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Stepps Golf Club, Lanarkshire. (1893 - WW2)

In Volume 19 of the Golfing Annual Stepps Golf Club was stated to be Instituted in 1893.

It was, however, a long time before the club was formally opened. According to the Kirkintilloch Herald Mrs Ross of Garfield House (now Garfield House Hotel) officiated at the opening which took place on Saturday 17th November 1900. 

Monthly medal result for February 1911; Class A – R J Jackson, 85-2-83; W Ritchie, 94-9-85; D F Forbes, 94-8-86; W Barnett, 93-6-87; J H McCubbus, 89-2-87; Class B – A R Allan, 89-10-79; R Gunn, 94-12-82; E C Hart, 97-14-83; R Watson, 102-18-84; W N Montgomerie, 106-18-88.

Below is the result of a one-sided match played in April 1902 at Stepps against Kirkintilloch Golf Club.

Stepps Golf Club   Kirkintilloch Golf Club  
J Hamilton 0 J Herd 0
W B Ross 0 T M Scott 7
R J Jackson 0 A M Mackie 7
W Thomson 0 A McKenzie 1
J C Thomson 0 F Rutherford 0
A B McDonald 0 G Little 9
W Barnett 0 A J Faulds 3
J Wilson 2 G Little 0
  2   27

A 36-hole competition was played in August 1912. The winner was the Rev J M Kay (24) 160, runner-up A Robertson (plus2), also 160.

In 1914 the secretary was W Ritchie, Dungoyne, Whitehill Avenue, Stepps , Glasgow. An 18-hole, shortish course with holes from 100yds to 365yds, which had recently been re-designed. The clubhouse had been erected in 1908. Entry fees for gents were 10/- and ladies 5/-. Subs for gents were £1/5/0, Ladies and juniors 10/-. Visitors’ fees were 1/- a day, 2/6d a week and 5/- a month.  There was no Sunday play. There was a station at Stepps Road.


Stepps Golf Club, Lanarkshire. The club pavilion.

Above is the clubhouse of the former 9-hole Stepps golf course which was located behind Whitehill Farm Road. 

Thanks to “EDLC Libraries” for  the above image.


Below, the new golf Pavilion in May 1938. 


Stepps Golf Club, Lanarkshire. The new golf pavilion in May 1938.

Kirkintilloch Herald Wednesday May 4th 1938. Image © Johnston Press plc. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


Stepps Golf Club, Lanarkshire. Across the course, from the clubhouse 1913.

Above, view of Stepps first golf course, taken from the position of the clubhouse. Picture taken by Campbell Provan in 2013.


Stepps Golf Club, Lanarkshire. Course location at Whitehill Farm.

Location of the Whitehill Farm Road course; grid reference, NS65700,69100, co-ordinates, 265700,669100.



Stepps Golf Club, Lanarkshire. View of the early course.

Thanks To Campbell Provan for supplying and allowing us to use the above image of the former course. It’s Interesting to compare this early picture with the view below.


Stepps Golf Club, Lanarkshire. Whitehill Farm Road course 1913.

Above is a photograph taken on the old course by Campbell Provan in 2012, it’s looking south towards Stepps and Whitehill Farm Road. Thanks to Campbell Provan and Sheila Stuart for their help with the research and for allowing us to use the above image.


The golf course below continued to be shown on Ordnance Survey Maps until WW2. 


Stepps Golf Club, Lanarkshire. The golf course continued to be marked on O.S. maps until WW2.

O.S. Map © Crown Copyright {1923}


As can be seen from the course plans below there was a proposed new site for the 18-hole Stepps course near Cardowan House in 1914. It states on the plan that the secretary was to be John M Moodie, Rosebank, Stepps; the course was ten minutes from Stepps Road station; there was no entry fee and subs were £1/5s; any person wishing to play over the course could do so free of charge until the end of February 1914.

This was a short lived site for the course, it's likely that organised golf was never actually played there. In the early 1920s a portion of the land for the proposed course was taken up for railway sidings to accommodate trucks for the recently opened Cardowan Colliery. The sidings would have taken the land occupied by the first, second, third, fourteenth, fifteenth, sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth holes. 

The Ordnance Survey Map above shows the course at its original location in the 1920s. This course was also marked on O.S. maps until WW2.


Stepps Golf Club, Lanarkshire. Plan of the new course.

Above is the plan of the proposed new Stepps course near Cardowan House in 1914.


Stepps Golf Club, Lanarkshire. Yardages of new course.

Plan rotated, the yardages and course layout can now be seen more clearly. The Grid Reference for the clubhouse marked on the above plan is NS66930,68345, co-ordinates, 266930,668345. Thanks to Sheila Stuart for the above images.



Stepps Golf Club disappeared prior to WW2.