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Renfrew Golf Club, Renfrewshire.

The Club was founded in September 1894.

A 9-hole course was constructed on land leased from local landowners Elderslie Estates. The course was extended to 18-holes in the 1920s with James Braid laying out the new course. There was also a new clubhouse, which opened on the 20th May 1925.

In 1968 enquiries were made by Ravenstone Securities to acquire the land rented by the club from Elderslie Estates. In exchange the club would be offered a new home on Blythswood Estate. A contract was eventually drawn up and signed, and the new course opened on the 29th September 1973.

Note; The first course on the Blythswood Estate was opened in 1896 by Lord Blythswood. A 16-hole strictly private course only played by distinguished guests, including royalty.

Below is the result of a match played at West Kilbride Golf Club on Saturday 25th May 1895.

West Kilbride Golf Club   Renfrew Golf Club  
R G Paterson 2 D Moffat 0
W Dobbie 1 J W Hammond 0
A Hunter 0 J French 0
S Costigane 7 J Anderson 0
W Steven 0 A Howell 5
J U Balderston 0 J McGlashan 0
W E McKenzie 10 Walter Brown 0
D Rowat 7 J Dinning 0
James Steven 4 J McLure 0
G G Drummond 0 S Anderson 1
John Steven 6 W Brown 0
  37   6

Result of the monthly medal for March 1930; first class – A Donaldson, 82-5-77; W Freeland, 89-10-79; E Marsden, 86-6-80; L M Hillcoat, 88-8-80; A Pinkerton, 87-7-80; second class – W Thomson, 84-16-78; J Manson, 93-13-80; T Fleming, 95-15-80; H Gibson, 100-18-82; third class – R E Sertees, 96-19-77; Mr Crawford, 102-24-78; J M Paton, 99-20-79; J Patterson, 104-24-80. 

Result of the monthly medal played in March 1935; first class – W M Fleming, 87-10-77; J Fletcher, 79net; W Thomson, 85-3-82; second class – W McCaig, 93-13-80; J Edmiston? 97-16-81; third class – J R Kane, 95-18-77; A Taylor, 99-18-81.

Result of the monthly medal for April 1935; first class – Colin Campbell, 81-8-73; W Thomson, 80-3-77; second class – F (P) A Pope, 74net; A D Speedie, 89-14-75; third class – J R Kane, 88-18-70; A Taylor, 96-18-78; T Scott, 96-18-78.

Result of the monthly medal played over 15 holes in April 1938; first class – L M Hillcoat (6h'cap), 58; R G Sharp (2½), 61½; T Speedie (7½), 62½; J Fletcher (1) and E G Marnock (4), 63; second class – F Maitland (11), 58; J M Gourlay (10), 63; third class – G P Hutcheson ( 14), 56; J Martin (14), 63.

Result of the monthly medal played in August 1938; first class – J C MacColl (3), 69; R Millar (8), 70; R G Sharp (3), E S Macharg (6) and N Macaskill (10), 71; second class – W Wallace (14), 64; N McDonald (12), 69; W Cockburn (16) and J K Burns (16), 71; third class – R Fleming (20), 67; J Imlach  (21), 69; S Crombie (20), 70. Result of the Ladies’ souvenir spoon; Mrs J Stewart (13), 69; Mrs P Farquharson (21), 71; Mrs W Alexander (17), 73.

Result of the autumn meeting played in September 1938;R Smith (16) and J Sinclair (17), 68; R G Sharp (3), W B McCaig (12), J A Dunn (14), R McGregor (17), R Thomson (19) and J Chalmers (23), 70; scratch - R G Sharp, 73. Ladies’ result (bogey); Miss J M Glendenning (19), 2down; Miss H A Kerr (12), 3down; Mrs A Stewart (12), 4down.     

In 1947 the secretary was J M Taylor, 32 Second Avenue, Victory Gardens, Renfrew, and the greenkeeper J R Carruthers. 18 holes, Par 68. Visitors’ fees, on intro, 1/- a day, 2/6 Sunday after 2pm.

In 1972 just prior to the course closure, the secretary was M B Hewitt. The 18-hole course measured 5,733 yards with a SSS of 67. Amateur course record, A Mill 64.

Renfrew Golf Club. Location of the original golf course.

Original Renfrew 9 hole course in 1924 – note Fairfield golf course to the north.

Grid reference NS51765,66715, co-ordinates 251765,666715.


Renfrew Golf Club. Location of the golf course in 1925.

In 1925 the new 18 hole course designed by James Braid was opened. By 1939 (above) the new Glasgow Road had been constructed, it must have been obvious, even at this stage, that the course would eventually be under threat from the developers.

Grid reference NS51450,66775, co-ordinates 251450,666775.



Renfrew Golf Club, The golf course location in 1973.

By 1973, the Renfrew Airport had already been and gone; you can see that Deanside House is now the Airport Hotel and one of the old runways separates the course from the clubhouse. The M8 was also under construction, the course was now nearing the end, and the club was about to move to its new home on the Blythswood Estate. Ironically the pavilion from the original course was still standing on Hillington Road.

Grid reference NS51365,66705, co-ordinates 251365,666705.