Mallaranny Golf Club, Co. Mayo. (Pre-WW1)

The club appears as Mallaraney, Malaranny and Mulrany.

Below advert shows evidence of the course in July 1909.


Mallaranny Golf Club, County Mayo. Advert for the Mallaranny Hotel July 1909.

From the Dublin Daily Express Saturday 24th July 1909. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


From The Irish Field August 1909. “Quite a good nine-hole course existed up till 1907 at Mallaranny in conjunction with the Midland Great Western Railway but owing to some difficulties, now happily overcome, the course was given up for two years. This year the Railway Company have arranged with various tenants who own the necessary strip of land.”

The1910 Irish Golfers Guide confirms the existence of the course. ”A nine-hole course in conjunction with their fine hotel at Malaranny  Owing to scarcity of residents the course s chiefly used by visitors.”

Extract from a report in the Derbyshire Advertiser and Journal July 21st 1911. “In connection with the Mallranny Hotel, which is electrically lighted, there is sea bathing and free golfing.”

The course is listed in The Irish Golfing Guide 1916, nothing has been found after this date.

The current Mulrany Golf Club was founded in 1968.