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Clynder Golf Club, Argyll & Bute. (1890s) 

The following report appeared in the Glasgow Herald on the 2 June 1896. “Clynder – Fernie of Troon, last week staked off the ground for Golf Links, and Mr Lindsay, of Helensburgh, who laid out the course there, and who has the contract on hand, began operations this week with a large group of men. It is expected that the links will be open in about three weeks. Mr Fernie considers that it will be one of the prettiest short courses in Scotland. Mr Thom of Barremman, with his usual generosity, has undertaken to defray the whole expenses connected with the laying out of the course (over £100). The links are easily got at, being within two minutes’ walk of the pier.”

Hopefully -  more information on the club and course to follow. 


Clynder Golf Club, Argyll & Bute. 1898 O.S map of the area.

Barrermman Pier is marked at the bottom of the above map. Barrermman Old Farm top of the map (course not marked). Reproduced from the {1898} Ordnance Survey Map.


The Google Map below pinpoints the area around the former Barremman Pier, which was a two minute walk from the golf course?