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Buckhaven Municipal Golf Club, Peterhead, Fife. (1920s - 1935)

First appeared in 1920.

At a meeting of Buckhaven Town Council, it was agreed, on the motion of Bailie Smart, to lay out a nine-hole course on the burgh’s estate at Windygates. The park was an excellent location for the links, the initial cost of laying out the course would be about £20, the total expenditure, including a pavilion, would not exceed £120.

From the Dundee Courier Friday 7th May 1920. "New Fife Course Opened - The new nine-hole golf course which has been laid out by the burgh of Buckhaven, Methil and Innerleven on the Cameron Estate was formally opened last night. Provost Taylor who was presented with a golf club, drove off the first ball, an exhibition match followed in which four local golfers took part."

It was reported in December 1920 that Buckhaven Town Council had agreed to extend the nine-hole burgh course on the Cameron Estate. Financially and otherwise, Bailie Nicol said, the course had been a great success. Membership was over 250, and likely to increase.

The following report appeared in the Dundee Courier on Thursday 6th April 1922. “The Buckhaven municipal course, on the Cameron Estate of the burgh, has so far proved to be a financial failure. The statement submitted to the Town Council showed an expenditure of £341/19s/2d, against an income of £178/5s/3d, a deficit of £163/13s/11d. Mr Gillespie said that such a state of affairs could not continue and that the golf club committee had either to cut down on expenses and balance accounts or close the course. Mr Rose did not see why the greenkeeper should get £3/7s/6d a week. There were months when the man had nothing to do. Mr Baird though they should dispense with the greenkeeper. There was not a small nine-hole course in Great Britain with a greenkeeper earning that money. On the suggestion of Bailie Nicol, the matter was remitted to the committee with powers.”  

The club continued to be listen in the Golfer's Handbook until the mid 1930s.

The Google Map below shows the location of the former golf course.