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Keith Golf Club, Moray.

The club was founded in 1901.

A 9-hole course to the east of the town in the valley of Drum Burn. There was a small but comfortable clubhouse that had good views of the valley and onward towards Balloch Hill in the distance. During the 1920s and to the club’s closure the greenkeeper was George MacPherson; he also carried out club repairs in a shed on the course. Sunday play was not allowed. The station at Keith Town was 1 mile away.

Local hotels were the Royal and the Commercial.

Below is the result of a match played at Keith against Aberlour (now defunct) on Saturday 28th September 1907.

Keith Golf Club   Aberlour Golf Club  
D J Corrigal 0 J M Strachan 1
P Laing 0 W Goldie 1
J Mitchell jnr 1 G Coubrough 0
W M McConnachie 0 D Morrison 1
R Hendry 1 J Thomson 0
F W Grieve 1 A Auchinachie 0
G R Mair 1 R J Morrison 0
W Munro 0 A Price 1
  4   4

Below is the result of a match played at Keith against Cullen on Saturday 19th June 1909. 

Keith   Cullen  
D J Corrigall 1 G Mustard 0
P Laing 0 G S Ewen 1
J Mitchell junior (half) 0 R Gregor (half) 0
Major Reynolds 0 J Mustard 1
W Munro 0 W Newlands 1
W M McConnachie 0 J S Spence 1
F W Grieve 1 J Harthill 0
S D Mayer 1 J G Dunbar 0
R Hendry 1 W Beaton 0
F P Hay (half) 0 W McLeod (half) 0
W Wilkie 1 D R Sime 0
A Mather 1 A Martin 0
C McConnachie 1 J Simpson 0
O Ogilvie 0 B Miller 1
  7   5

Below is the result of a match played at Huntly on Saturday 25th May 1912. 

Huntly   Keith  
T S Watt 1 M Pringle 0
J A Sellar 1 W Munro 0
W McKay 1 Geo Wood 0
James Fraser 1 Arthur Mathur 0
R H N Sellar 1 J D McPetrie 0
J G Urquhart 0 F Grieve 1
J Valentine 1 W McConnachie 0
John Sellar 0 A G Allen 1
E V Anton 1 John Laidlaw 0
  7   2

In 1914 club membership was 100. Entry fee was 6/- and subs 15/-. Visitors’ fees were 1/- a day, 2/6 a week and 5/- a month.


Keith Golf Club, Moray. A view of the course in the 1920s.

A view of the golf course at Keith in the1920s.


The season opened on Wednesday 15th April 1925, the ceremony was performed by Provost Kynoch, president of the club. A mixed foursome competition took place, result as follows; Mrs Auchenachie and J Anderson (winners); Mrs Thom and J Smith; Miss Jeanie Taylor and J Mitchell. The sweepstake winner was Rev D C Murray, 39; runner-up, William Munro, 40.

The opening competition for the 1928 season was a mixed foursome played in April, result as follows; Mrs Grieve and T Taylor (winners); Mrs Melvin and Mr McLaggan; Miss Auchenachie and J Laidlaw. Gentlemen’s singles; R Cameron, R Sutherland and G Laing

During the 1930s membership averaged 150. Visitors’ fees were 1/6d a day, 5/- a week and 10/- a month.

Below is the result of a match played at Cullen In July 1931. 

Cullen Golf Club   Keith Golf Club  
W A Simpson 1 G Taylor 0
Jas Harthill 1 J McWilliam 0
D McAlpine 0 J W D Laidlaw 1
A Addison 0 Roy C Laidlaw 1
G Wood 0 J Dalgarn0 1
Jas Runcie 1 A R Davidson 0
Geo Desson 1 A Auchanachie 0
A G Davidson 1 A J Inglis 0
J A Miller 1 J Mackie 0
C Shearer 1 L Mercer 0
W Burnett 1 W H Douglas 0
W Donald 1 G Kirkwood 0
G Gardiner 0 L Bain 1
  9   4

Below, result of a match played against Turriff at Rosehall in June 1937. 

Turriff Golf Club   Keith Golf Club  
James Duncan 0 James McWilliam 1
John Watters 1 Charles K Allen 0
R A Brown 1 M T Borrell 0
W S Farquhar 1 Geo F Knox 0
Reverend P C MacQuoid 1 A Goodall 0
H Angus 1 A Mackie 0
William Gammie 0 H Lauder 1
Geo Shand 1 James Ross 0
C Thomson 1 R Sinclair 0
R Taylor 1 A Thom 0
Charles Geddes 1 John A Taylor 0
John Dickie 1 Rob Mitchell 0
  10   2

The annual meeting was held in the Institute in March 1938. A satisfactory report was submitted by the secretary and treasurer, A T T Mitchell. The following office bearers were elected; captain, G F Knox; vice-captain, M T Borrell; secretary and treasurer, Alex Goodall, Westerton Road, match secretary, John Nicholson, 43 Fife Street. It was agreed to ask if the Seafield Trustees would permit play on Sundays. Mr Mitchell was thanked for his services as secretary over the past few years. 

At the annual meeting of the Keith Golf Club in March 1939 the following officers were appointed; Captain, M T Borrell; vice-captain, J Mitchell; secretary and treasurer, A Goodall, Westerton Road; match secretary, John Nicolson, Fife Street; committee – A Auchinachie, G K Ironside, John Geddes, G I Laing, T Mackie, A T T Mitchell, L Mitchell, R Laidlaw, Jas Peggie, T M Taylor and W Sutherland. The question of Sunday play was discussed and it was agreed to take the matter up with the Seafield Trustees. It was decided to purchase a second-hand motor car to pull the mower.  


  Secretary Greenkeeper
1914 W Mayer G MacPherson
1924 G M Stuart, "Denview" Moss Street, Keith. G MacPherson
1930s G M Stuart, 67 Moss Street, Keith. G MacPherson
mid 1930s to 1938 A T T Mitchell, Den View, Keith. G MacPherson


  Amateur course records
1924 George Taylor 68
1930s George Taylor and T M Taylor 31


Keith Golf Club, Moray. A postcard, dated 9th August 1918.

A postcard, dated 9th August 1918, showing Keith Golf Course.


Keith Golf Club, Moray. Location of the former Keith Golf Course.

Map showing the location of the original Keith Golf Course.

Grid reference NJ44155,49945, co-ordinates 344155,849945.



WWII saw the demise of the club and the course reverted to farmland. The current Keith club was founded in the 1960s.