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Saughton Golf Club, City of Edinburgh.

Founded in 1905.

The course was located on Saughton Public Park, south of the Edinburgh – Glasgow railway line.

The club moved location and became known as Carrick Knowe in 1929.

Result of the monthly medal played on Saturday 11th August 1906; James Brown, 79-4-75; J Stephen, 91-11-80; A J Falconer, 92-12-80.


Saughton Golf Club, Edinburgh. Layout of the park.

The above plan is from the Edinburgh Evening News 24.06.1905.


As can be seen from the above layout of the park the golf course was to the north. The other ameneties including football and cricket pitches, paddling pool, quoits, playgrounds, bandstand etc, were to the south and east.

Whenever golfers and the general public come in to close proximity of one another it usually spells trouble (this is most evident when golf is played on common land). Stray balls were causing concern to the general public at Saughton who were sometimes tempted to wander on or near the golf course resulting in injury or near misses.

Below is the proposed housing development at Saughton.


Saughton Golf Club, Edinburgh. The proposed housing development in 1932.

From The Edinburgh Evening News Thursday March 3rd 1932. Image © Illustrated London News Group. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


Saughton Park Golf Club, Edinburgh. Location of the golf course.

Location of the Saughton course.

Grid reference NT21800,72190, co-ordinates 321800,672190.