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Beauly Golf Club, Highland. (1910 - WW1)

Following is an extract from a report that appeared in the Dundee Courier on Monday 27th June 1910. “The new 18-hole course at Beauly was opened on Saturday by Lord Lovat, who, in the course of his remarks, said the game of golf was taking a firm hold upon the fancy of people. The residents of Beauly had come forward in commendable fashion and contributed handsomely to the cost of the construction of the course. He much regretted the absence of Ben Sayers, who, had laid out the course with his wonted ingenuity.  He was glad to see that Mr Campbell, the indefatigable secretary, and his enterprising committee had everything in such good condition for the opening.

Provost Gossip, Inverness, presented Lord Lovat with a silver-mounted Spalding driver, suitably inscribed, as a momento of the occasion. Lord Lovat drove the first ball, he was partnered by Mr Aylmer, the amateur finalist, against Mr T E Grant, Royal Dornoch and Mr Birnie, Beauly. The four-ball match was watched by a large crowd, who were rewarded by seeing some grand play. Mr Aylmer (scored 73) and Mr Lovat won the match by 3 and 1.

The course was 4,932 yards in length with holes varying from 135 yards to 377 yards.” 

In 1910 the professional was James Baillie. 


Beauly Golf Club, Highland. Report on a professional match at Beauly August 1910.

From the Ross-shire Journal Friday 12th August 1910. Image © Scottish Provincial Press Ltd. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


Below is the result of match played on Saturday 17th September 1910 between teams captained by Lord Lovatt and the Secretary of the Beauly Club. 

Lord Lovatt's Side   Secretary's Side  
Capt Hugh Fraser 0 J W Macrae 1
James Grant (half) 0 G B Jamieson (half) 0
J Vickers 1 D McPherson 0
John McCallum 0 J Baillie 1
Ian Gunn 1 A Paterson 0
John McDonald 1 A Macrae 0
K McKenzie (half) 0 Charles McLeod (half) 0
L Husbands 1 W Cameron 0
J Anderson 0 D Pollocok 1
A M Grieve 0 George Galloway 1
Tom McKenzie 1 Peter Lennox 0
R Kay 1 J R Pollock 0
Charles Macrae 0 T McCallum 1
  6   5

On Saturday 24th September 1910 the winner of the first-class medal was Ian Gunn with a score of 91-6-85; runner-up was D Macpherson, 101-10-91. The second-class medal was won by Kenneth Mackenzie, 103-25-78; runner-up, Rev. L MacVicar 102-20-82.

Result of a New Year's competition played in January 1911; J A Campbell, 93-14-79; John Macdonald, 93-12-81; A Paterson, 96-14-82; A Gunn, 94-10-84; Rev. L McVicar, 106-20-86; John Mackenzie, 91-3-88. 

Below is the result of a match against Alness Golf Club played in January 1911.


Beauly Golf Club, Highland. The result of a match against Alness Golf Club in January 1911. From the Ross-shire Journal Friday 27th January 1911. Image © Scottish Provincial Press Ltd. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


It was reported in the Ross-shire Journal on Friday 3rd March 1911 that J Robertson, who had been professional at Walsall Golf Club, Staffordshire, for three years, was leaving to take up a similar position at the Beauly Golf Club. He was to start his duties on March 6th.

The final for Mr Garrioch’s prizes were played on Monday 5th June 1911 when Mrs McAllum and J Macdonald beat Miss Grant and A Birnie by one hole. 

Result of the Lord Lovat Cup played on Monday 12th June 1911; Anton Gunn, 85-10-75; Ian Gunn, 80-4-76; John Macdonald, 93-10-83; James Ellis, 86 scratch; Thomas Fraser, 96-10-86; R W Hepburn, 95-10-86; Charles Macleod, 100-14-86.

Result of a match played at Alness in July 1911.

Alness Golf Club   Beauly Golf Club  
George Munro 0 A Birnie 1
Norman West 0 J Ellis 1
John Fraser 0 D Maclennan 1
David Ross 0 Ian Gunn 1
A Brownlie 1 A F Black 0
James Paul 1 Anton Gunn 0
Robert Walker 1 John Macdonald 0
Robert Murray 1 J Vickers 0
A J Mackenzie 0 A Paterson 1
H Urquhart 0 Alick Ross 1
Arthur Mackenzie 1 A M Grieve 0
  5   6

Below is the opening of the Beauly clubhouse in August 1913.


Beauly Golf Club, Highland. The opening of the Beauly clubhouse August 1913.

From the Aberdeen Press & Journal Wednesday 13th August 1913. Image © D.C.Thomson & Co. Ltd. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


In 1913/14 the address was Beauly Golf Club, Inverness-shire; the secretaries were Geo T Thin, Netherdale, Beauly and R G J Kirk CA, 212 St Vincent Street, Glasgow; the professional was R Burnett. An 18 hole course on loam and sandy soil. There was a membership of 120. There was no entry fee. Subs for gents were £1/1/0, ladies 10/6d. Visitors’ fees were 5/- a week and 10/- a month. Sunday play was not allowed. The railway station at Beauly was ¼ mile away.

Mr A Birnie presided at the annual meeting held in March 1914. The treasurer submitted a highly satisfactory financial statement. The following officers were elected; President, Lord Lovat; Vice-Presidents, Hon. B C Maxwell, Farley House, Captain E R Oldfield, Achnagairn and Mr A W Marr, Belladrum; Captain, Mr J A Campbell; Committee – A Ross, G Leslie. R W Hepburn, G T Gillespie, G Galloway, J Fraser, J Mackenzie, A Birnie, T McCallum and P C Eaglesham; Handicap Committee - J Macdonald, J Mackenzie and A Ross; Green Commiittee – G Galloway, J A Campbell and A Birnie; Secretary, Mr G T Thin, Netherdale; Treasurer, A Jackson, Bank of Scotland; Ladies’ section – President, Lady Lovat; Vice-President, Miss Mackenzie, Conon House; Secretary, Mrs McCallum, Ione House; Prizes were presented as follows; Lord Lovat’s Cup, J Fraser; Chisolm Cup, A Birnie; Captain’s Prize, James Ellis; Monthly Medal, First Class - J Mackenzie (tailor); Second Class – R Earl. 

The annual meeting was held on Friday April 30th 1915, J A Campbell in the chair. The financial statement was showing an income of £129/13s/3d this equalled the expenditure. Membership was 131 (gentlemen 100, ladies 31). Play this season was interupted by the war. Thirty five members were serving on the front; two were killed in action – Major Hon. Hugh Fraser and Captain Roy Mackenzie. The following office bearers were elected; Captain, J A Campbell; Secretary, G S Thin; Treasurer, A Jackson.

Interesting to note that in April 1929 the Golf Dance of the Muir of Ord and Beauly Golf Club was held in the Phipps Hall, Beauly, and was a great financial success, about 50 couples attended. This confirms that the Beauly Golf Club had finished as a separate entity and it seems as though the two clubs joined forces for a time.

Muir of Ord Golf Club was founded in 1875 and is still going strong. 

Beauly Golf Club, Highland. The Clubhouse.

The Beauly Clubhouse.

The Google Map below pinpoints the railway station which was just a quarter of a mile from the course. 



Beauly Golf Club disappeared after WW1.