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Crawford Golf Club, Douglas Lodge, Lanarkshire. (1890 - WW2)

The club was founded in 1890.

The superb 18-hole course was nearly 1,000ft above sea level, it was reduced to 9-holes following WW2. The railway station was a couple of minutes from the course. Membership peaked at 120 in the 1920s, although this dropped to 55 following WW2. Local hotels were the PH Trust, West End and Murray House. Sunday play was never allowed at the club. 

Entry from the Golfing Annual 1891/92; Crawford Golf Club, Instituted May 22nd, 1890; Annual Subscription, five shillings; number of members 90; Hon. President, Sir Edward Colebrooke, Bart; President, J W Young; Captain, Rev. C McKune; Committee - Thomas Usher, John Pringle, John W Paterson, Dr. Dey; Hon. Secretary and Treasurer - H Stanley N Callender, 2 Newcastle Terrace, Edinburgh. Club Prizes; Silver Cleek at Easter; Secretary's Medal (scratch) in May; Hon. President's Challenge Cup (scratch) in Autumn. Prize winners in 1891 - Silver Cleek, W Shanks, 97; Secretary's Medal, Rev. D Watson, 83; Challenge Cup, T King, 85; Other prizes were won by; A G Sinclair, Rev. D Watson, Dr. Smith, Rev. J Park, Rev. H L Dick, T King, Dr. Dey and J A S Miller. The green which consists of eighteen-holes is a most excellent inland course situated only a couple of minutes from the station. Comfortable quarters may be secured at the village inn, and cottages may be had in the village close by. Summer visitors may become interim members of the club on application to the secretary. The course lies 900 feet above the sea, on the upper reaches of the Clyde, in which good trout fishing may be had. 

Competition result from May 1891.


Crawford Golf Club, Douglas Lodge Course. Competition result from May 1891.



On 6 June 1891 in a club match against Moffat the Rev. H L Dick set a course record of 79.

On Thursday 19 May 1892 the club held its May meeting. There was a good number of entrants in the pleasant weather conditions. Following were the prizes competed for. Scratch medal (presented by the secretary) was won by the Rev Mr Dick with a score of 83, second prize a mashie (presented by Dr Day) was tied between Mr John King and Mr William Shanks, with 84. First handicap prize, a silver mounted horn cup (presented by Mr J A S Miller) was won by Mr A R Anderson, 88-9-79. A monthly handicap medal (presented by the Rev Mr Dick) also went to Mr Anderson, second prize a mashie (presented by Dr Day) won by Mr Riach, 97-17-80, Mr L A Callender was third 95-14-81. Local prize, a silver claret jug (presented by Mr R R Stewart) was won by Mr C C Riach. At the clubs AGM it was reported that membership had now reached over 100.


Crawford Golf Club, Douglas Lodge, Lanarkshire. The clubhouse and course.

The clubhouse and course. Image courtesy of Frank Accleton.


The club held its May meeting on Thursday 18th 1893. Following are the prize winners; first scratch prize resulted in a tie between the Rev H L Dick and W M Shanks with a score of 82; first handicap prize taken by Mr Shanks; second handicap prize was a tie between John Dey, 109-25-84, and A R Anderson, 88-4-84.

Below is the result of a one sided match played at Crawford against Peebles Golf Club in July 1894. 

Crawford Golf Club   Peebles Golf Club  
Rev H L Dick 1 Mr Masterton 0
W M Shanks 8 Mr Ferguson 0
Rev C P Ritchie 8 Mr Thorburn 0
Rev Watson 1 Mr Lyon 0
Dr Dey 8 Mr Gibson Carmichael 0
S Callender 8 Mr Ballantyne 0
Mr Wallace 0 Mr McQueen 0
  34   0

Report on the course from July 1894. 


Crawford Golf Club, Douglas Lodge Course. Report on the course from July 1894.



Results from the Spring Meeting in April 1895.


Crawford Golf Club, Douglas Lodge Course. Results from the Spring Metting in April 1895.



Competition results from Saturday 19 April 1902; Scratch prize (silver inkstand) - W M Shanks, 81; Usher Cup and charm - R P Hardie, 91-3-88; Mr Gilchrist, 107-16-91; W K Grant, 94-3-91; Mr Colthart, 98-7-91. The Reverend Mr McKeene was elected captain for the year. 

Below is the result of a match played at Crawford against Douglas Golf Club in September 1903.

Crawford Golf Club   Douglas Golf Club  
W K Grant 2 W King 0
R P Hardie 5 T Wilson 0
W Booth Gravely 0 J King 2
H L Usher 3 G Eags 0
W R Hardie 3 J M Davidson 0
J G Grant 5 Dr. Maxwell 0
J P Sym, jun. 1 C C Reoch 0
J P Sym 1 R K McKean 0
Rev. C McKune 1 A Paterson 0
W Grant 0 J Steedman 2
D MacArthur 0 W Davidson 3
A Niviston 8 T Grierson 0
  29   7

There is no entry for Crawford Golf Club in the 1905 Nisbet's Golf Yearbook.

