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Polmont (Blair Lodge) Golf Club, Falkirk. (1890 - 1960s)

Founded 1890 and originally known as Blair Golf Club, at this time it was located in the grounds of Blair Lodge School (later known as Blair Lodge Institution).

In July 1891 Old Tom Morris visited Blair Lodge School to advise on the lay out of the initial 14-hole undulating course.

Interesting press report from July 1891 on the Blair Lodge course. “Blair Lodge School has just entered into possession of a considerable extent of ground on its immediate vicinity, which it is intended to utilise for the purposes of golf. The farm of Roughhaugh, extending to about sixty acres, has bee acquired by Mr Cooke Gray, the head master of the institution, on a lease, and it is on this ground that a golf course for the use of the school will be laid out within the next few weeks. The farm consists of seven large parks, all under old pasture, and the ground is naturally well adapted to the “Royal and Ancient” game. Old Tom Morris of St Andrews, visited Blair Lodge last week and went over the ground, with which he was very favourably impressed. On his recommendation it is proposed to lay down fourteen holes, the number having been restricted in the meantime, so that the course may embrace, so far as possible, long sporting holes. In the majority of the holes the line of play is over hedgerows separating the various parks, in one part of the ground whins form an excellent hazard, and the last two holes of the round are particularly sporting by reason of a burn having to be avoided. With a gentle slope upwards from east to west, the ground is better adapted because of this rise and fall. The bottom is firm and the turf strong, and although the grass is long in some parts, play will very soon remove this drawback. Where necessary, putting greens will be made by lifting and relaying the turf, and when this is done, nothing but play will be required to make the course an excellent one”

Thanks to Melvine Morrow for supplying the above information and for all his help, particularly with the Old Tom Morris designed courses that appear on the website.

The club was renamed Polmont Golf Club in the early 1900s.

Result of the February medal at Blair in 1900, Joseph Hunter with a score of 83.

Result of the February medal at Blair in 1900, Joseph Hunter with a score of 83.

In April 1900 the golf club took on Blair Lodge School, result below.

Blair Golf Club   Blair Lodge School  
Mr Robinson 0 Mr Russell 5
Mr Hunter 6 Mr Fuller 0
Mr Menzies 0 Mr Fraser 2
Mr J Bennie 3 Mr Scott 0
Mr Rigg 7 Mr Tendall 0
Mr Wilson 2 Mr Dodds 0
Mr T Bennie 0 Mr Siddle 3
Mr McFadyen 6 Mr Highet 0
Mr Maxwell 4 Mr McLelland 0
Mr E Bennie 6 Mr Gray 0
Mr Ballantine 0 Mr Stevenson 0
Mr Spiers 0 Mr Bain 8
  34   18

Result of the July medal at Blair in 1901, Mr Spiers 90 – 18 – 72.

Interesting to note that in the 1903 February medal the result was under the name of Polmont Golf Club; J H Biggar, 101 – 19 – 82; J Hunter, 93 – 8 – 85; J Sorley, 95 – 10 – 85; T Shanks, 107 – 20 – 87; C W Robinson, 96 – 5 – 91; T Bennie, 100 – 8 – 92; J Ballantine, 101 – 11 – 90; A Campbell 129 – 25 – 104.

The captain in 1904 was Mr C W Robinson and the vice-captain Mr J Hunter.

Below is the result of the monthly medal played on Saturday 6th February 1904.

Colin Maxwell 101 11 90
J W Scott 91 scr 91
W J Biggar 109 17 92
Joseph Hunter 99 7 92
C W Robinson 96 2 94
Tom Bennie 104 7 97
Edward Bennie 108 5 103
James Lawrie 113 10 103
Robert Leckie 122 14 108
Matthew Biggar 132 24 108
Peter Walker 134 scr 134

Result of a club match played on Saturday March 19th 1904 against Falkirk on the Tryst course.

