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Grangemouth Golf Club, Falkirk. (1909 - 1950s)

The public were invited to attend a meeting in the Lesser Town Hall on Tuesday 8th June 1909. Potential members of the Grangemouth Golf Club were encouraged to put their names forward to any of the following members of the sub-committee; William Simpson, Solicitor, Charing Cross; John Williamson, Oxgang; Alex Robertson (Currie and Company); M J Cahill, Collector of Customs; William Emslie, Custom-House Officer; David A Donald, Burgh Engineer; James Binnie, Solicitor, interim secretary. Subscription; Men, 21/-; Ladies, 10s/6d; Boys under 16, 5/-. All names to be registered by 21st June.  

The following is an extract from a report that appeared in the Falkirk Herald on Wednesday August 18th 1909. "With the present formation of a golf course at Grangemouth a long cherished desire has at last been met. As far back as fifteen years ago such a project was spoken of. The course is situated on two fields on the farm of Abbotsgrange extending to 42 acres and bounded on one side by Abbotsgrange Road, and on the other side by the road leading to Polmont. There is a natural in the centre in the form of a burn, dividing the two fields over which the course extends. In order to make the course a little more sporting in character a few artificial hazards have been introduced. The distance between the holes vary, ranging from 160 to 460 yards. The putting greens have been formed on the old sward, and with beating, rolling, sanding and cutting, a good surface has been obtained. The teeing greens have been raised about 8 or 9 inches above the original level of the ground.  On the invitation of the committee, Mr David A Donald, burgh surveyor, accepted the oversight of the construction of the course. Our reproduction (below) is from a sketch prepared by Mr Donald.. Arrangements have been made for Provost Mackay declaring the course open. Mrs Mackay is expected to drive off the first ball, and John Duncan, professional, and A M Swan, secretary, both of Stirling Golf Club, will give an exhibition match." 


Grangemouth Golf Club, Falkirk. Layout of the original course.

The above image shows the layout of the nine-hole Grangemouth course in 1909. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


The opening of the recently formed golf course at Grangemouth took place on Saturday 28th August 1909 in front of a large crowd in good weather. In the exhibition match which followed the opening ceremony Duncan scored 82 and Swan 89.

The first competition for the medal presented by Provost Mackay was played in March 1910. There were over 30 competitors, leading scores; John M Seth, 96-21-75; Alexander Williamson, 97-21-76; W M Henry, 101-24-77; Douglas Wood, 100-21-79; Andrew Torbett, 100-20-80; John Williamson, 104-24-80; J W Gillespie, 101-20-81; Thomas McEwan, 108-24-84; R Orrock, 91-6-85; Edward A Wood, 106-20-86.

Below a report on the opening of the new clubhouse in April 1912. Following the opening ceremony a mixed foursome competition took place Miss Wood, the ladies' captain, drove the first ball.


Grangemouth Golf Club, Falkirk. The opening of the new clubhouse April 1912.


Grangemouth Golf Club, Falkirk. The opening of the new clubhouse April 1912.


Grangemouth Golf Club, Falkirk. The opening of the new clubhouse April 1912.

Falkirk Herald Wednesday 1 May 1912.Image © Johnston Press plc. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


Grangemouth Golf Club, Falkirk. The earlier clubhouse and course.

Earlier Grangemouth clubhouse and course.


Result of a match played at Polmont in September 1912.

Polmont Golf Club   Grangemouth Golf Club  
W R Gardiner 0 R M Hall 1
C W Robinson 1 J W Gillespie 0
John Culver 1 James Hay 0
John Hay 1 A Dempster 0
George Cumming 1 D Walker 0
John Abercrombie 0 H Fletcher 1
John Watson 1 C Millar 0
Peter Wilson 1 A Taylor 0
E M Lane 0 A Williamson 1
Tom Moir 1 T Hardie 0
Robert Speirs 1 R Marshall 0
Alex. Walke 1 C Powell 0
J W Biggar 1 John Hastie 0
John Walker 1 J Wilkinson 0
  11   3

Result of the October 1912 monthly medal; Frank Nicol (13) 82; R Hall (13) 83; R Marshall (13) 88; T Robertson (15) 90; J F Hastie (16) 90; A Dempster (9) 95; C Powell (15) 102. 

The course is marked top left on the map below


Grangemouth Golf Club, Stirlingshire. The course marked on the 1921 O.S. Maap.

Ordnance Survey Map © Crown Copyright {1921}


The death was reported in March 1931 of John Williamson, founder member and fist captain of the club.

From the 1933 Golfer's Handbook; Membership 300; hon. secretary - J Gilmore, Union Bank, Grangemouth; green-keeper, T Graham; 18-hole course; amateur course record - J Gilmore, 68; visitors - 1s/6d a day, 6s a week, 15s a month. No Sunday play.

Report on the annual meeting in February 1935.


Grangemouth Golf Club, Falkirk. Report on the annual meeting in February 1935.

Falkirk Herald Saturday 9 February 1935. Image © Johnston Press plc. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


At the annual meeting in February 1938 it was announced that after six years as president A Stewart would be stepping aside, Dr. J G Anderson was elected to replace him. Other appointments; vice-president, John J S Binnie; captain, J Reid; vice-captain, R Milne; secretary and treasurer, J Gilmore; auditors, F C Donnan and F Nicol; committee - J McKerron, J M L Urie, T Sime, H Campbell, J Barrie, N D Mackenzie, D Morrison, D Glen, T Nisbet, R Baird. It was decided to allow sheep grazing to continue on the course.