Below is the result of a match played at Lanark in July 1912.


Crawford Golf Club, Douglas Lodge, Lanarkshire. Result of a match played at Lanark in July 1913.

Carluke and Lanark Gazette Saturday 13 July 1912.Image © Johnston Press plc. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


We would like to thank Alison Houston for providing, and allowing us to use, the following images of Crawford Golf Club and the Crawford Hotel. Some of the photos are annotated July 1914, it's assumed that they were all taken at the same time. Alison informs us that the pictures were taken by the Cameron family from Edinburgh who were holidaying at Crawford in 1914.


Crawford Golf Club, Douglas Lodge. Group of golfers with club horse?

Group of golfers, with the club horse?


Crawford Golf Club, Douglas Lodge. Gathering outside the clubhouse.

Gathering outside the clubhouse.


Crawford Golf Club, Douglas Lodge. Junior golfer.

Junior golfer.


Crawford Golf Club, Douglas Lodge. Golfers on the tee.

Golfers on the tee.


Crawford Golf Club, Douglas Lodge. Three jovial golfers.

Three jovial golfers.


Crawford Golf Club, Douglas Lodge. Staff outside the Crawford Hotel.

Staff outside the Crawford Hotel.


Crawford Golf Club, Douglas Lodge. Group outside the hotel.

Group outside at the Crawford Hotel.


In 1914 entry fees were 7/6d and subs were 7/6d.

Below is the result of a match played at Lanark on Saturday 4 July 1914.

Lanark (Junior) Golf Club   Crawford Golf Club  
Elliot Gray 1 W T Kelly 0
David King (half) 0 C A Pollock (half) 0
P Rorke 0 G D Deuchar 1
William Dickson 0 W M H Wilson 1
P McCafferty 0 A J G Barclay 1
James McLintock (half) 0 H Wylie Rennie (half) 0
H McDougall 0 A C Lewis 1
William Spence 1 W J Mitchell 0
J S Anderson 0 J K Philip 1
Thomas Stewart 1 W L McKerrow 0
Dr J R Adam 0 F Watson Rae 1
A Dawson 0 P Henderson 1
Hugh Brown 0 A B Pollock 1
Hugh McDougall 1 T Kelly jnr 0
  4   8

Following are results from the June meeting in 1915; Dey Shield (Bogey) – Harvie Kerr, 1up; D L Gilchrist, 3down; J Stirling, G Stewart, J H Donald and P Henderson, 4down; Ladies’ Singles – Miss B Ireland, 50-3-47, Miss M B B Mitchell, 53-6-47 and Miss H H Millar, 53-6-47, (tied); Mixed Foursomes – Miss B B Mitchell & A Mackenzie (winners); Miss Johnstone & D L Gilchrist (runners-up). Two guineas were collected as entry money, and handed over to the Red Cross Society. As usual afternoon tea was provided and served by Miss M Muir in the clubhouse. J C Johnston was recently appointed professional and green-keeper. The officials for the year; Captain, William James Mitchell B.A (Oxon), vice-captain, J K Philip; secretary, Philip Henderson, M.A; treasurer, George Haddow, Summit Schoolhouse.

The annual meeting was held in the clubhouse on Saturday 26 May 1917, the vice-captain, J K Philip, was in the chair due to the unavoidable absence of the captain (W J Michell). The report for 1916 showed a satisfactory year, the outstanding feature being the various competitions and other activities which raised £160 for the war effort and for local charities. Particular thanks were paid to the lady members and friends of the club who had been untiring in their fund raising activities. The following officials were elected; Captain, J K Philip; vice-captain, George Stewart; secretary, Philip Henderson; treasurer, George Haddow. Mr Mitchell and Mr E C Brown were elected to the vacancies on to the committee.

Entry from the 1933 Golfer's Handbook; Membership of 92; secretary - W E Rowland, Schoolhouse, Crawford; professional and green-keeper, J Manuel; course records - amateur; H Kirkwood and W Brown, 69; professional; J Manuel, 69; visitors - 2s a day, 7s/6d a week, 13s/6d a fortnight, £1/2/6d a month.

It was reported in January 1937 that plans had been drawn up by Lanark County Council for a proposed new by-pass. Locals were concerned that the new road would lead to the eventual disappearance of  the community and deprive local hotels and shops of custom. Sir Thomas Kelly, a former Lord Provost of Glasgow, was captain of the golf club, said that he realised the necessity of the new road but pointed out that it would cause considerable harm to the golf course, cutting out the first four holes and separating the clubhouse from the course. A reply from the County Clerk said that the council would take into consideration the club's need for an access from the clubhouse to the course, one possible solution would be the construction of a subway.

In 1938 the 40 year old professional at the club, John Manuel, left to take up the position of foreman at Caird Park. He had been at Crawford Golf Club as professional and head green-keeper for twelve years. He held the professional course record of 69. He started his career at Dunblane as a gardener and went on to help with the construction of the Dunblane golf course. He was married with two daughters.  

Below are sale details of the golf course at Douglas Lodge, Crawford, in December 1941.


