss Campbell & Mr T O’Reilly (17) all square; Miss E Powell & Dr Elliott (13) 1down; Mrs Cannon & H T Cannon (15) 1down; Miss G Campbell & W H Maunder (16) 2down; Mrs Blood & Hans Kennedy (16) 2down; Mrs Dillon & Captain Grant (18) 5down; Miss Maunder & H Harden (18) 5down; Mr & Mrs A J Mitchell (17) 8down. In the afternoon Dr Elloitt, club captain, entertained the competitors and other guests to tea in the clubhouse.

Result of the monthly medal played on Saturday 2nd April 1898; J G Jameson, 84-16-68; A L Figgis, 80-11-69; Rev. N Richardson, 99-30-69; Dr. Elliott, 82-11-71; R A Campbell, 82-8-74; B Bradshaw, 108-30-78.

Result of the ladies’ monthly medal competition for January 1899; Miss Emilie Powell, 105-28-77; Miss G Campbell, 103-19-84; Mrs Day, 112-28-84. Others played but made no returns.


Malahide Golf Club, Co. Dublin. Early picture of the Malahide clubhouse and course.

Early picture of the Malahide course and clubhouse. Image courtesy of Brendan Simpson.


From the 1905 Nisbet’s Golf Yearbook; Instituted 1892; Number of members 218; Station at Malahide quarter of a mile; Hon. secretary – C H Dillon J.P., The Lodge, Malahide; Captain, W Trumbull; Entrance fee £3 and subs £2 (Country members residing 30 miles away £1, and no entrance fee); Nine-holes; Professional, J J McKenna; Green-keeper, P Reilly; Professional record, J J McKenna 68 for 18-holes; Amateur record, Dr. R A Campbell 66 for 18-holes; Terms for visitors – Members of a Golf Club three days free, afterwards 1s a day if introduced. Visitors sleeping in the Grand Hotel 1s a day. All visitors 2s on Saturday.  The green is situated on the sand dunes just outside the town, all the putting greens are large and admirably kept, the bunkers are natural sand, a pond and one road. The course is well laid out, and the holes of good length. The bogey of the green is 72.

Result of a ladies match played at Malahide against Carrickmines in February 1907.

Malahide Ladies' Golf Club   Carrickmines Ladies' Golf Club   
Miss Mabel Dillon 1 Miss Goff 0
Miss Powell 2 Miss Lane 0
Miss Story 0 Miss Creery 2
Miss M Thornhill 2 Mrs J H Dobbs 0
Mrs F L Dames (half) 0 Miss H Riall (half) 0
Miss F Powell 1 Miss H Wilson 0
Miss C Pinnkett 0 Miss Hewetson 3
Miss Henry 0 Mrs Cole 2
Miss L Mooney 4 Miss Wilson 0
Miss Thornhill 4 Mrs Hone 0
  14   7

It was reported that the first competition on the new extended links took place on Tuesday 3 April 1906 when the ladies’ bogey was played, result; Mrs Franks (14,) 1up;  Miss Hone (23,) 1down; Miss F Powell (15,) 2down; Miss Henry (20,) 3down; Miss Powell (12,) 4down; Mrs Cannon (17,) 4down; Miss Story (13,) 5down; Miss A Moore (15,) 5down. The following also took part; Miss M Story, Mrs Barrington, Miss N Hely-Hutchinson, Miss M Corrigan, Miss C McFarland, Miss D Turnbull.


Malahide Golf Club, Co. Dublin. Early picture of the Malahide clubhouse and course.


Following is the result of the January monthly medal 1908; G R Thornhill, 98-20-78; F E Thornhill, 94-9-85; Stafford H Dillon, 95-10-85. Result of the ladies medal - Miss Dora Turnbull, 112-28-84; Miss F Powell, 108-18-90; Miss M V Bates, 118-26-92; Mrs Mangin, 114-18-96; Miss L Mooney, 116-20-96. 

From the Golfer’s Handbook 1933; Membership 200; Hon. secretary, K O’Neill; Green-keeper, J Dunne; Professional, G Bryan; Nine-holes; Station at Malahide quarter of a mile; Visitors’ fees, 2s a day, 2s/6d Sunday and holidays, 10s a week, 25s a month.

At the time of WW2 the secretary was K O’Neill and the green-keeper J Dunne. Nine-holes SSS 70; Amateur record D Lyne, 73. Visitors’ fees as 1933.

In the Golfer’s Handbook 1988 the address was Coast Road. The secretary was B Balger, and the professional C Connolly. The club had a membership of 250. The nine-hole course total measurement was 5,568 yards with a SSS67. Amateur course record; P Killeen, 63. Visitors’ fees £6.

The Google Map below shows “The Old Golf Links.”