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Denny Golf Club, Stirlingshire. (1896 - 1950s)

The course opened on Saturday 19 September 1896. Amongst those present at the opening were; William Bulloch, chairman; Provost Hunter, ex Provost Shanks; Rev A Oram McGregor; Rev D C Mackellar; Mr Hendry, solicitor, secretary; Mr J S Davidson, captain,  Bank of Scotland; Mr & Mrs David Shanks, Carronvale; Mr George Johnston, Randolphill;Mr A M Luke, Headswood; Dr Joss, Dr Lumsden, Mr John Laing, Longhill.

Mr Bulloch performed the opening ceremony and said that Denny had been attempting to form a club for many years. Having declared the course open Mr Bulloch hit the opening drive. The course was located in the south western fields of the farm of Mr A Gentles of Woodyett and was regarded by experts as “being excellent in every respect” It was hoped to gain further land to the east to extend the course. Over 40 members had already joined and the prosperity of the club looked assured.

Result of the April 1897 monthly medal presented by the captain, Mr Davidson; Andrew Pryde, 106-40-66; George Brown, 119-40-79; A M Luke, 95-9-86; James Luke, 95-9-86; Alex Allan, 101-15-86; John J Forbes, 116-25-91; David Shanks, 93 scratch; Alex Hendry, 135-40-95; Rev D C Mackellar, 139-40-99.  

At the AGM in October 1897 the following were elected; Alex M Luke, president; David Shanks, captain; Alex Hendry, secretary; committee as follows, Wm Bulloch, James Luke, J S Davidson, Dr Lumsden. 

The club either kept a low profile in the early part of the century or had a short early life as the next record found was in 1924.

Below the opening of the Glowerorum course.


Denny Golf Club, Stirligshire. The opening of the new golf course in June 1924.

From the Falkirk Herald Saturday 21 June 1924. Image © Johnston Press plc. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


Denny Golf Club, Stirlingshire. Report on the opening of the course in June 1924.

From the Falkirk Herald Saturday 28 June 1924. Image © Johnston Press plc. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


This later club had a healthy membership of about 200. This number had halved by closure.

Playing in the Championship competition in August 1925 Mr J McLaren did the ninth hole twice in two.

William Campbell won a stroke competition played in November 1925, the runner-up was J Reid.

The annual general meeting was held on Tuesday 2 February 1926. Bailie James K Shanks, captain, presided over a large attendance. The following officers were re-elected; Captain, Bailie James K Shanks; vice-captain, Henry Postle; secretary - William Nisbet, 58 Anderson Drive, Dennny; treasurer - Jack Lister, Bank of Scotland, Denny; committee - James Rankine, David Robertson, Joseph McNaughton, William McKeith, John McLaren and Misses Mathie, Neish, Ramsay, Renton and McKenna. The reports showed that the club was in a flourishing condition. 

The final of a mixed foursome competition was played in September 1927. Winners were Miss B Marshall and W Wood, runners-up Miss B Neish and Mr Wilson. 

Mr A Duncan won the October 1927 monthly medal with a score of 70, two strokes better than bogey. The final of the cup presented by Provost Shanks was won by John Reid defeating Alex Lochead by 2 and 1. The ladies' trophy was won by Miss Jenny Dunn who defeated Miss Nancy Alton by 4 and 3.

For the first time since its institution the Chapman Trophy (presented by W Chapman, Banker) was won in October 1928 by a lady, Miss K Sawers returned a score of net 70. 

The annual presentation of prizes was held in the Masonic Hall in November 1928, the prizes were presented by Mrs John McLaren, Viewfield; Wright Cup (presented by Hugh C Wright for club champion); winner, William McKeith; runner-up,  John Kay; West Borland Trophy (also presented by Mr Wright for lady champion); winner, Miss Janet Dunn; runner-up, Miss Jean Linklator; Gent's autumn tournament (cup presented by Provost J K Shanks); winner, William Wood; runner-up, John Reid; Ladies' autumn tournament (cup presented by Mrs Shanks); winner, Miss Kate Sawers; runner-up, Miss Janet Dunn; Monthly medal competitions (Chapman Cup); Ladies, Miss K Sawers; gentlemen, winner, Archibald Buchanan; runner-up, William Nisbet; Mixed foursome winners, Miss Jessie Don and John Reid; runners-up, Miss Betty Neish and John Kay. Mr Rankine, vice-captain, acted as chairman.

