Lochgilphead Golf Club, Argyll & Bute. (1891 - WW2)

The original club was founded in 1891 and continued until WW2. Following the war the club fell into decline.

In April 1893 a competition was held for three prizes given by Captain Campbell of Inverneil. There was a good turnout of members playing in steady downpour of rain, result; A J Fraser, 102-20-82; C D Mackenzie, 91-7-84; William Stewart, 107-22-85.

In November 1895 the AGM was held at the Argyll Hotel. There was a healthy gathering of 45 gentlemen and 15 ladies. Amongst the topics discussed was the possibility of the club becoming tenants of the course, with the opton of sub letting for grazing. This would enable the club to make necessary improvements to the course, incuding building a clubhouse.

In April 1896 a committee meeting was held at the Corran to discuss the clubhouse issue. Mr D Campbell, joiner offered to erect a clubhouse in Bank Park for the sum of £30, this was accepted and the work would start in the next week or two.

The club seemed quiet active during this period, the course was in good condition, and there were regular medal competitions, there was also a club match against Inverneill.

In June 1898 Lochgilphead visited Tarbert to celebrate the opening of the Tarbert course. After a one sided game the visitors were entertained at the Columba Hotel, Captain Campbell of Stonefield in the chair.

Tarbert Golf Club   Lochgilphead Golf Club  
Dr Bayne 0 Dr Hunter 5
Jas E Graham 0 M Sinclair 7
Alex McFarlane 0 R M Jack 8
H Aird 0 Lt Col Campbell of Inverneill 4
  0   24

There were concerns in the early 1900s, the course seemed little used and some areas had become overgrown. There were still problems with obtaining the sole tenancy of the course, and grazing rights were still an issue. There was, however, optimism that the club would soon become sole tenants with the opportunity of making improvements to the course.


Lochgilphead Golf Club, Argyll & Bute. View of the course pre-WW1.

Pre WW1 Postcard of Lochgilphead Golf Course (to the right). Authors Collection.


In 1901 things were looking brighter, the greens had been fenced off, rolled and treated. In September of this year the clubhouse was moved to a location nearer Bishopton Bridge. The building was lifted on to a gun carriage and drawn across the course by three horses.

The following is taken from the 1905 Nisbet's Golf Yearbook. Number of members 40. Secretary; M Sinclair, County Buildings, Lochgilphead; Captain - Dr Hunter Corran; Green-keeper - W Johnstone; Entrance fee, nil; subs 10/6, ladies 5/-; Amateur record - M Sinclair 72; Visitors' fees, 1/- a day, 2/6 a week, 3/6 a fortnight, 5/- a month. An interesting little course, close to Crinan Canal, The length of the nine-holes is about 2,000 yards. A small river runs through the course which is utilised as a hazard at several holes. Other hazards are trees, hedges, whins and artificial bunkers. 


Lochgilphead Golf Club, Argyll & Bute. The course in the early 1920s.

Early 1920s postcard of the Lochgilphead golf course.


In 1932/33 the secretary was R Cromarty, Union Bank, Lochgilphead, the green-keeper was J McGill. Club membership of 90. Amateur course record, G R Russell 65. Visitors, 1/6 a day, 5/- a week, 17/6 a month. Sunday play was not allowed.

Towards the end of its existence at the time of WW2 the secretary was R V Paterson, “Drimpark” Lochgilphead, the professional and greenkeeper was D McPhee. The 9 hole course had a SSS of 63. Visitors’ fees were 1/6 a day, 5/- aweek and 17/6 a month. Sunday play was not allowed.


Lochgilphead Golf Club, Argyll & Bute. Location of the earlier golf course.

Bank Park, location of the early course. Grid reference NR85900,88150, co-ordinates 185900,688150.



The current club was founded in 1963.