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Canmore Golf Club, Dunfermline, Fife. (1898 - 1902)

Founded in 1898.

The first nine-hole course was at Bainbridge, the course opened on Saturday 2nd April 1898. The club moved to its present site in 1902.

On the evening of Wednesday the 3rd August 1898 J M Birkett (6) and A Hogan (14) met on the Canmore course in the final of the President’s Cup. After 18 holes the match was all square, in the process of playing the deciding extra hole Mr Birkett claimed the match, on the grounds that his opponent had violated the rules.


Canmore Golf Club, Dunfermline. The William Robertson Cup.

The above cup was presented to the club by Mr William Robertson in August 1898.


In January 1900 the competition for the Kelt medal was won by Mr T Stewart with a score of 86-9-77. On Wedneday 24th January Mr T Stewart and Mr D Peebles played off their match for the Wednesday half holiday medal, T Stewart was the winner and became owner of the medal.

The annual meeting was held on Tuesday 30th January 1900. The secretary reported that there was a membership of 187. The report submitted by the treasurer, Mr C McChlery showed that the income had permitted the transfer of £51/13s/8d from the ordinary to the capital account. Mr W Robertson was appointed president; A R Shearer, vice-president; James Irvine, captain; J C Bolton, secretary; W Irvine, treasurer; T Robertson and C McChlery, members of the council. Intimation was made of the presentation of a medal by Mr A S Simpson, grocer and a cup by Mr A Adie, ironmonger.

The March 1900 competition for the Kelt medal was won by H B Alexander, 80+1-81. Result of the Wednesday half holiday medal and prizes; medal, J Brown, 75net; T Brown and J Lamberton tied second, 79net.

Canmore Golf Club, Dunfermline. Course layout at Bainbridge.

Above is the layout of the original course at Bainbridge.