Waterford & Tramore Golf Club. (1892 - 1939)

There are conflicting reports on the foundation date of the club.

The current Tramore Golf Club has a foundation date of 1894.

The current Waterford Golf Club was founded in 1912.

The interesting press cutting below from 1892 mentions the "Royal Waterford Golf Club."


Waterford & Tramore Golf Club. Advert from 1892 for the Royal Waterford Golf Club.

From the Waterford Standard Wednesday 2nd October 1892. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


In the 1896/7 Golfing Annual there is mention of a Waterford and Tramore Golf Club.

In the 1902/3 Annual the institution date for the club was given as 1892.

Following is an extract from a report that appeared in the Irish Times on the 15th April 1896. "This club has secured the services of David Herd of St Andrews. It is expected that Waterford golfers will improve very much in their style of play by his presence among them in the next six weeks."

In September 1896 a violent storm wreaked havoc on the club, the clubhouse was destroyed and most of the course was covered in shingle during the height of the storm. A revised course was playable by Boxing Day when a competition was played by members.

In 1897 the treasurer was Mr William Lambert Burke, Manager, National Bank, Waterford. He was a founder member of the club and played golf at Tramore with his son in 1891. Golf at this time would have been played in a haphazard fashion as there was no recognised course at that time.

In 1899 Commander Buchard R.N, took over the running of the club and course.

On the 1st January 1902 the Irish Times reported that "The first annual general meeting of the recently revived Tramore Golf Club took place in the Grand Hotel, Tramore." The club was revived in October 1900 on the course that was originally laid out by A Herd in 1892. The course was situated on The Burrow with the clubhouse, first tee and last green only "a stone's throw" from the Grandstand of the well known racecourse (the racecourse at this time was on the beach). The golf course was on land owned by Martin J Murphy, and was rent free. In October 1902, Tom Hood of Royal Dublin, visited the area to plan and lay out a new eighteen hole course which would be "amongst the best in Ireland."


Waterford & Tramore Golf Club. Report on the recently revived golf club.

From the Waterford Standard Saturday 4th January 1902. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


The following is from the 1905 Nisbet's Golf Yearbook; Tramore Golf Club Instituted 1904 (yet another institution date); Number of members 106; Station at Tramore half mile; Hon. Sec. - F R Coffee, M.I.C.E.I., Eaton Terrcace, Tramore; Captain - J Foley; Entrance Fee £1/1s and Subs £1/1s; Ladies 10s/6d; 18-holes; Green-keeper - Patrick Power; Professional Record - James Brien, 74; Amateur Record - E A Walsh, 78; Visitors' fees - 1s/6d a day, 5s a week, 7s/6d a month. The course is situated on a light sandy promontory on the north side of Tramore Bay, the turf being dry and springy to the foot and at all times fit for play. There are numerous hazards and bunkers of sand, ditches, banks, and one constructed of galvanised iron. All the greens are visible from the previous tees excepting number seven which is screened from view by an intervening sand hill, and the holes vary in length from 100 to 425 yards.   


Tramore Golf Club, Co. Waterford. Golfers and their caddies in 1907.

Above are two golfers and their young caddies on the Tramore Golf Links, Co. Waterford, in September 1907. Image is courtesy of Roger McStravick.


The following is from a report that appeared in the Dundee Evening Telegraph on Thursday 19th March 1908. "Mr James Sorley was, on the occasion of his leaving St Andrews today to take up his duties as secretary to Tramore Golf Club, presented with a handsome silver cigarette case by the members of St Andrews Golf Club."

In 1911 it was listed as a nine-hole sea course.

The current Waterford Golf Club was Founded in 1912 - The Irish Golf Guide records that "A new course has been laid out by Willie Park, owing to the inroads of the sea on the old course. The new course promises well and commands beautiful views of sea and land."

The report below from 1912 mentions the new course of the Tramore Golf Club. It remained at this location at The Graun until 1939.


Tramore Golf Club, Co. Waterford. Report mentions the move to the new course in September 1912.

From the Dublin Daily Express Saturday 7th September 1912.


Below the Tramore Golf Club continues on the course at The Graun.

In 1932/33 it was listed as a nine-hole course with a membership of 260. The secretary was J J Doyle, 3 Rosebank Terrace, Tramore, the professional/green-keeper was W Butler. Visitors' fees were 3/- a day and 12/6 a week. Sunday play was allowed and the station was one mile from the course.

Below is a report on the last competition played on the old Tramore course.


Tramore Golf Club, Co. Waterford. The last Sunday on the old Tramore course May 1939.

From the Waterford Standard Saturday 27th May 1939.


The Tramore Golf Club moved to its current location in June 1939.

The Google Map below shows "Tramore Burrow."