Crawford Golf Club, Douglas Lodge, Lanarkshire. Sale details of Douglas Lodge golf course in December 1941.

The Scotsman Monday 8 December 1941. Image © Johnston Press plc.


1906 James P Sym, 2 Hill Street, Edinburgh.
1914/17 P Henderson MA, Schoolhouse, Crawford.
1922 Stephen Robertson junior, 729 Great Western Rd, Glasgow. (There was also a  local secretary listed he was Jas Gilbert, Clarion, Crawford)
1924/27 J Edmond, Egmont, Crawford.
1927/8 W Stewart.
1929 W F Gray, Egmont.
1930/4 W E Rowland, School House, Crawford.
1935/9 James Craig, School House.
1940/49 Robert Haugh, Schoolhouse, Crawford.


  Professional/green keeper
1902/14 Thomas Robb (g)
1922/3 William Nairn (p)
1924/39 J Manuel (p/g)
1940 W Thompson  (g)
1947 W Graham (g)


  Course records
1906 W M Shanks (am) 72
1922 A J MacLaren (am) 73 C Johnston (pro) 66
1924/27 J McReadie (am) 69 William Nairn (pro) 69
1928 G G Edmond and W Brown (am) 73
1930/49 H Kirkwood and W Brown (am) 69 J Manuel (pro) 69


  Visitors fees
1906 Gents 1/- a day, 2/6 a week, 5/- a month, ladies 6d, 1/6,2/6, 4/- respectively
1922 Gents 1/6 a day, 7/- a week, 11/6 a fortnight and 20/- a month. Ladies 1/-, 5/-, 8/-,13/6 respectively.
1927/8 1/6 a day, 7/6 a week, 13/6 a fortnight and 22/6 a month. Ladies 1/-, 5/6, 9/6 and 15/-.
1930s 2/6 a day, 10/- a week, 17/6 a fortnight and 30/- a month.
1940/49 2/- a day, 7/6 a week, 13/6 a fortnight and £1/2/6 a month.


I would like to thank Alfie Ward, doyen of Clydesdale golf, for his help in compiling information on defunct Lanarkshire clubs and courses.

Alfie sent me the following information on Crawford Golf Club 

"On the theme of forgotten courses, there are a few worth special mention in the Clydesdale area, namely, Lanark, Crawford and Douglas. Lanark, while far from being forgotten, can boast to being the twelfth oldest golf club in the world dating back to 1851, forming not long after the gutta ball had been introduced. The course began with only four holes and it is said that they added new holes as the membership grew? An interesting factor about Lanark is that, especially for an inland course, they have managed to stay at the same location on Lanark Moor for the duration of their long and notable history.

For anyone travelling on the M74, you may be unaware that as you bypass the village of Crawford, south of Glasgow, you are actually driving straight through the middle of what once was, one of the most significant golf courses in Scotland. Pioneered by the Rev Christopher McKune, the tiny village of Crawford became a favourite hot spot for tourism in the south of Scotland. McKune had obviously latched on to the potential benefits of golf and tourism at a very early stage, and with the bonus of having a railway station at hand, he pursued a strategy of promoting the village through sport. It is known that he had laid out a small 9-hole course on his kirk ‘glebe’ prior to his greater ambition of seeing a course worthy of any across the land. A glebe was a small piece of land belonging to the church, it was reduced to 9-holes following WW2. The railway station was a couple of minutes from the course. Membership peaked at 120 in the 1920s, although this dropped to 55 following WW2. Local hotels were the PH Trust, West End and Murray Houseusually a few acres, which the minister could use to generate some extra income.

In 1888, just before the ‘boom’ in golf was about to explode, McKune had secured the services of none other than Tom Morris of St Andrews to lay out a substantial 18-hole course on the Mid Hill in Crawford. At this same time, the long established club at Lanark were playing upon only 14-holes! Morris is accredited as having established the 18-hole layout as being the best and most preferred number of holes for a golf course. By c1905, the club had added a 9-hole ladies course providing an almost unparalleled 27 golf holes for visitors and locals. To compliment the golf, visitors could play bowls, tennis, billiards, curling in the winter, while the river Clyde was there for fishing enthusiasts. Several hotels and B&B’s were established to cater for the influx of year round tourists - Alfie Ward."

Crawford Golf Club, Lanarkshire. The clubhouse and course.

The clubhouse and course.


Crawford Golf Club, Lanarkshire. View of the course.

Crawford card posted July 1909.
Postcard by Valentine’s, X. L. Series 62439


Crawford Golf Club, Lanarkshire. The golf course in 1909.

Crawford postcard again 1909.
Published by R & J Murray, Crawford


Crawford Golf Club, Lanarkshire. A View from the golf course.

Crawford postcard
published by D H Thomson, Merchant, Crawford.


Crawford Golf Club, Lanarkshire. 18 hole course layout.

Layout of the 18 hole course.


Crawford Golf Club, Lanarkshire. Location of the golf course.

Course location.Grid reference NS 95360 20435, co-ordinates 295360 620435.



Crawford Golf Club had disappeared by1951