Falkirk Tryst Golf Club   Polmont Golf Club  
J Mitchell 5 W J Scott 0
D R Fraser 4 C W Robinson 0
D Melrose 3 T Bennie 0
Rev J Scott 0 J Hay 5
James M Wilson 4 E Bennie 0
R Whyte 6 J Hunter 0
W D Farquhar 5 C Maxwell 0
F Binnie 0 J Ballantine 0
William Haddow 5 J Hay junior 0
Rev J Aitken 0 R Thomson 3
J Marshall 2 J W Biggar 0
William Graham 6 M Watson 0
  40   8

Below is the result of the May medal 1904.

Robert Thomson 101 16 85
Thomas Shanks 104 17 87
Matthew Watson 101 12 89
James Hay junior 102 12 90
C W Robinson 97 3 94
James Ballantine 105 11 94
Joseph Hunter 102 7 95
John Hay 102 6 96
James Hay senior 108 10 98
Peter Walker 123 24 99
James Myles 125 scr 125

On Saturday 14th May 1904 the Polmont club travelled to Stirling to play Stirling Victoria.

Stirling Victoria   Polmont Golf Club  
Mr Ronald 0 W J Scott 1
Mr Gorden 3 C W Robinson 0
Mr Paton 0 John Hay 6
Mr Thomson 0 Tom Bennie 2
Mr Chrystal 0 Joseph Hunter 2
Mr Guthrie 8 James Ballantine 0
Mr Sorton 0 Edward Bennie 2
Mr Johnston 3 James Hay 0
Mr Burnett 4 Robert Thomson 0
Mr Kirkwood 0 Matthew Watson 2
  18   15

In August 1904 Mr Andrew Hunter, Merchant, Edinburgh presented the club with the impressive championship shield. The trophy was to be played for annually and would remain in the keeping of Mr Robinson, the club captain. In addition to having his name inscribed on the shield the winner would receive a prize from Mr Hunter.

There was a large attendance at the annual meeting which was held at the U.F Church Schoolroom on Saturday 3rd December 1904, Mr J W Tweedie of Polmont Bank, president of the club, was in the chair, and, in the course of his remarks, referred to the success of the club during the past year at Gilston. The secretary produced the financial statement, which showed the club was in a sound position financially. The prizes were presented to the spring tournament winners, J W Scott and William Drysdale. The following officers were elected for the ensuing year; president, J W Tweedie; captain, C W Robinson; vice-captain, Joseph Hunter; secretary, J W Biggar; treasurer, J Jordan; committee, J W Scott, R Thomson, J Harvey, T Gibson, James Hay, T Shanks and Colin Maxwell.

Result of the December 1904 medal; James Hay, 96-12-84; Joseph Hunter, 88-3-85; Colin Maxwell, 96-9-87; W Gardner, 102-12-90; T Shanks, 94-2-92; R Thomson, 105-13-92, T Bennie, 93 scratch; James Hay jun, 104-10-94.

Below is the result of a match played at Bathgate in July 1923.

Bathgate Golf Club   Polmont Golf Club  
Alex Turpie and James Cameron 1 W R Gardiner and R M Hall 0
J M Munro and J Pearce 1 D G Biggar and F Newton 0
J Brownlee and J Turpie 0 J Maxwell and T Townsley 0
A Murray and A Fowler 1 R Maxwell and W R Allen 0
J B Wood and D Watson 0 W Scott jun. and S Pender 0
Joe Munn and J Turner 1 W Scott snr. and R Speirs 0
W Muir and T Munn 1 T Cumming and R B Waddell 0
A Arthur and J Menzies 1 H P Black and W R Forsyth 0
  6   0

During the 1960s part of the course was lost due to road development on the Lathallan Estate.

The club moved to its present site at Maddiston in the mid 1970s.

Blair Lodge Golf Club. The course location in 1899.

Location of the Blair Lodge course in the late 1890s. Grid reference NS92045,78040, co-ordinates 292045,678040.



Polmont Golf Club. The course location in the 1930s.

The Polmont course in the 1930s. Grid reference NS94655,78130, co-ordinates 294655,678130.