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Blairbeth Golf Club, South Lanarkshire. (1910 - 2015)

The club was founded 1910.

The club has occupied three sites. The first was to the south of Burnside station, where it stayed for over twenty years. In the 1930s with the urban sprawl spreading it moved further south to a location near Burnside Farm. Finally to its location at Mill Farm, Rutherglen, in 1956.

From Greenspace Scotland May 2019 - "The closure of Bliarbeth Golf Club in 2015 was bad news for golfers and ultimately locals, as the site became a magnet for anti-social behaviour. Following community consultations, South Lanarkshire Council applied to the Infrastructure Fund to obtain a grant to develop the land and got the green light. The site has been renamed Fenbrae Meadows at the suggestion of the local community. Local people are grasping the opportunity to use the park for a range of activities including health walks and school visits."  

Result of the June 1935 bogey; J Lambie and J Stewart 2down; J Greenan, 3down; F W Collins, 4down. 

Monthly medal result from May 1939; First Class - N Campbell, 75-4-71; A Craig, 83-10-73; James Barrowman, 86-13-73; James C Todd, 85-12-73; Second Class; James J Gartshore, 93-18-75; W E Fernie, 94-17-77. 

From the 1947 Golfer's Handbook; Hon secretary and treasurer - W D Muir, 58 Springfield Park Road, Burnside; green-keeper, J Campbell; nine-holes SSS 72; visitors, 1 shilling a day; no Sunday play.

Golfer's Handbook 1951; Membership of 200; hon. secretary - M P Gibson, 35 Greenhill Road, Rutherglen; green-keeper, J Lennie; Sunday play allowed.

The course was extended to 18-holes in the mid 1950s

Golfer's Handbook 1955/57; Membership 220; hon. secretary - F S Bell, 5 Park Drive, Rutherglen; professional and green-keeper, J Aird (1955) R B Moffatt (1957:; 9-holes, 3,002 yards, SSS 71 (1955) 18-holes 5,600 yards (1957); visitors on introduction, 1s/6d a day, Sunday, 3s/6d. 

GH 1961; Membership 400; secretary, J S Keith; green-keeper, F Watters.

GH 1964; As 1961 except for - Professional, A Robertson; green-keeper, H Green; 18-holes 5,800 yards SSS 68.

GH 1966; Secretary, J S Keith; green-keeper, H Green; amateur course record, N Henderson and C Green, 69.

GH 1972; Secretary,  C Hamilton;  professional, D McLaughlin; course records; professional - W G Cunningham, 69; amateur - M Lygate, 65.

GH 1975; Secretary, F T Henderson; professional, D McLaughlin; amateur course record - J S Scott, 64.  

GH1982-91; Secretary, F T Henderson; 18-holes 5,448 yards SSS 67; course records; amateur - D B Howard, 60.

Sad news; the current course closed in October 2015. The 18-hole tight, and difficult hilly parkland course, measured 5,537 and had a par of 69. It was situated at the foot of Cathkin Braes Country Park with beautiful views over the city of Glasgow. In September 2015 there was a suggestion that the course would be reduced to nine-holes, an attempt to reduce running and maintenance costs, but this never came to fruition. A further factor in the closure was the new drink driving law in Scotland. 

Alan McPherson is playing all of Scotland’s golf course to raise funds for Cancer Research. Alan played the Blairbeth course in May 2010. His blog can be found on:-


Blairbeth Golf Club, South Lanarkshire. Blairbeth scorecard.

Scorecard for Blairbeth Golf Club.


Blairbeth Golf Club, South Lanarkshire. The Blairbeth Golf Club Clubhouse


Blairbeth Golf Club, South Lanarkshire. Views of the Blairbeth course.


Blairbeth Golf Club, South Lanarkshire. Views of the Blairbeth course.

Views of the Blairbeth course and clubhouse at Cathkin Braes.


Blairbeth Golf Club, Lanarkshire.  Location of early course.

Golf Road, probable location of the early Blairbeth golf course.


Although the exact location of the first course remains a mystery a clue on the above map from 1914 may give some idea. I have highlighted Golf Road, this was not on the 1914 or 1920 maps but does appear in the 1930s. Road names are usually a good indication to the former use of the land, this very often happens when a golf course is covered by urban development.



Blairbeth Golf Club, Lanarkshire. Location of the second course.

Location of the second Blairbeth course.

The clubs final course at Cathkin Braes is to the south of Fernhill on the Google Map below.