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Balfron Golf Club, Stirling. (1905 - WW2)

Founded 1905.

Following WW1 the secretary was J T Michie, British Linen Bank House, Balfron who remained in the position until 1940. A 9 hole interesting course on high peaty ground with natural hazards. The station at Balfron was 2 miles away. There was also a regular bus service to Glasgow and Stirling. Sunday play was not allowed.

In 1906 fees for gents were 1/- a day, 2/6d a week and 5/- a month, ladies paid 1/-, 2/- and 2/6d respectively.


Balfron Golf Club - The former course.

Campsie Hills from the original Balfron course.


In 1914 the club had a membership of 100. There was no entry fee. Subs for gents were £2/2/0 and ladies £1/1/0. There were no restrictions for ladies.

In 1922 membership was 150. Visitors’ fees were now 1/- a day, 3/- a week, 5/- a fortnight, 7/- a month.

Result of the bogey competition for the captain’s prize played on Saturday August 22nd 1931; R Simpson (10) 4up; L Buchanan (10) 3up.

Result of a bogey competition played in April 1935; Ian Sinclair (10), all square; Wm Buchanan (16), 4down.

Result of the April 1938 medal; J Aitchison, 80-14-66; J Ulstrom, 76-9-67.

Result of a bogey competition played in June 1938; T B Paul (10), 4up; T Fleming (3) and W Mutch (7) tied on 1up.

Bogey competition played in August 1938 was won by T B Paul (10), 1up. Result of the McLintock Cup; R Simpson (17), 63; W Mutch (7), A MacKay (8) and T Fleming (3), 65. The monthly medal was won by Robert Kidd (18), 64; runner-up was J McDonald (7), 71.

The McLintock Cup Final was played in September 1938, result; G Shearlaw (18), 71+57=128; A MacKay (7), 65+66=131.  

In 1940 the 9 hole course had a SSS of 66 and a membership of 180. Visitors’ fees were 1/- a round, 1/6d a day, 6/- a week, 9/- a fortnight and 12/- a month.





H S Ward, Duinberk, Balfron




James Taylor (p/g)


J M Henry, Clachan, Balfron




R McKay (g)


J T Michie, Bank House, Balfron




W D Buchanan (g)



M Molloy (g)


J M Frame



D MacDonald, Drummond House, Balfron


The course was used for agricultural purposes during WW2. Attempts were made to reform the club after the war but they failed. The current club first appeared in 1991.

The Google Map below shows the location of the original course.