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Callander Golf Club, Stirling. (1890 -1893)

A meeting was held in Callander Public Hall in September 1889 to discuss the viability of a golf course for the town. The meeting attended by like minded golf enthusiasts decided to form a club at Callander. The location was to be at the Muir of Gart about a mile to the south east of town. Old Tom Morris was called upon to supervise with the layout of the course.

The course was formally opened in June 1890, with Old Tom in attendance, see below.


Callander Golf Club, Stirling. Sketches at the opening of the earlier course in 1890.

From The Glasgow Evening News Monday 9th June 1890. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


It's difficult to make out the names of the people on the above image but here goes. from top left to right; W Thomson, secretary; J Lovedale; J B Baillie Hamilton, president; B Grey, captain; The Provost; McNab; Tom Morris. 

From The Golfing Annual Vol. V - 1891-92 - "Instituted May 5th 1890. The course which was formally opened on June 7th 1890 is situated at the Moor (sic) of Gart, on the Cambusmore Estate, and has been secured from Mr Baillie Hamilton, the proprietor, at a nominal rate. It is a circular one of nine-holes, averaging nearly 300 yards each, and, although still a little rough, is fast improving. The only drawback is, that the course lies two miles from the village, but, with comfortable conveyances in plenty, this does not matter much."  

Although the members were happy with the course it was quite remote and the club decided to move to their current location in about 1893. Tom Morris again supervised with the layout of the new course.

The Google Map below shows the location of the former course. Grid reference NN64680,05340, co-ordinates, 264680,705340.