It was reported in November 1938 that when the new aerodrome is built the golf course would be reduced to nine-holes due to the encroachment of the airfield. 

Reports on the opening of the new course in April 1939.


Grangemouth Golf Club, Falkirk, Stirling. Report on the opening of the new course in April 1939.

The Scotsman Monday 10 April 1939. Image © Johnston Press plc.


Grangemouth Golf Club, Falkirk. Opening of the new course in April 1939.

Falkirk Herald Wednesday 12 April 1939. Image © Johnston Press plc. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


Dr J G Anderson, president, was in the chair at the AGM held in the YMCA Hall in April 1940. It was stated that a large expenditure had been incurred during the year on the "new course". The following officers were elected; Dr J G Anderson, president; John J S Binnie, vice-president; Norman D Mackenzie, captain; J W Intin, vice-captain; J Gilmore, Union Bank, Grangemore, secretary and treasurer; committee - J Barrie, D Fraser, A Grenfell, R Milne, D Morrison, I F Mackenzie, James Mackerron, W McNaughton, T Sime and J M L Urie. There was no question of the activities of the club being suspended, as was being rumoured round the town.    

The annual general meeting was held on Thursday 8th March 1945. Mr J W Intin, vice-president, was in the chair. Mr J Gilmore, treasurer, produced a satisfactory balance sheet. The following officers were elected; Dr J G Anderson, president; Mr J W Intin, vice-president; F C Donnan, captain; A Robertson, vice-captain; J Gilmore, secretary and treasurer; committee - W Brunton, J S Gordon, T Syme, J M L Urie, W Marshall, W B Palmer, A N F Stewart, R Masson, A C Marshall, W McNaughton, N D Mackenzie and F C Donnan. 

Golfer's Handbooks 1947-1951; Membership 250; hon. secretary, J Gilmore; 9-holes, Par and SSS 70; visitors - 1s/6d a day, 6 shillings a week; No Sunday play.

In June 1948 there was an exciting finish to the Club Championship. Ian Charleston, the last man in, had to hole a five yard putt to win. This he did to return a score of 153 (77 and 76). Joint runners-up were J Williamson (74 and 80) and A J Brunton (76 and 78) 154. The trophy was presented by Mr W J Intin in the clubhouse. Result of the Cahill Medal also played in June 1948; A J Brunton, 71-6-65; William Addison, 73-6-67.  

The annual meeting of the ladies' section was held in January 1950. The following officers were elected; Captain, Mrs A Wilson; vice-captain, Mrs William Murray; secretary and treasurer, Mrs A Craddock, Lyndhurst, Abbots Road; committee - Mrs J Gilmore, Mrs W Dollar, Mrs R Milne, Mrs A Winton, Mrs C Walgate, Mrs A McKerron.

Results of competitions played in August 1950. Mixed foursomes; winners, Miss N Smith & A C Marshall; runners-up, Mrs Shadlock & J Gilmore; Consolation prizes - Mrs Graham & A F Bell. Vice-presidents prize; winner, William Anderson, runners-up, James Reid, Jas Gilmore, Jack Munro and J F Christie. 

In May 1954 the Grangemouth Town Council provisionally approved a revised plan for the development of 142 acres of land for housing and other purposes. on the west side of Grangemouth Airfield. The utilisation of 43 acres occupied by the golf course would be reserved as an open space and form an extension to the Zetland Park.

In June 1954 the club championship was won by Dr Charles Donald with a score of 150; runner-up, R P Clingan, 151. In the absence of the president, Provost J J S Binnie, the vice-president, Mr R Milne, handed the championship trophy to Dr Donald.

Winners of a mixed foursome competition played in July 1954; Mrs McCracken & R Clingan, 84-20-64; Miss Maxwell & J J S Binnie, 97-27-70; Miss R Panton & T Kerr and Mrs Kerr & J Reid, tied third. Ladies' section handicap competition; Mrs J Lindsay, 103-34-69.

It was reported in July 1954 that in view of the fact that in all probability Grangemouth golf course would be taken over for "other purposes" in the near future the Town Council has decided to take no action to remedy local flooding on the course.

Winners of competitions held in June 1955; Boys' Championship - winner, C B Donald, 77, runner-up, B McCracken, 87; McGowan Clock - scratch - W Addison, 76; Merchant's Medal - A Laird, 80-10-70.

In July 1955 a meeting of the Housing Committee was held to consider discussions with the Grangemouth Golf Club regarding land at Polmont Bank; a sign of things to come?

In October 1955 the trophies for the ladies' section were presented; Jackson Trophy - winner, Mrs Rasberry, runner-up, Mrs Donald; foursomes - winners, Mrs Marshall & Miss E Kay, runners-up, Mrs Wilson & Miss Malcolmnson; Ringer Competition, A division - winner, Mrs Craddock, runner-up, Mrs Marshall; B division - Mrs Wilson and Mrs McCracken, equal third.

In 1955 the secretary was J Reid, 8 Victoria Park, Grangemouth.

In the mid 1950s the Grangemouth Golf Club course was compulsory purchased by the council and was mostly developed for housing.

The current municipal course opened in 1974.

The Google Map below pinpoints the location of the former course prior to WW1. With the encroachment of the aerodrome in the late 1930s the course was squeezed into a smaller area in the south of Zetland Park.