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Tuam Golf Club, Co. Galway. (1904 - 1975)

The club was founded in 1904 and affiliated in 1907.

James Mc Donnell, a local businessman, and Henry Concannon, a solicitor, were prominent in the formation of the club.

The Irish Golfer November 9th 1904 records the founding of the club stating “James McDonnell gave use of ground at Cloonasgragh Hill free.”

The following report is from the Irish Field November 26th 1904. “The Tuam Golf Club is now fairly launched, the course has carefully been laid out and many influential people in the neighbourhood are interesting themselves in the welfare of the club. Amongst others Colonel Nolan is a brother of Sebastian Nolan, the owner of Galway links and well known to the Irish Turf.”

The club appears in the 1906/7 Golfing Annual stating the club had a membership of 60.

Below is the result of a match played at Rockfield against Tuam Golf Club on Wednesday 3rd March 1909.

Rockfield Golf Club   Tuam Golf Club  
J B Concanon 1 Very Rev. M Higgins 0
W Leatham 0 Rev. A Eaton 1
Major Smyth 1 Charles Blake 0
J M Meldon 0 Joseph P McDonagh 1
T Redington 1 P J Galavin 0
Major Hall 0 J A Glynn 0
Cecil R Henry 0 Mrs Henry Concanon 1
E Guy Turner 1 Henry Concanon 0
J M Meldon and Major Smyth 0 J A Glynn and Charles Blake 0
Mr Turnbull and J B Concanon 1 Very Rev. M Higgins and Joseph McDonagh 0
Major Hall and E Guy Turner 1 Henry Concanon and Mrs Concanon 0
W Leatham and T Redington 1 Rev. A Eaton and P J Galavin 0
  7   3

By 1910 a new clubhouse had been built, a sign of progress.

Below a Tuam golfer in the limelight in March 1923.


Tuam Golf Club, County Galway. A useful Tuam golfer.

Dublin Evening Telegraph Wednesday 21st March 1923.


From the 1933 Golfer's Handbook; Tuam Golf Club, Cloonascragh; Membership of 109; Hon. secretary - M Lardner, Market Square, Tuam; Green-keeper, M Monaghan; Amateur record - Oswald Browne, 32; Nine-holes; Sation at Tuam two and a half miles; Visitors' fees, 2s/6d a day, 10s a month.

The club remained at Cloonascragh until 1937.

In 1938 the club moved to a course at Mayfield. 

From the 1947 - 1951 Golfer's Handbook; Tuam Golf Club, The Demesne; Membership of 150; Secretary - S T Lynch, B.A., Waterslade, Tuam; Green-keeper P Flynn; Records; Amateur - Rev. J Ulrennan, 34; Professional - J A Mahon, 33; Nine-holes S.S.S and Par, 74; Station at Tuam one mile; Visitors, 2s a day, 5s a week, 10s a month; Sunday play with caddies. 

In the clubs final year at Mayfield the joint secretaries were L O'Neill and P Langan. The nine-hole course measured 3,059 yards with a S.S.S of 69. Course records; Amateur - J O'Sullivan, 69; Professional - R Kane, 68; Visitors, 50p a day, £1.50 a week, £3 a month.

The club moved to its current course at Barnacurragh in 1975.

The Google Map below pinpoints Cloonascragh, location of the first Tuam golf course.