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Longman Municipal Golf Club, Inverness. (1930s)

The Inverness Golf Club was founded in 1883 and from 1893 to 1895 played at Longman (see separate Inverness Golf Club entry.) 

Thanks to Evan Macdonald for the following information on the later Longman Municipal Course.

"The Longman airfield which opened in 1933 was a grass airfield that was located adjacent to the golf course which was on a small peninsula of land that jutted out into the Moray Firth (it can be seen marked on old Inverness maps). The air ministry requisitioned the airfield at the start of the second world war so I assume that the Longman golf course like so many other local sporting venues of the time in Inverness (including Culcabock golf course) was also requisitioned then as part of the war effort. Longman airport itself was closed in 1947 when operations were moved to Dalcross (east of Inverness) where the current Inverness Airport is located."


Longman Municipal Golf Club, Inverness. Opening of the Longman course.

Opening of the Longman Golf Course circa 1920, presumably this is the municipal club. Image provided by Evan Macdonald.


Below are results for the Longman Club played in 1930:-

The first round of the Longman Gold Medal Competition was played in July 1930; T W S Rattray beat T Wight 2 and 1; D Mair beat G Taylor 6 and 5; A Bright beat S Fraser 1 up; R R Sandison beat R Macdonald 2 and 1; D Mackay beat A Cameron 2 up; P Simpson beat S Mackenzie 3 and 2; A Mackintosh beat A Black 4 and 2; V Ogg beat A Robertson 3 and 2; R Fraser beat J Mackenzie 1 up; J Florence beat P B Campbell 1 up; J Macbean beat R Shepherd 5 and 4; A Macdonald beat S Mair 2 and 1; D C Garrow beat G Reid 2 and 1; L Russell beat R Reid 6 and 5; A Urquhart beat A Mackintosh 1 up; D Innes w.o. D G Calder. 

The competition for the Gordon Fraser Shield at the Longman Club was concluded in September 1930. Fourth round results; C Barron beat J Macbean 2 and 1; H Urquhart beat A Bright 3 and 2; C Dougherty beat A Murdoch 3 and 2; A Urquhart beat T Forbes 2 and 1. In the final C Barton beat A Urquhart 1 up. The Macpherson monthly medal was won by A Cameron with a score of 74-13-61. The next best scores were; A Macdonald, 79-16-63; D Innes, 80-16-64.

The competition for the handsome Macpherson Challenge Cup at the Longman Club was completed in October 1930. Fourth round results; A Cameron beat A Murdoch 6 and 5; J Macdonald beat L Russell 5 and 4; A Urquhart beat C Dougherty 6 and 4; R Sandison beat A Robertson 2 up. In the final J Macdonald beat A Urquhart 6 and 5.

The secretary at the Municipal Club during the 1930s was D MacKay, 96 Kingsmills Road, Inverness and the greenkeeper G Bell. A 9 hole course with a SSS of 33 and a membership of 60. The amateur course record was held by L Russell, 27. The station at Inverness was 1 mile away.

Below are results for the Inverness Municipal Club played in 1930;-

The third round of the McVitie and Price Cup was played in June 1930, result; A Macdonald beat A Robertson 1 up; A Mackintosh beat A Cameron 3 and 2; S Mackenzie beat T S Rattray 5 and 4; L Russell beat J M Innes 5 and 3; J Ross beat D C Garrow 6 and 5; R Macdonald beat A Macdonald 2 up; A Mackay beat A Urquhart 2 up. The Macpherson monthly medal, presented by Mr J Macpherson, Sporting Stores, Inglis Street, was won by J Mackenzie, 73-13-60. Other scores; D Mair, 73-12-61; A Murdoch, 78-16-62; A Black, 72-10-62. 

The club continued on the course, adjacent to the Moray Firth, until the onset of the WW2 when the land was requisitioned by the ministry to be used as an RAF base. Following the war the Longman site was planned to be developed as an industrial area for the growing town.


Inverness/Longman Municipal Golf Club, Highland. 1930 O.S map.

Location of the Longman course on O.S map - © Crown Copyright {1930}