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Cluny Golf Club, Monymusk, Aberdeenshire. (1906 - 1950s)

There were two courses in Cluny.

The first was a private course on land owned by Sir Reginald Cathcart. It was reported in the Aberdeen Journal in July 1906 that Sir Reginald had given permission for a golf club to be formed to play on the course. Sir Reginald Cathcart was to be honorary president; Ranald R Macdonald was appointed president; Mr Nichol, vice-president; Mr Alexander, captain; Mr Crighton secretary and treasurer. The members had been using the course for some time, but the formal opening took place on Saturday 21st July 1906. The course was laid out opposite the North Lodge in a picturesque woodland setting.

The report went on “At three o’clock a large number of ladies and gentlemen had assembled, and, in the absence of the president, who had been unavoidably delayed in town, Rev P Taylor called on Mr Alexander, the captain, who has taken a great interest in the formation of the club, to make a few remarks. Mr Alexander expressed regret at Mr Macdonald’s absence, and went on to explain the steps which had been taken in the formation of the club. The golf fever had invaded every corner of the land, and though a few enthusiastic golfers in the district used to go occasionally to Aberdeen to enjoy a game, there was no opportunity for a large number to have that enjoyment within reasonable distance till now, when by Sir Reginald’s kindness that course was open to them, and the large number who had eagerly taken advantage of it showed how much the privilege was appreciated. Tea and strawberries were then served at tables under the trees by the following ladies – Mrs Macdonald, Mrs Taylor, Mrs Crighton, Mrs Allan, Mrs Duncan and Mrs Macleod, after which the company was photographed. All then went to witness the driving of the first ball by Mrs Macdonald, which she accomplished with a dexterous stroke, which sent the ball well up to the green, and earned hearty applause. A number of foursomes were then arranged, and in the fine evening, play went on with great zest for several rounds.”   

The following club and course was located on the Monymusk to Sauchen Road near Cluny Castle and appeared following WW1.  

A 9-hole course with a SSS of 32 in 1940, amended to 33 by the club’s closure. Membership peaked at 110 in the early 1920s decreasing to about 40 by closure. The railway station at Monymusk was one mile away. Visitors’ fees were 1/- a day and 3/- a week in the early years rising to 1/6d and 5/- in the 1950s.

Below is the result of a match played at Kenmay on Wednesday 20th July 1927.

Kenmay Golf Club   Cluny Golf Club  
G A Machray 1 W Milne 0
J R Gordon 1 W Bruce 0
W Riddell 0 J Burnett 1
J Middleton 1 N Scott 0
A G Petrie 1 J Milne 0
E McPherson 1 J Williams 0
F Mitchell 1 A Marr 0
J Newlands (half) 0 J Ewen (half) 0
W Duncan 0 C Crombie 1
J S Mitchell 0 Rev W Murdoch 1
J G Gray 1 G Gray 0
W Brown 1 R Green 0
F Gilbert 1 A Todd 0
  9   3

The annual meeting and prize giving was held in March 1936. Prize winners - Smith Challenge Cup - Ladies - Miss Ferguson; Gentlemen - J Ewen; Ladies' Trophy - Mrs Allan, (by winning it three years in successsion becomes her own property); Gentlemen's Trophy, G Milne. It was hoped that the pavilion would be erected in time for the opening of the new season in April. Office bearers; Patron, C A Linzee-Gordon; president, H R Mollison, Prospect Cottage; vice-president, Mrs Allan, Tillycairn; captain, J R Milne; vice-captain, William Bey; secretary and treasurer, W J Milne, Hamewith. 

In June 1936 the attractive pavilion erected by the Cluny Golf Club was opened by Mr C A Lindsay-Gordon of Cluny. The pavilion was reported to be “a substantial wooden building with a solid concrete foundation. It contains beautifully lined cloakrooms for ladies and gentlemen, with tables and chairs, stove, wash basins and lockers”. Mrs Allan, vice-president of the club officiated at the opening. She welcomed all who were present, particularly their laird and Mrs Lindsay-Gordon. She said they were fortunate to have a course set amongst such beautiful surroundings, and for this privilege they owed much to their laird who gave them the use of the course for free. Mr Lindsay-Gordon had also given a generous donation towards the cost of the building materials for the pavilion. The club were lucky that many donations had been made by members to cover the cost of the £120 building. Particular mention was made of Mr Moncrieff Paterson of Tilliefoure for his generous contribution. Mr Lindsay Gordon complimented the club on their energy to raise the funds, he went on to say that he was pleased with the building and complimented the workmen who had constructed the pavilion. Club membership at around 60. Tea, prepared by the ladies of the club, was served at tables on the lawn in front of the clubhouse. After this a mixed foursome match was played by the members. 

Below is the result of a ladies match played at Cluny against Kenmay in June 1937.  

Cluny Golf Club   Kenmay Golf Club  
Miss Ferguson 1 Miss Gerrard 0
Miss Fyvie 1 Miss M Melvin 0
Mrs Milne 0 Miss K Gordon 1
Miss Gill 1 Miss E Taylor 0
Mrs Crombie 0 Miss A Melvin 1
Mrs Allan 0 Miss Gordon 1
Miss Adam 0 Miss M Mitchell 1
  3   4

Below is the result of a match played against the early Alford Golf Club in August 1938 on their course at the Haughton House Hotel.

Alford Golf Club   Cluny Golf Club  
T R Taberner 1 W Bey 0
Cyril Mutch 0 L W Clark 1
J S Stewart junior 0 J Kennedy 1
J Mitchell 0 J R Milne 1
Simpson Stewart 1 J P Fraser 0
J Herd 1 John Milne 0
J Ritchie 0 L Adam 1
D Benzie 1 G Gray 0
James Malcolm 0 J Main 1
Miss Benzie 1 G Hunter 0
  5   5

In December 1938 members of the Cluny Golf Club, with their friends, held an "at home" in Millbank Hall, Cluny. Mr H R Mollison, president of the club, called on Lady Grant of Monymusk to present the season's trophies. The winners were; Smith Challenge Cup (Ladies) - Mrs J R Milne, Monymusk; John Main Prize (Ladies) - Miss J F Moir, Cluny; Smith Challenge Cup (Gents) - L A Adam, Cluny; Wishart and Ewen Trophy and Gold Medal - L W Clark, Monymusk.  

Early 1920s James Lawson, North of Scotland and Town and Country Bank Ltd, Sauchen, Cluny
1923 Geo Rennie, North of Scotland and Town and Country Bank Ltd, Sauchen, Cluny.
Mid 1920/30s A McLeod, The Gardens, Monymusk.
1940/1947 Jas Kennedy of Bank House, Sauchen, Aberdeen.
1950s J M Cruickshank, Castle Fraser, Kenmay.


  Professional/greenkeeper Course records, amateur
Early 1920s William Skinner (g) R Taylor 30
1940/47   R Milne 29.
1950s W Duffus (g)  


Cluny Golf Club, Monymusk, Aberdeenshire. The Former Cluny Clubhouse.

The dilapidated former Cluny clubhouse situated
near Cluny Castle on the Monymusk to Sauchen road. Photograph by Stanley Howe (CC BY-SA 2.0)


Cluny Golf Club disappeared in the late 1950s.