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Dingwall Golf Club, Highland. (1894 - 1937)

The original club was founded in 1894.

The following report is from the Ross-shire Journal Friday 29 June 1894. "Dingwall Golf Course - The new golf course in the Jubilee Park, Dingwall, was opened on Friday evening, when the first ball was driven by Provost Macleay, who, in a few remarks, wished the club every success in their endeavours to promote so healthful an enjoyment. A pleasant game was then engaged in by several members." 

The report below on a match against Invergordon in March 1896 confirms the existence of an earlier Dingwall Golf Club.  


Dingwall Golf Club, Highland. Report on a match against Invergordon in March 1896.

From the Ross-shire Journal Friday 3 April 1896. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


The formation of a later golf club in Dingwall was at an advanced stage when WW1 broke out and the plan was abandoned.

A local committee was formed in Dingwall in October 1921 in an attempt to form a golf club. 

In November 1921 the Dingwall golfers decided to form a limited liability company. A capital of about £500 was the target with £400 already being subscribed. A committee was set up to research available sites in the area at a reasonable cost.

The nine-hole Dingwall course with hazards of hedges and trees was opened to the public on Thursday 15 June 1922, the opening drive being hit by Mrs Davidson of Tulloch, who was introduced by Provost Crawford. The course was splendidly situated on Tulloch Hill, behind the houses in Craig Road (see map below.) There was a magnificent view of Cromarty Firth. It was stated that “The greens have been formed with expert care.”

The O.S map below shows Craig Road and Tulloch Avenue. Unfortunately the course is not marked on any maps.


Dingwall Golf Club, Highland. Ordnance Survey Map showing the likely area of the golf course.

Ordnance Survey Map © Crown Copyright {1950}


Below is the result of a ladies match played at Muir of Ord in June 1927.

Muir of Ord Golf Club   Dingwall Golf Club  
Mrs McIntosh 1 Mrs A J Ross 0
Miss McKay 0 Miss M Fraser 1
Miss Manson 1 Mrs Campbell 0
Mrs McCallum 0 Mrs Breadfoot 1
Mrs R McKay 1 Mrs Forsyth 0
Mrs Donald 0 Miss McKenzie 1
Miss E McKenzie 0 Miss B Cumming 1
Miss Rattray 0 Miss Maclennan 1
Mrs McDonald 1 Miss Sinclair 0
Mrs Campbell 0 Miss Mathieson 1
Miss A Maclean 1 Miss McKenzie 0
Miss B Logan 0 Miss J R Fraser 1
Miss McKenzie 0 Miss Jopp 1
  5   8

Below is the result of a match played at Dingwall in August 1932 against Muir of Ord Golf Club.

Dingwall Golf Club   Muir of Ord Golf Club  
A Leitch & K J MacLennan 1 R Watson & A MacDonald 0
D D Davidson & Major Dewar 1 R D Guthrie & C J Ross 0
Capt Finlayson & W D Ross 1 Guy Clelland & G Mavor 0
A J Ross & D Fraser 0 J MacKenzie & A Ross 1
A MacIver & L Fraser 1 T Emery & K MacKenzie 0
P Ross & A MacLennan 0 F Matheson & W Burns 1
D Grant & S Fraser 0 J Gray & J M Boe 1
J MacRae & W Campbell 0 J Paterson & W MacDonald1 1
  4   4

The Sir George Hastings Cup was played for annually between the Dingwall and Strathpeffer clubs. It was won In August 1932 by Strathpeffer.  Major Finlayson, chief constable of Ross-shire and captain of the Dingwall club, handed the trophy to D McLean, secretary at Strathpeffer.

In 1932/3 the secretary was A J Ross, Solicitor, Dingwall, telephone number 44. The green-keeper was George Bain. The nine-hole course was one mile from the station. Sunday play was not allowed.

Below is the result of a ladies match played at Dingwall in June 1933 against the ladies of Strathpeffer Golf Club.

Dingwall Golf Club   Strathpeffer Golf Club  
Miss R Matheson 1 Miss H Maclennan 0
Miss M Fraser 1 Miss H Ross 0
Mrs Campbell 1 Miss U Philip 0
Mrs Matheson 0 Miss A Cameron 1
Miss J Maclennan 1 Mrs Philip 0
Miss L Duff 0 Miss C Mackenzie 1
Miss H Duff (half) 0 Mrs D Maclean (half) 0
Miss K Matheson 1 Miss P Purdie 0
Miss B Allan 0 Miss M J Beaton 1
Miss R Harvey 0 Mrs Todd 1
  5   4

In May 1935 it was announced that due to the sharp decrease in membership numbers and consequent drop in finance the club would not be able to carry on. An appeal was made to the townspeople and the response was so enthusiastic that it would be possible to carry on, at least for another season. The necessary 100 members had been achieved with a resultant increase in membership fees of over £30. Mr Donald Maclean was appointed captain, with Mr Alex McDonald, secretary, and Mr D Matheson, match secretary.

Below is the result of a match played on the Dingwall course in August 1935. The Digwall Golf Club took on a team of officials from the Dingwall Town Council.  

Dingwall Golf Club   Dingwall Town Council  
D Maclean & D Matheson 1 T H Burns & A J Ross 0
W D Ross & R Knox (half) 0 Provost Macrae & W S Dewar (half) 0
G Morrison & A Maclennan 0 Dean of Guild Wilson & A Nicol 1
H Strachan & S Morton 1 Dr Johnstone & R T M Anderson 0
  2   1

By April 1936 membership had dropped to 105 and the club was finding it increasingly difficult to make ends meet. Unless 50 additional members could be found the nine-hole course would have to close. Provost Macrae, a member at Dingwall, was trying his best to save the club. He said that the Town Council could not help with the finances, but the Amenities Committee of the Council may be able to give some assistance. The lady members of the club offered to organise a sale of work to assist with the finances. 

Dingwall Golf Club was wound up in May 1937 due to continuing losses. When the club opened in 1921 there were 280 members this number drastically reduced over the years and by 1937 there were only 80.


Dingwall Golf Club, Highland. The club is wound up in May 1937.

From the Aberdeen Press and Journal Friday 7 May 1937. Image © D.C.Thomson & Co. Ltd. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


The Google Map below shows the area around Tulloch Hill, although the exact location has not yet been found. If anyone can help with the location of the course please “Contact Us”.