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Hercules Golf Club, Colinsburgh, Fife. (1840s - 1870)

The Hercules Golf Club played their golf on the Dumbarnie Links (now the Dumbarnie Links Nature Reserve) and first appeared in the mid 1840s. They joined forces with the East of Fife Gymnastic Club who had played games on the Dumbarnie Links since 1835. Athletics, Rifle Shooting and Golf were often played over the links and were often known as the "Colinsburgh Games and Golf Meeting".

The following report appeared in the Fife Herald on Thursday 29th May 1845. Hercules Golfing Club - On Friday last, the members of this distinguished club met on Dumbarnie Links, to play for the "Halkett Craigie" medal, which, after a keen competition, was gained by George Todd, Saltcoats, Haddingtonshire. At five o'clock twenty one of the members sat down to dinner in Mr Ronald's Inn, Colinsburgh.In absence of Colonel Lindsay of Balcarres, their captain, Robert Gillespie Smythe of Gibliston, was called to the chair; Mr George Wood secretary to the club, acting croupier (assistant chairman). After the loyal toasts were given,the health of Charles Halkett Craigie (the "laird of the links") was proposed and warmly responded to.

In August 1845 there were 18 entrants for the Hume Medal. After two rounds of the course there was a tie for first place between William Clark, Hallhead, and Mr Martin, Edinburgh; Mr Clark won the play off for the medal.

In July 1847 it was announced by Geo Wood, club secretary, that the Hume Medal would be played on the 23rd July. This would be followed by dinner at Mr Ronald's Inn.

The following report appeared in the Caledonian Mercury on Monday 24th July 1848. Colinsburgh Games and Golf Meeting - The meeting for the gymnastic games and the Hercules Golf Club competition for the Schiehallion Medal, presented to the club by Captain Campbell, St Andrews, came off on Dumbarnie Links on Wednesday the 3rd. The golf competition commenced the proceedings, and after a spirited contest of two rounds of the Links, was gained by John Clark, Wormiston, 105 strokes. The members, after partaking of a cold coallition in the Golf House, proceeded to the gymnastic arena.

The competition for The Scheihallion Medal was played on the 13th July 1849 and was won by the champion of Leven Links, David Wallace, with a score of 97.


Hercules Golf Club, Dumbarnie Links, Colinsburgh, Fife. Notice of the Schiehallion Medal competition in July 1850.

Fife Herald Thursday 11th July 1850. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


David Wallace also won the Schiehallion medal played in August 1851 with a score of 101; second was James Wood, 105; third was John Clark, 106.

The first meeting of the season was played in May 1852. The "Halkett" medal was won by Mr Wallace, Balgrummo, with a score of 97. The "Wood" medal was won by Sir R A Anstuther of Balkaskie, scoring 104.

In July 1858 the Hercules Golf Meeting and East of Fife Games were held on the Links. Golf results; Halkett Medal - Thomas Peter; Wood Medal - Thomas Morgan ; Sceihallion Medal - Sir Thomas Moncrieff.

Report from the Fife Herald Thursday 4th August 1870 - "A meeting of the Hercules Golf Club will be held in the Balcarres Arms Hotel, Colinsburgh, on Thursday the 18th at four o' clock for the purpose of electing new members, secretary, and any other business that may be brought before the meting. J F., Int-Secy."

It was reported that a meeting would be held for the Hercules Golf Club in the Golf House, Dumbarnie Links, on Saturday 5th November 1870 at twelve noon to elect members. Following the meeting the competition for the Halkett medal would be played. 

The Google Map below shows the location of the Dumbarnie Links.