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Civil Service (Rosslynlee - Glencorse) Golf Club, Edinburgh. (1890s)

There was an earlier club called Rosslynlee in the early 1890s; this club was the forerunner to the current Glencorse Golf Club. 

From the Scotsman Monday 9th November 1891. "Rosslynlee Golf Club - The scratch and monthly medals were played for on Saturday, Dr. Maxwell winning both medals. Two rounds of the green were played. Scores - Dr. Maxwell, 44+50=94; J R Blackwood, 44+53=97.


Rosslynlee Golf Club. Handicap medal.

Rosslynlee Handicap Medal.


Rosslynlee Golf Club. The medal won by Rev Henry Farquhar in 1892..

H Farquhar was the medal winner in May 1892. Images courtesy of Iain Farquhar great grandson of Rev Henry Farquhar.


The winner of the Rosslynlee Golf Club monthly scratch medal for March 1893 was Mr Maxwell. The handicap medal was a tie between the Rev H Farquhar and Mr Alexander Cowan. 

It was reported in the Edinburgh Evening News on Saturday 27th April 1895 that “a new course had been acquired by what used to be known as Rosslynlee Golf Club, but which had changed its title to the Glencorse Golf Club”. 

The Civil Service course was opened on Saturday 1st June 1895. Membership was restricted to 100 mainly made up of Service members. Following a business meeting Mr Francis Taylor, the club captain, called upon Mr Hope Finlay to open the course. Miss Lena Duncan was then invited to hit the opening shot. An exhibition match between Stewart and Buchan was then played.

The Civil Service Club had the lease of the land transferred by the Glencorse (formerly Rosslynlee) Golf Club. The course was to be drained and re-fenced, further details of the course as follows; Hole one –“Kaimes” – 200 yards; two – “The Warren” – 200 yards; three – “The Hill” – 250 yards; four – “The Gate” – 210 yards; five – “End Hole” – 100 yards; six – “Hillside” – 310 yards; seven – “The Rushes” – 230 yards; eight – “Kaimes In” – 250 yards; nine – “Home Hole” – 200 yards. 

Three members of the Civil Service Club entered the Braids Tournament in June 1895, they were; A Runciman (handicap 2); P Grant (8); D M Gavine (4).

Below is the result of a match played at Glencorse on Saturday 29th June 1895. 

Glencorse   Civil Service  
J Wharton Todd 0 Adam Clegg 3
C Green 5 D M Gavine 0
H G Thompson 0 J Bell 1
H Cook 9 J Mactavish 0
D Melville 10 W C W Main 0
D Nelson 0 J L Bennett 11
C Somerville 1 G W Wight 0
W Millar 5 C C Scott 0
  30   15


Civil Service Golf Club. The course at Rosslynlee.

Above is the plan of the Civil Service Golf Club course.