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Corstorphine Golf Club, Edinburgh. (1902 -1929)

Founded in 1902.

The course of 9-holes was situated on the south west slope of Corstorphine Hill and could be reached by train from Waverley and Haymarket stations in 20 minutes. The greens were kept in perfect condition and the turf was of first rate quality. The course had good drainage and was playable even in very wet weather. The elevation above sea level ensured bracing air and beautiful views of the surrounding country. The station at Pink Hill was ¾ mile away.


Corstorphine Golf Club, Edinburgh. The course from Rest and be Thankful.

The Corstorphine golf course from Rest and be Thankful.


Corstorphine Golf Club, Edinburgh. Club button.

Corstorphine Golf Club button.


Following is a report from the Edinburgh Evening News for Wednesday 9thApril 1902 regarding the new course at Corstorphine. “A lease has been obtained from the trustees of the late John Macmillan of of a portion of ground extending to about 50 acres on the south-western side of Corstorphine Hill, immediately to the west of “Rest and be thankful” The course will extend to nine holes, and will be about a mile and a quarter in extent, provision is being made for a shorter course of six holes for ladies and boys. The portion of the hill to be laid out consists of fine old pasture land, and the course will be sufficiently “sporting”. It is expected that the course will support a membership of 250. At a meeting held yesterday, Mr George Macmillan was appointed president of the club; Mr W T Walker was elected captain; Mr T Ferguson, vice-captain; James E Cowan, Bank of Scotland, Corstorphine, treasurer; James Denholm, 13 South Charlotte Street, Corstorphine, secretary.


Corstorphine Golf Club, Edinburgh. The clubhouse.

The Corstorphine clubhouse which was opened on Saturday 11th October 1902.


  Secretary Professional/greenkeeper
1906 James Denham, 13 South Charlotte Street, Edinburgh.  
1914 T Ferguson, 61 Lothian Road, Edinburgh.  
1909/14   W Steedman (p)
1920s Thomas Ferguson, 123 George Street, Edinburgh. T Gilmour (g)

At the annual meeting held on Friday 6th May 1904 the following officers were elected; captain, Thomas Ferguson; vice-captain, John Smart; treasurer, James E Cowan; Secretary James Denham; committee, Robert Baillie, Thomas Haddow, Charles Munro, John Wallace, Robert Walker, W J Walker, D J Younger.


Corstorphine Golf Club, Edinburgh. Thomas Ferguson a former captain.

Mr Thomas Ferguson.


The above portrait is of Mr Thomas Ferguson, West Maitland Street, who was appointed captain in 1904. Mr Ferguson was a Captain for Haymarket Ward of the High Constables and was also a well-known Freemason.

On Saturday 24th November 1904 the autumn competition for members with a handicap of 8 and below was played. There was a good entry and the scoring proved excellent. The original course record of 79 was beaten by Fred Windle, who played off a handicap of 2, he had a gross 77, this won him both the scratch and handicap competitions. Other scores; D C Gunn, 85-7-78; J M Dey, 85-6-79; Tom Brown, 79 scratch; W J Walker jun, 82-3-79; J Scott Marshall, 79 scratch. The result of the competition for players with a handicap of 9 and over; J E Cowan, 91-12-79; J B Lewis, 89-9-80; W C A Fleming, 93-12-81; Charles Stewart, 92-10-82.

In July 1905 G Y Carruthers and J Denholm, representing Corstorphine, played in the “Evening Telegraph and Post” golf tournament for the Scottish Amateur Championship at Montrose. 

In 1906 the amateur course record was held by Fred Windle with scores of 34 for 9 holes and 71 for 18 holes; this record stood until the mid 1920s when W Bishop set a new record of 68.  Visitors on introduction by a member played free of charge.

Below is the result of a match played at Corstorphine against Bass Rock Golf Club in June 1908.

Corstorphine Golf Club   Bass Rock Golf Club  
T T Goodwin and Scott Duncan 0 J Arundel and J Fowler (1up) 1
J Smith and D Grant (half) 0 H W Mackay and J Paterson (half) 0
T Brown and J Grant (5&4) 1 J Henderson and W Inglis  0
G Y Carruthers and P Bowie (2&1) 1 J Mann and D B Swan 0
A Walker  and A Duncan 0 J McLaren and W Hutchison (6&4) 1
W J Royce (6&5) 1 C Hutchison 0
  3   2

In 1914 club membership stood at 250. Entry fees at this time were £2/2/0 and subs £1/11/0.

Below is the result of a match played at Turnhouse Golf Club on Wednesday 13th June 1923.

Turnhouse Golf Club   Corstorphine Golf Club   
Dewar & Basil Wood 0 Johnston & Anderson 1
Ingram & Dawson 1 Davidson & I Stewart  0
Mowat & Jack 1 J I Walker & Goodwin  0
Dobson & Anderson 1 Hutchison & Traill  0
Milne & Cumming 0 Hardcastle & R Stewart 1
Lumsden & Selkirk  0 Imrie & Cameron  1
Maclean & Scott  1 Arundel & Fraser  0
Thompson & Marshall 1 P S Anderson & Stephen 0
Macdonald & Lauchlan 1 Mackay & Scott  0
Somerville & Kirkpatrick jun 1 Ferguson & A C Walker  0
  7   3


Corstorphine Golf Club, Edinburgh. Location of the former course.

Map showing location of the former Corstorphine Golf Club course. Grid reference NT20715 73345, co-ordinates 320715 673345.



Corstorphine Golf Club disappeared in the late 1920s. The area once occupied by the course now forms part of the grounds of the Edinburgh Zoological Park. The zoo is on the south side of Corstorphine Hill, some features of the old course can still be seen to the north.