In June 1929 the Club Championship was to be played for by Tom Scott (late of Falkirk FC) and J F McQueen.

In July 1929 Miss Janet Dunn won the ladies’ championship for the third year running, her opponent in the final was Miss Kate Sawers.

The prize presentation was held in the Masonic Hall in November 1929; Club Championship – Glowrorum Cup – presented by Hugh C Wright – winner John Scott; runner-up, Thomas Scott; Ladies’ Championship – West Borland Cup- presented by Hugh C Wright – winner Miss Janet Dunn; runner-up, Miss Kate Sawers; Monthly Medal Cup – presented by William Chapman – winner, Albert Marshall; Best Aggregates – winner, Joseph Reid; runner-up, James Nisbet; Ladies’ Autumn Tournament – presented by Mrs James E Shanks – winner, Mrs James Mercer; runner-up, Miss Janet Dunn; Gent’s Autumn Tournament – Cup presented by Provost Shanks – winner, William McKeith; runner-up, John Wilson; Mixed Foursomes winners, William McKeith & Miss M McLaren; runners-up, Archibald Buchanan & Miss Mary Anderson.  


Denny Golf Club, Stirligshire. Article from the Falkirk Herald January 1931.

From the Falkirk Herald Wednesday 31 January 1931. Image © Illustrated London News Group. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


Denny Golf Club, Stirligshire. Article from the Falkirk Herald December 1931.

From the Falkirk Herald Wednesday 9 December 1931. Image © Illustrated London News Group. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


The AGM was held in the clubhouse on Monday 23 February 1932, Provost James K Shanks, club captain, presided over a small attendance. In his report Mr W A Nisbet, secretary, said that membership was 130 against 142 the previous year. The satisfactory financial statement was given by the treasurer, Mr J F Melvin. The following officers were elected; Captain, Provost Shanks; vice captains, James Rankine and John McLaren; secretary, W A Nisbet, 6 Anderson Drive, Denny; treasurer, J F Melvin, 11 Anderson Drive, Denny; committee – D Robertson, A Lochhead, G Finlay, R L Kelly, J Nisbet, J Sawers, Mrs J Mercer and J H Dunn, ladies’ captain.

In May 1932 the club held a Cake, Candy and Jumble Sale to raise money for a new mower and for improvements to the clubhouse and course. The sale realised about £30 which was considered satisfactory.

In October 1939 the committee scuppered rumours that because of the current difficult situation the club was to close for an indefinite period. It was confirmed that the club was to carry on even though the financial situation was showing a deficit on the year a satisfactory balance remained.      

Sunday play was not allowed in the 1920s but it was permitted from the late 1930s when it cost 2/6d to play on the Sabbath. Visitors’ fees were 1/- a day rising to 2/- by 1940. During 1940/50s it was known as the Denny Golf Club, Glowrorum Golf Course. At this time the 9-hole moorland course had a total measurement (18 holes) of 4,769yds with a SSS of 72. The clubhouse, which was unlicensed and without catering facilities, was half a mile from the town centre; Alexander’s buses from Stirling and Glasgow supplied a service to the golf course gate. The station at Denny was ½ mile away. Local hotels were the Railway and the Royal Oak.

A sad reflection of the times from the Stirling Observer Thursday 24 April 1941. "Although the clubhouse at Denny golf course is at present being utilised for other purposes, the club, it is learned, intend to carry on for the season despite the handicap. An appeal is being made to the members still available to do so, and a start to the season is likely to be made shortly. Temporary visitors to the district are likely to be invited to join up so to keep the "we ba's" progress swinging as usual, by way of recreation in the spare time from sterner things."

Death on Service. In July 1941 news was received through official sources that Air Cadet George Edgar Papworth, R.A.F., aged 29, had died in a southern hospital following a flying accident. When resident in the district he was one of the most outstanding players at Denny Golf Club, and a frequent winner of prizes.   

