Jamestown Golf Club, Balloch, Dunbartonshire. (1901 -1926)

Founded 1901.

In July 1902 it was reported that a golf club had been formed at Jamestown. The course was situated near the Jamestown dam, at the north end of the village near Balloch. The club had a membership of 30.

On Saturday 26th September 1903 the members held their monthly competition for the Cunningham Gold Medal at Balloch, result; William B Smith (6) 84; M Cunningham (scratch) 85; J Miller (6) 85; John Stobo (6) 88. 

In 1906 the secretary was John Miller, Mill of Balloch, Jamestown. A 9 hole course, half a mile from Loch Lomond. The amateur course record was held by John Stobo with a score of 74. Visitors’ fees on introduction were 1/- a day, 2/6d a week and 5/- a month. The station at Balloch was 1 mile away. Local advertised hotels were the Balloch and the Tullichewan Arms.

Result of the monthly competition for the Brock Gold Medal October 1910; Thomas Graham (8) 72; Robert Stobo (9) 79; John M'C. Tympany (10) 79; Malcolm Cunningham (4) 81; James Rankin (14) 81; John Miller (9) 84. 

Winner of the Brock Medal in May 1913 was Jas McDougall, 83-12-71.

From 1914 to its closure in 1926, the secretary’s name was unclear, given as, John M'C. Tympany, Jamestown. There was a membership of 120. There was no entrance fee. Subs were 20/-. Visitors’ fees were 1/- a day (1/6d in 1926), 2/6d a week (5/- in 1926) and 5/- a month (10/- in 1926). Sunday play was not allowed. Stations at Balloch and Jamestown were ½ mile away.

In April 1920 the President’s Medal was won by Charles Davidson (10) 68.

Result of the 1920 May monthly medal; Robert Henderson, 81-10-71; James McLintock, 83-12-71; Charles Davidson, 83-10-73; James Johnston, 83-4-79; Geo Atkin, 94-8-86.

Result of the Gold Medal Competition played on Saturday 29th May 1920; James Johnston, 80-4-76; R Henderson, 89-10-79; J McLlintock, 91-12-79; Alex McLaren, 96-14-82.  

The June 1920 monthly medal competition was won by R Henderson, 88-10-78.   

Below the passing in January 1940 of one of the founders and a former secretary of the Jamestown Golf Club.


Jamestown Golf Club, Balloch. The passing of one of the founder members 1940.

From The Scotsman Wednesday 31st January 1940. Image © Johnston Press plc.


Jamestown Golf Club, Balloch. Location of the former golf course.

Location of the Jamestown course.

Grid reference NS39500,81730, co-ordinates 239500,681730.