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Dunning Golf Club, Perth & Kinross. (1906 - WW2) 

Founded in 1906.

The original nine-hole course was located to the south east of Dunning at the Mains of Pitcairns. It moved to the current location in 1946. 

At the annual meeting in February 1920 the following office bearers were appointed; Hon. president, Lord Rollo; hon. vice-presidents; J M Fraser and T MacArly; captain, James E Bett; secretary and treasurer, W Kerr, Schoolhouse; committee - Mrs Kerr, Mrs Flett, Miss A M Dougall, R Flett, D Hepburn, R Brown.

There was a good crowd at the formal opening of the course for the season which took place on Saturday 10th April 1920. The captain, James Bett, called on the Hon. Rosealine Rollo to perform the opening ceremony, after which tea was served, kindly provided by Thomas Mac Arly, Pitcairns. A mixed foursome match was played between teams selected by the captain and secretary.

In the final of the Whyte Medal played in January 1921 D Hepburn defeated B Orr by 3&2.

James Bett presided at the annual meeting in March 1921. The reports given by the secretary and the treasurer showed that the club was in a satisfactory state. The following officers were elected; Hon. president, Lord Rollo; hon. vice-presidents - Lady Wilson and J M Fraser; captain, James E Bett; secretary, William Kerr; treasurer, William Brown; committee - Mrs Kerr, Mrs Flett, Miss A M Dougall, Miss May Dougall, R Flett, J Beatson, R Dougall, D Hepburn. The course will be opened on Saturday 9th April.

Below is the result of a match against Perth Railwaymen played in April 1927.

Dunning Golf Club   Perth Railwaymen  
G Orr & J Bett 0 W Carrie & T Ramsay 1
J Whytock & J Craig 1 R A Stewart & D Kerr 0
James Dunn & W Gardiner 1 J Doig & J Knight 0
R Gardiner & W Orr 1 A Menzies & W Martin 0
W Walker & Jack Dunn 1 D Bannerman & E Lang 0
R Mailer & D Hepburn 1 R Stewart & J Hunter 0
L Angus 1 J Martin 0
  6   1

The ties for the Championship of Dunning Golf Club and the Alexander Cup were played off in July 1928, the semi-finsl results as follows; George Orr beat J Whytock and  L Whytock beat H Duncan. 

The annual general meeting was held in March 1929 the captain, L Angus, presided. Satisfactory reports were presented by the secretary and treasurer, W Kerr, showing that the club was prospering. The following office bearers were elected; President, Lord Rollo; Vice Presidents – Lady Wilson, Mrs McArly, Hon. Constance Rollo, J M Fraser, D Alexander, W Kerr; Captain, George Orr; Secretary, James McGhee; Treasurer, Norman Wright; Committee – L Angus, R Dougall, J Whytock, G Walker, D Hepburn, Mrs Wright, Miss McLagan, Miss Ogilvie and Miss E Philip. The course had improved during the winter months with the greens being sanded and dressed, Mr J Golder, Newton of Pitcairns, was re-appointed as greenkeeper. Thanks were passed to Mr W Kerr for his services as secretary and treasurer for many years. Mr Kerr, who was headmaster at the public school, would be leaving the district in the near future.

In September 1929 the competition for the Lady Wilson Cup was completed and resulted in a win for Miss A Philp over Isa Orr.

Result of a match played at Newburgh in July 1933.


Dunning Golf Club, Perth and Kinross. Result of a match against Newburgh in July 1933.

Dundee Courier Monday 10th July 1933. Image © D.C.Thomson & Co. Ltd. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


Result of a one club competition played in August 1934 for a prize given by the captain, Mr George Orr; the winner was Mr J D McGhie with a scratch score of 75. There was also a stroke competition with a prize given by the secretary, Mr J D McGhie. The winner was Mr W McLellan with a score of 82-10-72, his round included a hole in one at the sixth. The August monthly medal was won by James Hepburn, 72-3-69. 

A “novelty” competition was held on Saturday 26th September 1936, the prize was given by Mr I Robertson. The winner was Mr J Whytock, Mr J D McGhie was runner-up.

Articles below on the opening of the 1939 season.


Dunning Golf Club, Perthshire. The opening of the season in May 1939.


Dunning Golf Club, Perthshire. The opening of the season in May 1939.

From the Perthshire Advertiser Wednesday 31st May 1939. Images © Trinity Mirror. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


Result of the June 1939 monthly medal; A Doig, 81-8-73; L S Whytock, 73 net.

Below the club continues despite WW2.


Dunning Golf Club, Perthshire. The club continues despite WW2.

From the Perthshire Advertiser Saturday 27th October 1945. Image © Trinity Mirror. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


Grid reference for the former course NO03110,13140, co-ordinates 303110,713140.

The Google Map below pinpoints Mains of Pitcairns, location of the former course.