The shutters were eventually put up during the war years.

  Secretary Professional/greenkeeper
1896/7   J Anderson (p)
1925 W Nisbet, 58 Anderson Street, Denny. C Moffat (g)
1940/50s W Nisbet, 6 Anderson Drive, Denny. D Turpie (g)
1955on D A Sinclair, 8 Anderson Drive, Denny.  


  Course record (amateur)
1925 J McQueen 36
1926 T Scott 35
1940/50s J D Hamilton 72
1955on J W Watt 70

Below hopes of a revival in April 1946.


Denny Golf Club, Stirligshire. Hopes of a revival of the golf club in April 1946.

From the Falkirk Herald Saturday 13 April 1946. Image © Johnston Press plc. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


Play resumed on the first Saturday in May 1946 when there was a good turnout of enthusiasts, both old and new, on the Glowerorum course. The bringing of the course back to normality had been a matter of some difficulty with much hard work being put in by Mr Turpie, the green-keeper. The greens were in remarkably good condition but work was still needed on the fairways, but everyone was pulling together to make the improvements. A mixed foursomes was played between teams representing the captain, J Nisbet, and vice-captain, A Lochhead. Tea was served by the ladies following the match. Mr Nisbet thanked all for being present and made an appeal to secure new members to the club.

The annual meeting was held in March 1947, James Nisbet, captain, presided. It was decided to arrange competitions for the coming season to raise enthusiasm for members. An endeavour would be made to increase membership and each member was requested to try and introduce new members. With a view to returning the course to first class order it was decided to purchase a tractor and gang mower. The opening date was fixed for Saturday 19th April when a mixed foursome match would be played. The following officers were appointed; Hon. captain, ex-Provost J K Shanks M.B.E., D.L., J.P; vice-captain, ex-Bailie John McLaren, J.P; captain, Alexander Lochhead; vice-captain, E S McLaren; secretary, W Nisbet; treasurer, J S Claxton; committee - R Stewart, P Johnstone, R Campbell, W Campbell, J McHugh, J Richardson, M Young, W M Shanks, A Couper, J F Bruce, R McNee, A Dunn, J Smith, J Hermiston, D Kane, J Nisbet; Ladies' committee - Miss Janet Dunn, Mrs Ritchie, Mrs Campbell, Mrs A Dunn, Miss E McLaren, Miss M McLaren, Mrs J Mercer, Miss J B Linklater.

The opening of the course for the season took place as planned with a captain (A Lochhead) v vice-captain (E MClaren)  match which finished as a draw. In connection with the course the captain stated that they had been able to secure the services of David Turpie, their former green-keeper. 

In March 1948 the prize presentation was held; Club championship, Sam Mclaren; runner-up W Campbell; autumn tournament winner, R Campbell; runner-up, A McQueen.

The course was opened for the season in April 1949 with a stroke competition which was won by Alasdair Berrie. R McNie, the captain, welcomed the golfers and entertained them to tea.

In May 1949 a mixed foursome was played; Mrs W D Campbell and E S McLaren, tied with Miss J Dunn and James Burgess. In a bogey competition James Watt (5,) tied with W D Campbell (3,) on 3down.

In March 1950 H Shearer, a former professional, was appointed green-keeper at Denny.

The club continued to play competitions etc. until the mid 1950s.

In May 1955 the possibility of a new course was discussed with the council but this never came to fruition. 

From the Golfer's Handbook 1957; secretary (final entry); D A Sinclair, 8 Anderson Drive, Denny; Membership of 100; amateur course record; J W Watt, 70; Nine-holes Par 72, SSS 70; Visitors' fees, 2s a day, 2s/6d Sundays. 


Denny Golf Club, Stirlingshire. Earlier course location.

Location of the earlier course at Woodyett. Grid reference NS82415,82520, co-ordinates 282415,682520.



Course and pavilion.

Above is a postcard of the later Denny course and clubhouse. Thanks to Frank Accleton.


Denny golf course map

Location of the Glowerorum course in the 1950s. Grid reference NS80975,81765, co-ordinates 280975,681765.



Denny Golf Club had disappeared by 1960.